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  1. Which means that sometimes it does
  2. To be fair we aren't the ones anointing him
  3. I mean if this happens we're dancing right?!?
  4. Beautifully written. The arc of our timelines just missed each other. I was fresh out of an eleven month tech school in the Air Force on that day. I was at my 1st duty station in Warner Robin's Georgia in the 5th Mob at the 51st Combat Communication Squadron. I can almost recall that whole day. Minuet by minute.but heres a little story a little later. My squadron sent some of the first communications people over. They left night before/morning of the Oklahoma game(the one with pass :)) I had to load out the gear on the planes. I got voluntold to do extra duty. Because like you said there are a number of people that are just assholes in the military...and I'm mouthy Anyway, Tech Sgt Norton KNEW I was geeked for that game. She didn't like me and I didn't like her. So she assigned me to extra duty that day and night knowing there was a good chance I'd miss it. She won that battle. But, I made it home about a hour before kick off. I called my dad and made him talk to me to keep me awake. Saw the game. Made sure to give and in depth recap to Tech Sgt Norton about the game on Monday. Also, got an accommodation because we loaded those planes so damn fast they ended up getting to leave early. FU Sgt Norton I think a good portion of people who served are in your shoes. Thinking those same thoughts. I know I have.
  5. This is what really excites me. I think that's exactly what's gonna happen. I'm giddy . We'll see what the ceiling is. But this is fun.
  6. I'd just like to say I love reading everyones arguments for which players will start, contribute, or need to developed. Because I basically take the good from ALL the arguments and create a super team. Yup. Sweet 16. You guys are great!
  7. I disagree. It is a numbers game. And the 41 schools apparently think that too.
  8. I didn't say they wouldn't be. But however you slice it 41>14. Edit-I guess its technically 41>16 now.
  9. An alliance that has the potential to shape the future of college football probably needs more than a few weeks to hammer out the details and put something down in writing.
  10. And if you REALLY want to turn the knife you could offer them a two game home for one visit contract in the future. Maybe even three if you're especially jaded
  11. Sorry. Random guy you knew in the Army? Better?
  12. Maybe you have another little anecdote about your friend that could REALLY bring your point home ;)
  13. Agreed. I think how that plays out is we still end up in the Big Ten. But we're a package deal with Kansas. Possibly Iowa St.
  14. And Imagine if he figures out how good he can be
  15. That's like saying beer and pepsi are the same because they're both liquid. Edit - didn't see reddons post but basically that
  16. Was it though? But to answer your question NO I would not be happy with Texas or OU in the BIG TEN. But, in my perfect world the BIG 8 still exists so take my opinion for what it's worth
  17. I agree with this. A couple more points in why I don't see this working. Viewership trends in football in general have been in decline. If you want to accelerate that concerning college football I think this is how you do it. Take away the essence of what makes college football great. Also, I am skeptical of the riches being promised via NIL. Let's see how that plays out. You want to use that as a pitch go ahead. But just wait until the opposite pitch comes through. "Oh they promised you'd make 50k in NIL. Just remember what happend to thier 5star QB a couple years back. Made 50K his freshman year. Then blew out his knee. Pulled his ship. Now hes at community college working at Taco Bell. We will make sure you get an education. Prepare you for life and football. Yada yada" I think those scenarios are much more like than kids striking it rich. We'll see. Of course all the pitfalls I see will take at least a decade to manifest and by then college football may be a shell of what it once was.
  18. If this is thier ultimate goal I think they are seriously over playing thier hand. Maybe I'm naive, but if I had a child that was talented enough to garner a scholarship offer in football I absolutely would be 100% against them going to an institution/an entire conference whose priority is football then academics. I don't believe I'd be a small minority either. Again, probably naive.
  19. I'll spitball with ya! I am wondering what this next TV contract looks like. A lot of eggs being put into the "this is a done deal of an astronomical payday" basket. At some point ESPN is going to just be bidding against itself. I know the number is going to be big but this will always be a supply and demand issue. The bet is the demand for marquee matchups is worth increasing the supply of those matchups within the SEC. With so many different ways to consume now, cable, satellite, anyone of the numerous streaming services this seems like a big bet to me. Feels like a bubble.
  20. I wonder though if these legislators have a different view of a "rule" like that now. My thinking is if you want those two schools to stay together they both end up getting left out when the dust settles. If I were them and I could get 1 school in a power conference I take that option everyday and twice on sunday.
  21. Because this is about money. Those teams dilute the pool. I don't like it either.
  22. Those guys came with it tonight. Kept taking shots. Both those goalies...man. We led in fouls! And goals
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