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  1. The fact that Nebrasketball has six (seven by Fran Fraschilla's account of Tai coming out of NZ) 4 stars on its roster is just stupid.
  2. Might get hammered for this, but it might be time to drastically cut Benny's minutes. I love the kid, he works his butt off and has a good head on his shoulders. However, he is so inept on offense, there's nothing he can do defensively to make up for it. It's 4 vs 5 on offense when he's in the game.
  3. Completely agree. The rotation that Miles is employing off the bench is much better suited with the scoring punch/offensive creation we are getting from Watson.
  4. Bearcats 69 Huskers 60 I see a good game, but I haven't seen our guards handle defensive pressure well enough to predict a Husker W.
  5. I think that award will probably go to Maryland, but they might be next in line. That's why I emphasized the word 'might'
  6. --In short-- The Good: -'Nova MIGHT be the best team we see all year. -It was still a ballgame at the 2:00 mark in the 1st Half. The Bad: -Turnovers -Offense in general. -Leadership. This is Shavon's team. I know that he's kind of reached "can-do-no-wrong" status, but he really needs to take charge in being a vocal leader on this team. Every good team has one.
  7. Sounds like the former Papio standout had a decent showing vs. Duke. He now plays for Florida Southern.
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