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  1. Yes. Felton is the third PG. Doncic Pierce Melo Barkley Love That squad could win the sloppiest chip of all time.
  2. I can’t include Mason—he was too strong. But the rest are golden. Doncic Khris Middleton Carmelo Young Kevin Love Barkley Old Sabonis Niang Marc Gasol Boris Diaw
  3. Lol. Can we keep this going and get a starting 5? Paul Pierce has to be team captain.
  4. I was thinking about matchup zone as our defense in the other thread you posted, but didn't think we had anyone on staff who could coach it. Seems like we might have the athletes for it as we'll have a ton of guard length. Interesting coaching prospect for sure.
  5. This interests me. Tough kid. True PG.
  6. I expect the staff to bring in high IQ, coachable players as a fundamental part of their new recruiting philosophy. I think the coaching staff now has unity on that front with MA gone. For this to work, the players need to click in the first few weeks as opposed to the final two weeks of the season. Continuity with Trey and Walker would really help. I think those two with Griesel could be a lot more formidable with CJ and Lloyd than most might think. I'm excited to see who Fred nabs to fill out the staff.
  7. For sure. Here's his reel from this past season:
  8. He probably won't put up the same numbers, but his size will translate. 6'6" 220 at PG is huge for any league. He's a very methodical scorer--very patient--and he knows how to take advantage of smaller guards in the post. He'll also be able to continue to get his three point shot off with that height. Think very poor man's Luka Doncic. Luka is 6'7" 230 and a PITA to guard. ^^^Beverley is a great defender against dudes his own size. This is very to similar to how Griesel gets most of his points. The average PG in the NBA is 6'1" 183. The average PF has Luka's exact measurements. So if you have someone who can run point at PF size it creates lots of problems, and Fred knows how to use those bodies. Griesel will likely have to guard the SF or PF spot, but if he can do so at a decent level, it allows us to get more skilled guards on the court at the 1-3. I think the guys who typically have the most problems translating their game are short or skinny players. I'll take strength over quickness any day in the B1G. Add 38% from 3 and 76% from the line and he should be able to manufacture some points. He also averaged close to 6 rebounds a game which would put him almost at the top of our team. Kid is a gym rat to boot. He's gotten better each season with a ton of off season work.
  9. If I’m guessing right now, I think we have a starting lineup of: Griesel (PG on O, SF on D) McGowens (SG on O, PG on D) Lloyd (SF on O, SG on D) Wilcher (PF) Walker (C) I think that’s actually a pretty formidable lineup. If Wilcher is making shots, he can outscore his matchup. If not, there are a lot of options with traditional PFs. Lloyd is the guard we’ve been missing on defense, IMO. Griesel can’t guard PGs, but Trey can guard the hell out of them.
  10. I’ve said before Washut seems like a good dude and has a good connection to players, particularly incoming recruits that be maintains relationships with as players, but I’m not convinced by any stretch that he has that sort of intel on coaches. I watched the LJS and OWH writers pretty closely on this specific issue and they avoided it. They reported on what they actually knew, which was Matt and Doc. I might be wrong, but I didn’t see any irresponsible speculation from those two publications when Dennis was hired at Mizzou. I’ll leave it at that.
  11. Yeah. Robin was way off on his “widely believed” Gates was leaving speculation. He’s staying. Glad it worked out. I expect a much improved product on the court once Hoiberg brings in Matt’s replacement. The most important thing is to have coachable kids. Fred doesn’t know what to do with premadonnas, but he’s very good with kids who have pride and work hard. Fred/Armon/Nate all know how to spot those kids. They’re big fans of Griesel.
  12. HUGE. I’m guessing we have a full roster which is why we aren’t going ape again for transfers.
  13. Loved that game. Both teams were tough as nails and deserved to win. That's rare. And Mathurin is an absolute Jordan-esque athletic prototype. He's going to dominate the league down the road.
  14. I believe that with the players but there was a post today that irked me. Like I said, he seems likeable regardless and I've gotten good info from him in the past as well, to be fair.
  15. Great pickup. High IQ and bully on offense. His size and shooting create a lot of problems for defenses. He'll post up guards and go right by bigs. I'm guessing he'll guard the 3 on the other end.
  16. I'm starting to see why Robin gets dogged on here so much. He's not in the know at all with certain things he speculates about, including another post he made today. Seems likable, but he really needs to sharpen up his sources or tell the truth that he doesn't have any.
  17. I'd try and get Scott Spinelli back here to take MA's spot.
  18. Sam would be a huge get. Even if he isn't a pure PG, he has the skill, size, and athleticism to create mismatches. He would go great with the incoming wings we have as well.
  19. Last night he was hurt. I think that affected him a lot, but I was specifically thinking of PSU/OSU as well. It wasn't just Bryce, though. The entire team played better defense. Something happened.
  20. Trey was a dog at Pitt before he arrived, and is by far the most athletic kid on the roster pound for pound. He didn't need much coaching to be able to stay in front of his man. Anyone with a basketball background can see Trey and Bryce are on different planets in terms of their ability to guard the perimeter. My issue with the coaching this season wasn't the philosophy at all but the execution and effort exuded by the players. Something changed since the meeting with Trev. I don't know what it was, but defense was pretty solid for the last 5 games, and elite for 3 of them. Bryce was much better. Do you agree? And wasn't it based almost exclusively on effort? I don't have inside information about this change. I still think Fred is a high IQ basketball coach. I like the makeup of his staff more than many on the board (I understand where they're coming from). I hope the motivation the players found continues moving forward, and I'm hoping it was the result of a coaching adjustment as many have postulated. I'm not against Fred or anyone else on the staff returning given the buyout, but that comes with the caveat that not all players show up to campus motivated. Getting maximum effort is a central part of good coaching.
  21. If he leaves, he should be remembered as one of the best true freshmen to ever play here. He improved quite a bit as the season went on, especially once he became more reliable on the defensive end. He stayed out of trouble, played hard, and put a lot of minutes on his legs. Then he played hurt when he didn’t have to. I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed seeing his talent. The underwhelming part was the defensive coaching he received and lack of accountability he was given.
  22. We're going to have several guys who can handle it as well as Trey or Bryce next year, but no true PG as of yet. We'll need a transfer or guarantee Trey the spot so he'll return and work on nothing but handles in the offseason. I think we'll take a step back from where we are now offensively but take a step forward with our defense.
  23. I think he's a D1 player. Not sure if he's a PG. His HS tape had a pretty high dribble, but he's a good athlete and very physical. I think he'll end up more like Trey. We'll have a lot of versatile, athletic guards getting looks at the rotation next year. I think our defense will improve significantly given the help in the front court as well. I'd be shocked if we don't end up with a PG transfer. Otherwise, I think it's gotta be Trey at PG, which wouldn't bother me all that much since he's such a dog on defense. He can at least be a westbrook type that puts a lot of pressure on defenses with his athleticism.
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