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whether you follow one sport or....


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a multi-sport person like myself, this is a rather disturbing article. i normally subscribe to BigTen+, MidcoSportsplus, and ESPN+. i DO monitor the schedules so if there is a possibility of dropping either MidcoSportsplus and/or espn+ during the season, i will do so. Plus, i do only subscribe during the school year. 


i hope the author is wrong, but.....




"Add it all up, and some sports fans might be paying $400-500 a month — or more! — to watch all the sports we could once (mostly) access through a single cable subscription. There is cosmic justice to this, of course: After all, fans have been enjoying such relatively cheap prices for years thanks to the free ride provided by all those HGTV and VH1 devotees. But as the price to follow your favorite teams gets higher and higher, sports, which is supposed to be a great democratizer, starts to look more and more like something only well-off people will be able to afford to watch. Which is an excellent way to turn off the next generation of fans. How high can streamers, and leagues, push the price point until fans have no choice but to walk away?

Put another way, if you are not currently a sports fan, I have a terrific piece of advice for you: Absolutely do not start watching now. It’s too late for me: I’m way too far down the rabbit hole. But if you’re not into sports already, you should stay away — that is, unless you’ve got limitless disposable income to spare. The high times are over. Save yourself."


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