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  1. Tired of it is not saying I think she's done. But that she may be tired of the constant media circus that jobs like Baylor/UCONN carry with it. Maybe Mulkey is the reason Baylor is Baylor, I don't know, but we're all going to find out.
  2. Found this to be extremely interesting, especially since I wondered during the season if she was just tired of it. Things she said and did that didn't really break character, but appeared extreme and perhaps exhibited lack of care/fear what Baylor admin might have to say about it. Makes perfect sense.
  3. Way to go Huskers. I've been proud to watch this team pull together and get some W's this season.
  4. https://huskers.com/news/2021/3/4/womens-basketball-scoggin-semifinalist-for-national-award.aspx FTA: Nebraska women's basketball redshirt sophomore Ashley Scoggin has been named 1 of 20 semifinalist for NCAA Division I Junior College Transfer of the Year Award, as selected by World Exposure Report News Services. She's really put together some great games. Story has link to vote.
  5. Bella Cravens: https://huskers.com/news/2020/7/21/womens-basketball-huskers-together-bella-cravens.aspx 6'3" Forward transfer from Eastern Washington where she was All Big Sky. Family friends with the Tuioti family which was a factor in her choice of destination. Played club volleyball with Husker libero Keonilei Akana. Exited to watch this team. Got some really good transfers it would appear.
  6. One of my favorite things about sport in Siouxland, when living there, was going to this championship every year. What a blast! For those that don't know, this venue always has seats, the games are off the chain good, and you'll see a lot of former high school stars who played in the State Tournament playing in these games (because regional teams are so strong). it's just a fantastic event. Go, if you have the time. You won't regret it.
  7. Really going to miss #5. What a great player from day 1 to now. Always doing whatever the team needed to try and get that win. Aside from that, really enjoyed watching #4 and #34 tonight. I thought their play, at both ends, stood out from all of the other players on the court. The Dilk girl from Michigan was a wisp last season and suddenly she's taking it to the hoop for an and1 in the paint? Those Michigan girls know where the weight room is. They looked strong and pushed people around to the point of it being embarrassing.
  8. i like this Husker squad and where its going get those turnovers cleaned up and its golden
  9. really liking the underclasswomen and their basketball IQ. think coach is building it
  10. The officiating crew in this game was incredibly bad. Across the football and basketball games I've watched over this holiday, it's amazing how many of these contests were decided by the officiating crews in blatant ways. I was watching HBO Sports with Bryant Gumbel and they had a round table about doing away with video review to improve the "flow of the game" or something like that. I say heck no, not ever. It's such a bummer to watch a game and see this type of thing happen. So excited about this teams potential though. I watched Verbeek make an outstanding play defensively where
  11. This team looks like it's coming together. Watching the game i had so much to say but the best thing of all was seeing the comradery this team is developing. It's really great. What a fun win. As soon as I saw who we were playing I was psyched. Never liked JPM after the ugly way she left MSU. There were some very candid stories about it, and it wasn't flattering, to say the least.
  12. I like the substitution. The funnest teams, and the best teams, I ever played on were like that. Hope it continues. Like someone else said, there will be growing pains. The Creighton loss doesn't detract one iota from my excitement about this team.
  13. Did not know this, very funny. Such a cool basketball family though, I'm guessing Dad was behind her all the way. Seeing how both sisters are coaches and all. Cool part of the radio broadcast was Coach talking about her Dad's commentary on Taylor's "layups" when her feet are set. Shout out to Spearfish peeps.
  14. Looking forward is the right answer, 12dozen, the future is bright. I think we have the right coaching staff to make this fun. I've bought in as a fan, 100%. Not that I would ever abandon my Huskers, win or lose, I'm just trying to find the right way to say how excited I am about this team.
  15. While I see your comparison, I'm not convinced that fits a girl from New York. Plus, she's not rocking that flat top. Got to love the freshmen though, so psyched about this team.
  16. What a fun game. Feels good to have a hoops team to be proud of again. * edit * Listening to Matt/Jeff, you could tell how much fun they were having calling this game. Highlight of the broadcast was them laughing their backsides off when RB came in and played some good physical defense in the paint. Something about RB 'welcoming everyone into the paint'. Was driving and laughing along. I really, really enjoy those guys' radio call. I really think they're the best in the land. There's bound to be laughs every single broadcast, but it's so much better when they're loving what they're
  17. If that whole thing in question is Coach Yori's resignation, and I'm a super big fan of what she built, I think blame is misplaced. As for the article in The Star, I see a vote of confidence in his hire, and a nod to her past success in building a roster that plays a fun brand of ball.
  18. Have been following the state of the program. However, I'm not following how Eichorst is the cause? Apologies in advance if I'm asking for some sort of inside info. To be fair, I'm kind of interested in why Eichorst catches so much shade overall. Obviously I realize he's the AD and there hasn't been much to cheer about on the basketball side for either squad, It seems to me he's been supportive of coaches and made a great hire on the football side. He was evidently essential in pushing through those recruiting changes which benefit Nebraska greatly in recruiting as well. Would tak
  19. Nice post Braska. Was a lot of fun following along Danielle's journey in this Olympics. She played outstanding basketball, really outstanding, in all phases of the game.
  20. Good luck Romeo! Now I have a second team for a few years.
  21. Real life reads too much like Atlas Shrugged these days. Makes me sad to see it.
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