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  1. Arledge intrigues me for the simple fact that he is eligible to play right away.
  2. Your guess is as good as mine. I'm sure most of these break over social media.
  3. For those who like to follow this stuff... This site does a good job of tracking all of the transfers: http://www.recruitrecon.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7723&Itemid=1 They are also on Twitter: @recruitrecon
  4. It may be safe to say that Nebraska's profile among coaches has never been higher. Just a hunch, but I'm guessing that all the tweeting by our coaches about private jets, facilities, the article about Izzo hitching a ride on Huskair One, hasn't gone unnoticed by those in the profession.
  5. I wouldn't completely throw out the idea of taking a PG in the 2015 class, especially if he is a combo guard the caliber of Noskowiak. The kid can flat out shoot/score. Not to mention him holding an offer from Iowa St. in his back pocket. If he's good enough to play for Hoiberg, that should tell you all you need to know.
  6. Sit it or no sit, just be loud. Especially in crunch time and in big spots. It shouldn't be that difficult.
  7. My summary will be much shorter. We averaged 67 ppg. We return 56.3 ppg. Getting same production from Shavon, Benny, and Petteway and 2 more ppg individually out of Walt, Rivers, Smith, Tai, and Hawkins gets you to 66.3 ppg. Anything Fuller and newcomers can give you on top of that is gravy. Personally, I think we can get to 73 ppg which is what Wisconsin averaged. You do that, with our defense, and you're looking at a lot of freakin' wins.
  8. Kirk Hinrich averaged 5 ppg and shot 31% from 3 his freshman year. There is a poster in this thread that would've wanted to ship him back to Sioux City.
  9. Concerned? No. It wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if he did so. I'm not sold he will ever be a Big Ten type player we need. This year, he was absolute disappointing. It's hard to look at his game logs. Over hyped is putting it lightly. So no, not concerned. But I have heard rumors he wouldn't make it past this year.Stop it. Please, just stop it. Whatever rumors that you are buying into are invalid. Tai isn't going anywhere. He will be fine.
  10. Okay, that headline may be a little overstated, but play along. We've played out the "What if Leslee tips in the buzzer-beater vs. Michigan?" We've played out the "What if Biggs doesn't turn it over twice in the final 72 seconds vs. Penn St.?" But rarely do we play the "what if" game in wins. I'm going to attempt. As far as individual clutch shots go, we've seen plenty of them this year. How many times did Petteway ice a game with a late three? How many clutch free-throws have he and Shields hit to put games away? What about the four clutch free-throws that Tai hit at home vs. Ohio St.
  11. I think it is the perfect storm with Miles and his ability along with the move to the Big Ten and the new facilities. Miles has went on record saying that he thinks fan support comes before success. Think about it. What motivates a 20 year old kid? Lethargy amongst the fanbase and 6,000 butts in seats certainly doesn't. The program and fanbase have completely energized each other. This perfect storm allowed us to win 15 games at PBA which essentially got us to the tourney. I think that people are starting to realize what the diehards over here at HHC have known for a long time. Fans DO
  12. Miles wouldn't take him if he wanted to come back. Agau ruined that relationship. I guess I missed this info...can you tell me more? Not on here, message me.
  13. Miles wouldn't take him if he wanted to come back. Agau ruined that relationship.
  14. Jerry Palm doesn't even have us on the bubble...currently has us a 10 seed in St. Louis
  15. 1.) Yes. 2.) No. The committee has nothing to do with BPI. That's an ESPN thing.
  16. This thread is the gift that keeps on giving.
  17. Agree with this. Here's why: -Ohio St. makes their hay creating and capitalizing on turnovers. We generally do a pretty good job of avoiding this. -They aren't a great perimeter shooting team which should allow us to continue to pack the paint and force jump shots. -They aren't a great rebounding team (11th in B1G play in Rebounding Margin). -The Benny Factor: Craft leads the conference in assists, which obviously leads to a lot of their offense. I think Benny will keep him at bay.
  18. Miles often refers to his Elementary Ed schooling, but the guy is a bonafide psychologist. It was quite appropriate that HE narrated the "What If" video this time around. (The same script read by a voice resembling Morgan Freeman during the season opener). There is something to be said for truly believing in a process, or in anything really. And it's crazy what can be accomplished by simply believing in something. Miles' belief in his own process is very genuine and apparent, and it has helped guide him from Doland, SD to Head Coach in the Big Ten. He hasn't even been here two years, bu
  19. There's no one who's paid more dues to the program than you, Kent. Savior every minute of what we're going through. We love ya, man.
  20. According to http://www.teamrankings.com No idea how these are figured, but it looks like we're in some pretty good company. Does not seem real. 1 Florida (10-0) 2 Wichita St (10-0) 3 Louisville (9-1) 4 Villanova (9-1) 5 Oregon (8-2) 6 Virginia (9-1) 7 N Carolina (9-1) 8 Wisconsin (8-2) 9 Nebraska (8-2) 10 Dayton (9-1) 11 St Johns (8-2) 12 Arizona (7-3) 13 Baylor (7-3) 14 Kansas (7-3) 15 Michigan (7-3) 16 New Mexico (8-2) 17 Ohio State (7-3) 18 Duke (7-3) 19 Creighton (7-3) 20 VCU (7-3)
  21. Nebrasketball- Where grown men are brought to tears. I cried too, my friend.
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