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  1. Fwiw, The option to vote multiple times has been opened up and Butler is now leading. Vote here: http://www.athleticbusiness.com/stadium-arena/facility-madness-2014-championship-round.html
  2. One notable addition since Goodman's list has been updated is Eric McKnight, 6-9, PF, Jr., Florida Gulf Coast
  3. Here is an updated list via Jeff Goodman, ESPN Kale Abrahamson, 6-7, F, So., Northwestern Dimitry Akanda-Coronel, 6-6, SG, So., Maine Jordan Allen, 6-6, F, RS So., Hofstra (will graduate) Tyler Alderman, 6-9, C, Soph., Jacksonville Mark Alstork, 6-4, G, Fr., Ball State Ryan Anderson, 6-8, PF, Jr., Boston College - Wash., SS State, Arizona, UNM, Iowa State, Indiana Cory Arentsen, 6-5, G, Soph., G, Austin Peay Rich Audu, 6-3, G, Soph., Siena Alex Austin, 6-4, G, Soph., Eastern Illinois Moses Ayegba, 6-9, PF, RS Jr., Georgetown (will graduate) Daveon Balls, 6-0, G, Soph., Northern Illi
  4. I'd be fairly shocked if Ayegba doesn't commit before the end of his visit.
  5. Pleased to have the 2013 Summit League Coach of the Year on our bench. After coaching the nation's #3 and #26 scoring defenses in the past two seasons respectively, he is a welcomed addition.
  6. I'm just sitting here, sifting through this thread and wondering how anyone could doubt Miles? He didn't get to where he is by making stupid personnel decisions.
  7. Tampering with another school's players is a Level 1 compliance violation. But if Molinari is technically still employed by WIU, he has every right to nudge a player a certain direction
  8. If Molinari could convince the Covington kid to transfer to Nebraska, that'd be icing on the cake. As a Freshman, Covington averaged 15 and 5 while shooting 39% from behind the arc.
  9. Okoroh, Kingsley Dwight Smith Darien Williams ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. He definitely has value. He's able to generate contact and make it to the FT line. He would play minutes here. He is shot 61% on free throws last year. Not exactly the guy you want going to the line. In all fairness to him, his numbers across the board (including FT%) were better under Miles than they were under Eustachy.
  11. So strange. I was thinking in similar fashion.
  12. For APR purposes, as long as a student athlete leaves in good academic standing, playing pro ball in Europe is the same as if a student athlete went to the NBA. Either way, we wouldn't have to worry about taking a hit if Serj decided to move on. So it's only if they go on and try more schooling that it matters that they graduate? So if a kid can't hack it, you'd rather them drop out and start a career at McDonalds than risk going for more school? I only ask because I don't know and I thought it mattered if the kids transferring out of your program went on to get their degree. You are corr
  13. For APR purposes, as long as a student athlete leaves in good academic standing, playing pro ball in Europe is the same as if a student athlete went to the NBA. Either way, we wouldn't have to worry about taking a hit if Serj decided to move on.
  14. Man that guy has been the model of consistency for the past three years. You pretty much know what you're going to get... -13 PPG -3.5 Rebs -1.75 Steals -40% FG -34% 3 Pt. -2:1 Assist-TO Nothing wrong with throwing your name into the hat, but this kid will have a long list of potential suitors. He was born in Lincoln, so we have that going for us..which is nice.
  15. The Buckeyes signed the #1 SG and #6 and #8 SFs for this class. They'll be fine.
  16. With the Final Four this weekend and college coach hiring season in bloom, that was a straight sucker punch. D**k move IYAM. Almost as cruel as this...(audio only)
  17. Here's the list: Nebraska, Baylor, UConn, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St., Duke, Syracuse, St.Joe's, NC State and Kentucky. 10 total. You're missing quite a few...Louisville, Florida, Iowa, Iowa St., Texas, Dayton, UNC, Stanford, Michigan St., Tennessee, Arizona St., Wichita St., Gonzaga,
  18. Obviously no meals, entertainment, transportation to Lincoln, or lodging are provided. Other than that it can be treated just like an official, except there is no 48 hour time restriction on an unofficial visit. The university can even provide transportation around campus and between venues. His unofficial could look something like this:Friday Night: -Meet and greet with staff and players. -Facilities tour. -Dinner/Entertainment (on own dime) with players. Saturday: -Unorganized pick-up game/workout with players. -Meet and greet with S&C Coach. -Lunch (on own dime) with staff and
  19. The fact that you knew any Ian Chiles was worth an UP arrow to me! The Morgan St. Chiles is favored by Google.
  20. Ian Chiles has moved up to #1 on my wish list. Center from Morgan St. Eligible to play right away. Edit: Wrong Ian Chiles. The one from IUPUI is the one transferring. Whoops.
  21. Wow! Either he is completely under the radar or he's got some academic deficiencies because he looks like major conference material. He plays for Division 1 Juco Powerhouse, Westchester CC. Look at his stats and then watch the second half of this game from the Juco National Tournament from last week. Stats: http://stats.njcaa.org/sports/mbkb/2013-14/div1/players/giovannimcleanudtg Game: http://www.ihigh.com/menbkbchamp/broadcast_576579.html?silverlight=1 He's #4 in blue
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