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  1. Final Stats: http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=342158
  2. I don't understand why there is always a foul against Nebraska when Minnesota is fighting for 2nd chance points, but none called at the other end. 16 FTs for Minnesota, only 8 for Nebrasaka. I guess we Must be the (much) More Aggressive team!
  3. Stats at the end of 3 Quarters of Play:
  4. Husker Ladies up by 17 at the half:
  5. Thanks, I was listening to Matt & Jeff and misheard (Brain you know what ) Matt & Jeff are getting excited Not to mention myself
  6. Well listening to Matt & Jeff it looks like the Refs are blind (and mute) when it comes to the Huskers.
  7. Husker Starting Five: First Quarter Stats: Bella Cravens Kendall Coley buries a buzzer-beater trey to end the Quarter!
  8. Here is a link to live stats for the game: http://stats.statbroadcast.com/statmonitr/?id=342158
  9. She eliminated the Huskers when she listed her top 10 on 11/4/20.
  10. B1G Officiating - One View And WHO IS ? John W. Adams https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2014-07-17/john-adams-step-down-april-2015-national-coordinator
  11. Soooooo, You Mean He's not so Good? (or is it everyone else is so Bad? (well, at least, inconsistent )
  12. This year's team has displayed a lot more quickness and athleticism than I ever expected.
  13. Well at least I have the bottle I can drink! Did I mentioned the Iowa Prediction was 'Make or Break' Anyway, I vote with my Heart, not my Head! 49r just proved 'Kenpom' Has no Heart!
  14. Looking at the (non-shooting) stats and I don't see how they could be much more evenly matched. Even the shooting stats even out when you look at the number of made shots. Stand-outs are the number of fouls (and FTS); i.e. Twice the # of fouls (and less than half the # fts), and points in the paint. It was a hard-fought very, very close game. The Husker Ladies proved-up to their 'Grit; No Quit' reputation. Iowa is a Very Good Team, but they can be beaten (11-8 conf record in a very strong conference). I think the way you beat Iowa is to beat Caitlin Clark; the way you beat Clark is to keep gua
  15. Final Stats: Game was decided by the Officials who did everything they could to give the game to Northwestern . However the Huskers did not play well enough throughout the game to Deserve a Win, and they couldn't snatch the win when they had the chance at the end. https://nusports.com/sidearmstats/mbball/media
  16. Worst Officiated Game in the B!G This Year! YOUR HALL OF SHAME! Officials are: Rob Kueneman, Lewis Garrison, and Edwin Young. TWO Good Ideas for Some Accountability!
  17. I'll sure be glad when we get to be a 'favored' team in the B1G!
  18. Two back to back buckets by Trey, negated by prior fouls on the floor!
  19. Two Treys, a Steal & drop-off for a Bucket and we're within 3 pts!!!
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