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  1. Why I agree we will have several new faces, not sure what has happen to make you think attrition will be significant. Not saying you're wrong. Just curious what has transpired so far to make you feel that way?
  2. Going back for another unofficial for their Senior day First official to Okie Lite and is looking at others. Williams said "It was great. He said I'm a stud and they're going to be keeping close track of me for the end of my season."
  3. Could mean Easley goes back off his ship
  4. Staff member at Wisconsin used a racial slur
  5. Fields was granted a wavier at OSU after leaving for this very reason.
  6. Didn't he deal with Mono?
  7. oldest son asked one time why they were called the Butt guys.
  8. As was pointed out also, Mack besides making that assist to turnover ratio look a whole lot better rebounds, he might have taken a few of those second or third chance points away.
  9. Played hard, short the horse, ran out of gas. Season is a bit like washing ones hair, lather, rinse repeat except it's play hard, run out of gas, repeat.
  10. 8 to 13 assist to turnover ratio tonight to go along with giving up 19 offensive rebounds.
  11. Mean while back at the game. Big 10 officials missed a shot that clearly hits the rim and call a shot clock violation.
  12. He couldn't look worse that someone that is completely gassed.
  13. They have 17 offensive rebounds and we have 25 defensive rebounds. Not going to bode well at any level.
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