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    uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 5 - Advocare Invitational - Central Florida

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    I only got to watch or listen to spurts of the first half. What I heard and saw was pretty ugly and felt pretty typical of what I've watched the past few years.


    Second half:

    • They hit a couple shots early and brought a lot more energy.
    • Switched the defense up that got UCF out of sorts.
    • I liked Jordy getting physical with Tacko.
    • NU seems to get out hustled a lot. NU needs to be junk-yard dogs. They're not most of the time. The opponent has been more often.
    • This is the best Jordy has looked all year.
    • Palmer and Watson showed up today.
    • They had a chance to cut it to 4 a couple of times. Jordy missed the front end, then UCF hit a 3 from a dude who'd been 1-8 on the season. Then, NU gets a bucket and a turnover, Glynn takes a quick 3 and then Jordy about killed a dude. Game was all but over at that point.
    • The next two are winnable. Make sure it happens. Nobody's gonna be watching tomorrow and, assuming Marist doesn't shock the world, they're gonna be winless on the season. Gotta end up in that 5th place game on Sunday. They *should* be the best team of those 4 that lost today. Doubtful I'll get to the chatter tomorrow.


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    1 hour ago, HuskerPower #nato73 said:

    I love the Borchardt story and feel like he has improved but I thought at the end of the 1st half he really hurt us on defense primarily.  Might have been the difference between being down 12 and down 16.  



    Agreed. Love Tanner. He can provide a very important 1-2 minutes when necessary, but he played way too long at the wrong time

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