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  1. So all these games that we've been keeping track of was for none. We just played our way in baby!
  2. Thanks for picking up the slack bball23...People helping people. I love it!
  3. I won't ever speak in a negative manner about a kid who we are pursuing, but I am glad we parted ways. And make no mistake, Miles made up his mind the minute Trey decided to take a visit to Iowa on this weekend. Trey's a talented kid, but the PG position at Iowa is Gesell's until he graduates. Best of luck to the kid.
  4. Wow. York's coach with some nice back-handed compliments at the end of the article. Sour grapes indeed.
  5. Agree with this guy. For all intents and purposes, a win at Creighton is more impressive than a home win vs. Wisconsin. We've got to treat every bubble team as a legitimate threat to steal our bid.
  6. Every indication is pointing towards there being something special. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's been told to be in their seats early.
  7. Damn. Dude must hang with the wrong people.
  8. SATURDAY 3/8 Notes: -Road teams in 2013-14 are only winning at a 38% clip in intra-conference play. Nine bubble teams take to the road on Saturday. -Georgetown looks to play itself back into the picture coming off a win vs. Creighton. A win vs. Villanova would do it. -Stanford has fallen onto the bubble after three straight losses. A loss vs. Utah to close the regular season and they'll likely have to make their case in the PAC 12 Tourney. -Cal (See Stanford, substitute Colorado for Utah). -Like Stanford and Cal, Pitt has also fallen onto the bubble. Losers in four of their last five,
  9. To be clear what that stat means, we are rebounding a higher percentage of our opponents MISSES than any team in the conference.
  10. This really isn't a tale telling stat. Important? Yes. But at the end of the day, we're leading the conference in Defensive Rebounding % and we're not giving up easy transition buckets.
  11. In an effort to push the agenda, I want to see a couple giant banners in the Railyard and PBA entrance on Sunday that read "Nobody Sits Today." Can we make this happen?
  12. Before tonight, Trey had intentions of visiting Nebraska. That isn't a for sure deal anymore from what I'm seeing on Twitter. Doesn't take a math major to figure out that there's a strong possibility that ship=sailed.
  13. Go Jay Wright & the Wildcats! They'll clinch the Big' LEast w/ that dubya... A little harder to win conference championships in the Big East, no? With the shots Chris Mack was firing at the A10, I think he'd agree.
  14. This is it until Saturday... THURSDAY 3/6 6 PM VILLANOVA at Xavier (FS1)
  15. We were 55 in the Official NCAA RPI heading into yesterday's games.
  16. Really appreciate all of your input/info, Kamdy. Miles and Smith seem to have a knack for being among the first to spot under the radar talent. Heck we were the first major conference team in on Dickerson. Speaking of which, I hope Trey does his homework. I don't think Fran will be too eager to bench a two year starter and B1G Leader in Assist:TO ratio.
  17. Definitely a sad deal. Thank God they found the problem before something catastrophic happened and hopefully they can get him the proper treatment so that he can live a long and happy life.
  18. Nebraska has 5 losses outside the Top 25................................................So does Creighton.
  19. Not necessarily. That would put our final record at 20 - 13 with only 2 road wins this season. Not sure that would automatically get us in. It could but certainly isn't a given. The Michigan St. win, to a certain extent, forgives our lack of road wins. There are plenty of teams who are firmly "in" despite lacking road wins. If we were to get to 20-13 while advancing to the conference semis, we would easily be in.
  20. Watched the BTN "Inside the Selection Process" tonight and it made me think a bit. OP brought up some interesting thoughts...I'm not suggesting that politics play any part in the selection process and nobody has ever been brother-in-lawed when a committee member was trying to decipher who/who wasn't going to get his/her vote But seriously, the makeup of the committee is an interesting one. You have Rasmussen. Others have stated he has a good relationship with UNL. Castiglione has always had a good deal of respect for Nebraska. He called our departure for the B1G "devastating" and like
  21. There's a really cool story about his daily route to HS. Basically he is up at 5:30 each day and on a bus at 6:30 to finally get to his school by 7:50. Then on nights with practice the buses don't get him home until 8:30. That's a lot of dedication to spend so much time on a bus, school, then basketball. The more I read the more I like about him. Good stuff! Our basketball team is a group of high character kids. My early impressions are that he'd fit in well.
  22. Personally, what I like best about Miles' recruiting is that he's patient. Transfers play a huge part in CBB and I'm glad he's left that door open.
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