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  1. Complete insanity. And he DID get fouled. This was also after BS calls on the other end. And no way should Trey have been thrown out. The overturned charge was bad too. I actually thought the rest of the game was officiated pretty well. Refs tend to miss a few calls each game, but those three were colossally biased, unfortunately. Proud of the team for out-toughing Wiscy. Verge has gone from bane to baller... kid may very well play in the league.
  2. It looked to me like the order of bench coaches changed in the Penn State game in terms of who was nearest to Fred.
  3. Scheme isn’t just offense. Defense is the central problem. Defense creates offense. Our offense is run 5x better than our defense, which is the worst I’ve ever seen at Nebraska. There aren’t a ton of genius half-court offensive minds in basketball, period. Fran is up there with the absolute best of them. Fred isn’t a bad half court coach, but his system is so predicated on transition that you HAVE to get stops/steals/defensive rebounds in order to make true transition basketball possible. As a tempo offense, this system can absolutely work, but my god… you have to play some semblance of defense or it implodes on itself. Hopefully the wing players and bigs we’ve recruited (and please, a functional true PG) can help.
  4. The exact opposite is the problem with Fred's entire approach. He's either gotta get kids in here that do it automatically like he would've as a player, or coach them up to do it. He should be desperately in the face of ANY kid who wouldn't hit the deck for a loose ball. His comment was a major indictment. Imagine if Izzo said something similar. He never would. Why? Because any kid knows damned well before they walk into practice that they'll have hell to pay if they don't play hard. We all know that about Izzo. It's obvious and inherent. I honestly can't even fathom typing that a formerly celebrated coach like Fred can't get kids to play hard. That's like saying we have no coach at all. Just baffling.
  5. I'm not. I watched him shed all that weight on his own before the first season started, play with zero fear against every opponent, flash some skill here and there, play physical to the best of his ability, and get cut. I knew when he shed the weight he was a keeper because it meant it he was motivated to do the work and get better on his own. Completely horrible decision to turn him loose.
  6. This, although MA seems to have brought in another decent class for next season. This is on Fred for a lack of discipline, IMO. I don't think he knows how to motivate entitled players, which means he needs to step in and recruit guys like him--high character kids who don't need motivation in the same sense because they love the game too much not to have pride in how they play every possession. That's how he was. That's who he needs. With regard to the above problem of motivation, Gates is the absolute last person on staff we should let go.
  7. I share this optimism. I don’t share it for Hoiberg’s coaching at this point, but I very much like the kids being brought in as they should all be D1 athletes on the perimeter defensively. Athletic 6’4”-6’7” guards are sorely lacking on this roster. Instead, we have Bryce, Kobe, Keisei, and CJ, none of whom can stay in front of a B1G guard. I’m guessing Fred gets one more year with those recruits. Assuming things fall apart, at least you’d give the next coach a chance re recruit them to keep them here after next season.
  8. Not sure if he has the handles, but he'd be starting right now regardless. If he does have the handles, he could be a similar PG to the Harris twins that played for Kentucky awhile back. It would be nice for us defensively to roll out 6'6" - 6'7" PG and wings next season. I almost wonder if we could groom Keisei to try it at PG. He just doesn't have the size to guard/get his shot off at any other position and he's a decent passer. He might make a better reserve p&r PG.
  9. Give me a coach who has his teams playing with their hair on fire 40min a game. That has to be the baseline--a profound motivator whose players match his personality. I want to see defense again. Dennis Gates would be awesome. A Shaka Smart disciple would be welcome. Just give me someone who, under no circumstances, puts a product on the floor that gets outworked by an opponent. As a fan, I can always work with and be proud of great effort.
  10. My #1 will always be the 90s NIT champs with three NBA starters on the court. That team should’ve been a title contender.
  11. Do you think the funds are there to buy Hoiberg out?
  12. I responded to this notion in another thread. Doc coached a lot of highly talented perimeter defenders. They were smaller than we have now, but they were much more talented and intuitive defenders. They loved defense as much as offense. We don't currently have the physical strength in the front court or backcourt to wear down opposing D1 athletes on either end. I think Keita and Lloyd are bringing B1G bodies with them which will be helpful. Wilhelm will also be a very good front court player with a little more strength. Fred's offensive scheme should work with a competent PG. The problem with our roster is that we don't have the ability to send out a group of five DOGS to play defense. We literally have Trey and a bunch of guys who were brought here for their okay shooting. No one else is an above average defender. That's crazy. If you swap out a couple of our current starters with great defenders who are good enough on offense, I think it's a completely different team. So I still think roster is the #1 problem. The 1a problem is an obvious and complete lack of accountability for the effort of players. We have assistant coaches who want to cuss kids out for their shit effort and lack of toughness in practice and aren't allowed to do so. This is something Fred has to change about himself. Tom Osborne used to leave the room and let McBride rip them to shreds. TO knew the importance of having disciplinarians on staff if his gentle, articulated approach didn't break through. It's an enormous problem, and it's not the first time Fred has had is own player go public with it.
  13. Bryce is looking more and more like a 1st round pick each game. He was dominant against Michigan. I can't see him returning at all. Despite whatever fans say, I think the coaches and players really like Lat and that he will return. I still think Trey is our best option at PG right now because of his ability to get to the lane and guard the other team's PG. He was starting to look natural at the position last year. If I'm Fred, I tell him the spot is his next season to get him back. He's such a great athlete that I think he could be more of a Westbrook type for us. Of all the people on the roster, Quaran might be the most natural PG. I'm going to be very curious about him next season. Wilhelm's injury really hurts his development because the only thing he was really lacking was getting used to the speed of the game. I hope he can play the 4 next year. Love where we're at with the 5s if Walker comes back. I also think Ramel Lloyd will start at the 2 as a freshman and be a better all around player than Bryce was in the first half of the season, but not as good as Bryce is now. He's very, very good on both ends and is dominating with an elite high school team. I wish we had an in with Bronny James, his teammate. Talk about a PG.
  14. Sek and Ryan were on my summer league team their last two years at UNL. Sek was a freak athlete and Ryan could shoot the mess out of the ball. The chasm between most JUCO esque local summer league talent and D1 is wider than most people realize. NBA players are basically the same thing 4-5" taller. Insane.
  15. I get what you mean, but I also think those teams were filled with talented perimeter defenders. Doc was clearly a defensive minded coach and recruiter. We had some very talented defenders (Sek, Gallegos, Perry, Harley, Ade, Velander, McCray, Bear, Jeter) under his watch.
  16. Yeah I read about all that after I posted. Awful program.
  17. I meant Xavier so we're in agreement.
  18. This guy is one of my favorite coaches. Pretty wild to fire a guy who finished 2nd in the ACC last year and has an 11-9 record this season while being middle of the pack with plenty of time to improve. I always fondly remember his teams playing their asses off with very physical basketball.
  19. And, for what it's worth, I think Ramel Lloyd is the best recruit Hoiberg will have brought in to this point next season. He's a special kid--glue guy, plays his ass off on both ends. I can't wait for him to get here.
  20. Fair enough, but it's on coaches to establish a culture or send kids packing, and when the head coach silences his assistants who like to get in kids' faces and put them in their place, this is the kind of product that happens. I'll leave it at that.
  21. One of them is out for the season, and we haven't had Trey. I don't think talent is the problem. The coaching has been very bad this season.
  22. ... I wonder about the leash for the assistants. They don't all strike me as "won't" types.
  23. Ramel Lloyd is that dude. 6’6” and can really guard. He’ll help immediately next season. Think Ade.
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