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  1. Nah! I always have Matt & Jeff on. plus, All their games are also archived on soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/huskersports
  2. Sounds Like I Shouldda Paid for Flo Sports!!!
  3. Stats @ the end of 3 Quarters of Play. Husker Ladies lead by 16, (as high as 20 pts)!
  4. Halftime Stats: Husker Ladies with the Lead!!!
  5. How much do you have to pay to watch @redsteve
  6. Referees: Scott Klomfas, Jessica Fortner, Eric Koch Your First Quarter Stats:
  7. How much is the subscription Steve? (I have FloSports app on my apple tv but of course can't watch w/o signing up)
  8. Here's the link to Live Stats for anyone interested ; https://womensnit.com/sidearmstats/wbball/media
  9. https://omaha.com/sports/huskers/mens-basketball/kobe-webster-to-return-to-nebraska-basketball-for-fifth-season/article_2e5bd214-86b7-11eb-8102-e302880f2a86.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter_OWHbigred Some relevant quotes: Hmmmmmm!
  10. (Laughing at your timely use of the EDIT function @REDitus , not Kobe's stats.
  11. I would expect that we'll have at least 4 open scholarships to fill, maybe a couple more. It's nothing against local or in-state players, but the portal seems to be filling up with high-profile players at our positions of need. If we are to achieve a substantial upgrade in talent, as suggested by some, I would think it would make sense to get proven players who have 1, 2, or 3 years of eligibility to fill those needs. We have a high-profile coaching team, and should prove attractive to some of those players.
  12. This seems to me to be a pretty accurate take. I think Tim Miles was an essential interim step to building the program we all hope to have. He was responsible for bringing a lot of talent to Lincoln to look us over, especially in his first couple of years, but just didn't have the cred to sign. While the cupboard he inherited was not bare (Ubel, Gallegos, Talley, Shavon, Benzo) it was much less than half-full. Nevertheless, Tim Miles did attract a surprising amount of talent to Lincoln during his tenure and gave us a lot of good basketball. He just couldn't attract enough of it to get us
  13. Just the Price we have to pay to keep getting the Big Bucks from the Big Ten.
  14. Never had a Chance! BUT, Maryland knew they were in a FIGHT! That's the Way To PLAY, Ladies!
  15. Shades of Amelie!!!! Matt Just lost the video feed at the end of the game!
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