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  1. (https://nebraska.rivals.com/news/big-red-business-nebraska-makes-big-bet-on-marketing-rights (Good follow-up article) Now if we could only get into the sports-gear business (i.e. "Why I Hate Adidas" the thread that refuses to die ). Just think of the shot-in-the-arm" to business in Nebraska!
  2. Wait! What does @Huskerpapahave to do with quizzes?
  3. I too am looking forward to Tatiana Popa arriving in LIncoln. There is a video clip of her father, his specialty was a hook shot in the paint. If she can do anything like that ..........
  4. https://nebraska.n.rivals.com/news/new-assistant-nate-loenser-already-off-and-running-at-nu
  5. I believe Tim Miles was a Great Hire for Nebraska; but then again I wouldn't know since I only really began paying attention to the MBB program after he was hired as HC. Miles brought a sense of excitement, i.e. a new beginning, to the program; Right from the Start. He didn't denigrate the players he had inherited, rather he made the most of, and got the most out of the players he had. He made household names (in Nebraska at least), of Kye, Peltz, & Menke (not to mention names like Ubel, Almeida, Gallegos & Talley, but they were already household names.) I do
  6. I'm not trying to dispute anyone, but I'm having a little trouble reconciling these two Bolded comments. I'm guessing the one is based more on the 'eye-test, ' that is, general impressions, and the other is based more on actual statistics.
  7. https://huskers.com/news/2021/4/4/mens-basketball-former-husker-wins-3x3u-national-title.aspx
  8. Just happened to see this tweet from Sam McKewon and thought it germane here.
  9. Nope! Indiana won: 73-70. But Michigan Lost a squeaker at the end to Baylor: 78-75 in OT. Michigan never led in the game until OT (they seemed to always be behind by about 10 points) & actually went ahead by a couple of points, then Baylor (a fine team, but imho aided somewhat by the refs) went ahead at the final buzzer. Great game by Naz Hillman, & Leigha Brown to keep Michigan in the game & rally to get to OT!!!
  10. Exciting Game; Michigan vs Baylor. 63 all going to OT (Michigan has not lead the entire game). Leigha Brown with a stellar game, 21 Pts. GOOOOO Michigan!!!!
  11. Depends!!!! If we do I'll probably be the one needing 'em.
  12. Thanks Whoop (even tho we're not in it - next year ). Iowa & Michigan should be particularly interesting. Happy Watching!!! (and reffing) and don't forget ur heart pills , (or fav beverage). (It seems game times are Eastern)
  13. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/nebraska-womens-basketball-aims-to-give-everyone-a-run-for-their-money-next-season/article_79e0cc42-8d85-11eb-8b4e-1f1da01c1d36.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_OWHbigred
  14. IIRC, didn't we (Miles) get shot down (badly) when we suggested the prep school route for Aguek Arop? IIRC, that was a PR disaster. Everybody and I mean everybody, (Chubick may have been among worst) was all up in arms about how poorly we treated. Aguek and his family.
  15. In the comparison with Teddy Allen, if we do get Xavier Pinson I'm hoping the difference is Teddy was not a Point Guard, or expected to play like one (that is initiating the offensive sets) while Pinson is, and will be expected to act like one.
  16. https://twitter.com/RobinWashut/s taus/1375182135368290315?s=20New Walk-On (Sam Hoiberg)
  17. Indiana won; Northwestern lost: so Big Ten has four teams in the sweet sixteen?
  18. Could he be a Cameron Krutwig type?
  19. (Follow-On Article in Hail Varsity) https://hailvarsity.com/womens-basketball/husker-center-kate-cain-talks-about-a-potential-return-next-season/
  20. Will She; or Won't She Stay - Seems like not even Kate Knows for Sure! Whether it comes down to 'What Might BE" or "Move-On;" What a Way to Go! Here is a good article by Abby Barmore of the OWH! (subscribers only, but you may be able to access it if you open in a private browser window). A great read about Kate and her family as well as her time in Lincoln and future. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/womens-basketball/just-like-kate-cain-influences-shots-on-the-court-nebraska-has-done-the-same-for/article_2c9b94f0-788e-11eb-8594-ffe6180a0eaf.html
  21. Saw this elsewhere: Krutwig, I remember that guy! (And Sister Jean, Too! )
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