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  1. And now one more. I hope she is an excellent addition. But, where are the "Bigs"?
  2. Sorry to be pessimistic, but I think we take our lumps next year. We are replacing 4 seniors, and 3 quality, third year in the system players, with a bunch of question marks. One could argue, Leigha Brown was special. Nicea was our most athletic defensive player, and Hannah set a ton of records while playing out of position most of her career. We do have Taylor returning, and I like the potential of Porter. Still, we will need a lot of "exceeded expectations", with regard to the new kids coming in, if we are going to match this past season. And, last season was nothing to write home about. Again, sorry to be a bummer.
  3. Of all the "Newbies" coming in for the upcoming season, Ruby Porter is the one I'm most excited for. She could be special from Day 1. The rest, we'll see.
  4. Don't know why they left, but doubt a couple kids committing for the 2021/2022 season scared them off. From the short time we got to watch them, they seemed to enjoy competing. Best of luck to them all.
  5. I'm sure he knows more than me.
  6. Does Sam know that much more? You just stated, her departure was unexpected by him. Seems like we are all in the same boat. As far as Coach being a focal point of this thread? The buck stops at her desk. Comes with the big check.
  7. Might be a good time to look for a replacement. Take your time, be thorough. If memory serves me correctly, Eichorst hired Coach Williams less than a week after Yori resigned. A bit hasty? I know, hindsight is 20/20.
  8. Not familiar with most of these teams situation. With regard to the BIG 10 teams, my guess, the successful programs are encouraging players to transfer. Other players might be seeing little or no playing opportunities with their current teams, and looking for greener pastures. And, I'm sure others might have issues with their coaches. I don't know. The only team I'm remotely familiar with is Nebraska. Playing time is not an issue with the players we have leaving. And, I doubt any of them were encouraged to leave.
  9. Just because it happens, doesn't mean there isn't a problem. This isn't all that common for our WBB. And, it isn't something done with little consideration. I imagine it is anything but simple, to transfer. There is the academic side to consider, credits to transfer, new location, new coaches, new teammates, and the possibility of sitting out a year? Transferring isn't done on a whim.
  10. Call it what you want. Something isn't right with this staff and the players. No guarantees there won't be more transfers.
  11. Brown is here, and has been. No indication she will leave (fingers crossed). With regards to next year, we are losing Eliely, Whitish, Mitchell, Veerbeek, Mershon, and Hudson, and adding Stewart, Porter, and a walkon. Not sure that teeter totter gets off the ground. Still time to upgrade the roster, but recruiting track record makes one wonder.
  12. 12dozen


    Similar situation here (Eastern Nebraska). Zero cases in this county, so far. Hit the store on occasion. Grass is starting to turn green. Probably go out and fill mower cans with gas this week. That is about the only, somewhat normal, thing planned. Take care all.
  13. I agree, players come in with different levels of ability. That is why recruiting is so critical. I can not speak for others, only myself. I have zero expectation of a player to reach All American level. We have had a few grace our University, but not many. I do expect most players level of play to improve from one year to the next. If for no other reason, physical maturity and experience should result in marginal improvement from one year to the next. I hope Amy finds success, but obviously, have some concerns. I appreciate all who contribute to these scrolls. We share an affinity for our Lady Huskers. It is refreshing, we can have a civil discussion on this site. That seldom happens in other Husker forums.
  14. Whitish? Simon? Maybe a couple of our sophomores? Would they be better examples? I appreciate the effort of every Nebraska athlete. They deserve the best support possible. A concern, shared by many on this site, is the general development of players by this staff. Are we being unreasonable?
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