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uneblinstu's postgame chatter: Vol: 10; ed: 1 - Eastern Illinois

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On 11/12/2017 at 9:52 AM, throwback said:

Once the initial excitement wore off after 5 minutes, I think we kind of shied away from the feisty play EIU brought, outside of Roby blocking every shot taken in the city limits. The way he was going I thought he might get another block or two from the locker room on the little kids at halftime. Took a long time for NU to ratchet up the intensity level again after the first media timeout. EIU just outscrapped us for a good chunk of the game.


Jordy struggled offensively, but I thought he was the guy that really got our attitude back in the 2nd half. He started throwing his body around and I felt like he got the guys going. He also did a nice job shielding defenders in the lane in the 2nd half, opened up some driving lanes. And he had 2-3 great passes out of the post. So he certainly struggled - mightily - in some aspects, but I was encouraged that he found other ways to contribute.


After Turner was on the bench for that long stretch in the 2nd half, I thought he brought some nastiness on the boards too when he came back in. This team needs its big guards to rebound. And Glynn just took over late, showed a lot of toughness, because you could tell he was hurting.


Liked the way Allen played. He has a big time confidence to his game. Certainly wasn't perfect, but never shied away from anything either. When NU asked him to guard EIU's #2, I was really concerned, but I thought he did a nice job staying in front of him. When you think about where guys like Glynn and Tai were as true freshmen & where they are now/ended up, tons and tons of upside coming for Allen if he can follow that same trajectory.




Who is this referring to, throwback?


Palmer, perhaps.




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