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  1. You May be Prescient @Norm Peterson 2021 G/F, Eric Van Der Heijden, No. Carolina - Offered > Louisville > Decommit 3/20/21: Decommitted from Louisville - Huskers still in the Hunt? Go Get 'Em Boys!
  2. Your Final!!!! Valiant effort by the always GRIT; NO QUIT HUSKER LADIES! Lady Huskers' Season is DONE!
  3. Close Finish!!! Within 3, A 1 possession Game!!
  4. Crunch Time. Husker need to step up their game and not let Colorado's pressure get to them!
  5. Stats at the end of 3 Quarters of Play!
  6. Husker Ladies with first Lead since the Start! 38-37
  7. Halftime Stats: Husker Ladies draw back within 3 Pts.
  8. Seems like the refs are calling the fouls, just not on the right players!!!
  9. Trey GRANTED! First Quarter Stats:
  10. We Need a Buzzer-Beater Trey to end the Quarter!
  11. Referees: Trey Miles, Eric Baker, Metta Christensen
  12. Some Comparisons: • Colorado has scored an average of 64.6 points while shooting 41.7 percent from the field, 32.4 percent from three-point range and 64.5 percent at the free throw line. • Defensively, the Buffs have held opponents to just 60.5 points, while limiting them to 39.6 percent shooting, 30.6 percent from three-point range and 67.9 percent at the line.
  13. Looks like I may have to 'POP' for a one month's subscription ($30) to FloSports to stream the game. @redstevereported a pretty good experience with them; and you can go back and re-watch games (meaning you can go back and watch the UT-Martin game). If we beat Colorado Today there'll be at least a couple more games to Watch. (We could even meet Creighton again, in the semis ) I don't know whether Kate Cain is going or staying after this, But I'm pretty sure she is having the Time of Her Life in this Tournament!
  14. Heard it too. I was a little surprised at that. Five UT-Martin players entered the portal and were not available. It looks like the only one of their Starters that didn't play today was Dasia Young. They tend to play their starters a lot so those transferring must be mostly bench players who haven't contributed a lot during the season. Star player, Chelsea Perry has been hampered by a hip injury, missing several games. 36 mins today & 20 pts (highest scorer in the game.). Paige Pipkin, 32 mins, 0-2 on treys.
  15. Post-Game Interviews with Whitney Brown & Coach Any Williams!! (one of the best post-game conferences all year! )
  16. Whitney Brown with her First Start (per Matt & Jeff)!!!! Quite a Night!!! Here is her stat sheet!
  17. Your Final Stats: On to Saturday!!!! (vs Colorado or Louisiana)
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