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  1. Not to name any names, but I have my reservations about recruits who seek attention on social media. They seem more like "me" guys rather than "we" guys. Kamdy hit it on the head with Smith. Somebody who values education as much as Smith, coupled with playing for the most legendary HS basketball coach this country has ever seen, certainly intrigues me.
  2. Xavier not out of the woods yet. They finish the regular season with Villanova and could easily slip to a 5 seed in the big East Tourney. On top of that, their big guy, Stainbrook, went down with a knee injury tonight.
  3. Thanks for the link. How are those free Runzas treating you?
  4. Southern Miss is another team that could snag an At-Large. Need to be rooting for them to win the C-USA Tourney.
  5. MONDAY 3/3 6 PM SETON HALL vs Xavier (FS1) 8 PM KANSAS ST. at Oklahoma State (ESPN) NORTH CAROLINA ST. at Pittsburgh (ESPNU) ----------------------------------------------------- TUESDAY 3/4 6 PM CREIGHTON at Georgetown (FS1) IOWA ST. at Baylor (ESPN 2) 8 PM BOSTON COLLEGE vs Florida State (ESPNU) MARQUETTE at Providence (FS1) 10 PM ARIZONA ST. at Oregon (FS1) ----------------------------------------------------- WEDNESDAY 3/5 6 PM NEBRASKA at Indiana (BTN) LOUISVILLE at Southern Methodist (CBS Sports Network) 7 PM AUBURN vs Tennessee (ESPN 3) TEXAS A&M at Missouri (
  6. The committee isn't supposed to put any special weight on conference records, just like they aren't supposed to pay attention to story lines. But with all the basketball that they watch (supposedly), these things almost certainly factor in.
  7. Sunday 3/2 RPI: 54 Previous RPI: 51 11 AM DE PAUL at St. John's (CBS Sports Network) 12 PM GEORGE MASON at George Washington (NBC Sports Network) 1 PM VILLANOVA vs Marquette (CBS) FLORIDA ATLANTIC vs Southern Miss 3 PM *UAB vs Louisiana Tech 5 PM GEORGIA TECH at Florida State (ESPNU) 7 PM ARIZONA vs Stanford (ESPNU) *Previous Non-Con Opponent
  8. The window is getting smaller, but we're still right there... Jerry Palm's updated Bracketology is in and he has us as his first team out. Using that (and what I think I know), here's my best guess at where things stand: -I believe that we are essentially in a battle with (8) other teams for (5) at-large spots. -After looking at the schedules of the other teams on the fence, I still think that we have a good chance with two more wins (no matter where we can get 'em). -At any rate, get buckled up...it's about to get crazy. ***Near Locks*** Iowa George Washington VCU ***Should Be I
  9. Appreciate it. Don't know what this month has in store for Nebrasketball, but I've had a blast trying to keep up with all of these games. It's like March Madness came early.
  10. Saturday 3/1 RPI: 51 Previous RPI: 51 Notes: -Previous non-con foes UMass, Creighton, and Georgia all face bubble teams, giving us three cracks at double whammies. -Bubble teams who probably cannot afford a loss today include Dayton, Tennessee, Missouri, Richmond, LSU, Arkansas, Green Bay, BYU, and Oregon. -A Baylor home loss vs Texas Tech would make things very interesting. They close out the regular season vs ISU and at KState. -Colorado, Pittsburgh, St. Joseph's, SMU, VCU, and Xavier could all but seal up a bid with a win. -Dayton, LSU, Xavier, VCU, Minnesota, Cal, and Oklahoma St.
  11. Seriously. With all the pettiness and bickering over there, Robin's basketball coverage is the only reason I keep my subscription.
  12. Honestly wouldn't mind seeing him back in the starting lineup to see if that gets him going. Not saying we should allocate minutes any differently, but get him some early looks to try to shake this slump.
  13. Friday 2/28 RPI: 51 Previous RPI: 52 Notes: -Only one game on the docket for today, but it does not lack substance. Providence looks to keep their at-large hopes alive in a road matchup at Seton Hall. -Seton Hall goes for the season-series sweep, as they edged out the Friars early in the conference season. 6 PM SETON HALL vs Providence (CBS Sports Network)
  14. Wow. Under those circumstances, Minnesota has the tougher road.
  15. Completely agree here. We do have a tendency in thinking we have to match good shooting teams 3 for 3.
  16. Care to elaborate? See edited post above.
  17. I actually like how we matchup with Wisconsin. Wisconsin is four marksmen, and Kaminsky, who can also shoot. But Kaminsky isn't overwhelming physically, he's not the type that'll kill you on the boards or with his back to the basket. Decker creates mismatch issues because he is basically a 6'8" guard, but we have an answer in Shields. Their three other guards go 6'1", 6'2", and 6'3" so we have length on them there. They won't wow you with athleticism, but they do with precision which is classic Bo Ryan basketball Lastly, they aren't that deep. Starters take up a huge chunk of their total
  18. Jean might have been around when they played in the originals.
  19. -Joe Lunardi still thinks 3 combined wins from reg. season/conference tourney get us in. -In regards to Arkansas, he says that a team with a .500 league record from the SEC will not get a bid. (Video) http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/bracketology
  20. Thursday 2/27 RPI: 52 Previous RPI: 48 Notes: -After the Mizzou loss on Tuesday, Arkansas became the next team up for a bid out of the SEC. Jerry Palm has them in his field. A win at Rupp and they might actually have a legitimate claim. -Southern Miss and VCU are both playing awful teams. Don't expect any fireworks there. -Georgetown finds themselves in a must-win game on the road at the Bradley Center. Go Marquette. -Oregon has a few opportunities down the stretch to grab a marquee win. A win in Westwood would likely seal up a bid. 6 PM KENTUCKY vs Arkansas (ESPN) *FGCU at Lip
  21. Not much needs to be said other than it's time to rally the troops and take care of business on Saturday. This goes for the fans too. The vault can't be any less loud.
  22. George Mason up 10 vs Richmond. 9 mins left.
  23. If we swapped out splits from Minnesota and Michigan St. for home single plays with Penn St. and Purdue, we'd be in better shape right now. The "friendliness" of the schedule can work against you.
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