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  1. The first 5 groups that come to mind... Kansas Fleetwood Mac Boston Genesis Toto
  2. I wish him all the best. He made the most of a tough situation by being a great team mate and pleasant personality to be around.
  3. After all the angst Moos went through to hire a new football coach, it is hard to imagine he wants that to any degree with a basketball program that did as well as it did this year. I expect him to extend Miles' contract at least a couple of years out if not four regardless of what attrition there may be.
  4. How on earth do they justify AZ St over USC?
  5. Totally agree on the upside of Roby. When I started thinking about others like him, my mind went to Bernard Garner. I don't remember Garner being able to handle the ball quite as well but Bernard was a force to be reckoned with. FYI Bernard played from 95-97.
  6. I do have a subscription to the OWH and appreciate the paper for lots of reasons. But even if everyone on this board followed suit, it would not change the systemic forces that are leading to the demise of print journalism. The internet is here to stay and many print outlets of all sorts -- not just newspapers -- will simply not survive.
  7. I love that we are having to search the way back records for comparisons with how well this team is playing. I also hate it because it means we don't have a lot of great seasons to compare but I want to stay positive.
  8. The Refs generally swallowed their whistles all night long which is OK by me. However, they had some really awful calls and no calls. For instance, why wasn't #10 for Maryland hit with a "T" for coming over to the Husker huddle after Palmer's 1st half dunk and the subsequent Maryland timeout. I know he got run over by Watson and perhaps Watson should have been called for a foul. But Watson's thing wasn't flagrant. The Maryland player had no business heading toward the Husker bench and should have been rung up.
  9. Student section (and others) chanting "Sit Down Norm" to Mizzou coach Norm Stewart. Not sure when it happened but it was so much fun! Edit: I do remember that Nee was coach and Pike had a good night shooting 3s.
  10. Thought those became extinct when that meteor hit.
  11. Blow them up! Using the Rodenator was SO MUCH FUN! Oh, for clarity's sake, the is a stock YouTube video. I am not featured.
  12. How about we take the double bye and just win the stinking tournament!!!!!
  13. Since we have to split, IMO a road win vs OSU does more good for us than a road loss at Rutgers does us harm.
  14. Only under the skilled care of a sports proctologist. Left untreated it just "sits" there and festers.
  15. If for no other reason that to listen to Kent say his name during broadcasts this guy needs to be on our team
  16. How many Wheaties box tops are required to get the Isaac Copeland watch? I have my stamped, self-addressed envelope all ready to mail!
  17. At one point I believe there was a question about Palmer's academic standing. Any word on that?
  18. This! The game was nearly unwatchable.
  19. In comparing the Huskers to Mich, per ESPN stats, team FG shooting percentages were: Michigan -- 48.3% (38.5% from 3) -- FT was 77.9% Huskers -- 41.6% (32% from 3) -- FT was 71% IMO we were (and still are) one consistent outside shooter away from being an NCAA team. I believe Miles that he HAD that shooter before AWII's transfer and GIll's injury. So I am thinking you must mean Miles should have kept AWIII from transferring and/or Gill from getting hurt. If it is something else, please explain -- and try to be specific -- what Belein did as a coach that made h
  20. Both of these teams are, to me, painful to watch succeed. Not because I mind them having success but because the refs let them get away with playing thugball while other teams have to play basketball. SC plays like they have a HC who used to be a bouncer at a bar. On one occasion Dozier threw a Duke player into the second ring of people parked out of bounds under the basket and no foul was called. Oregon, while not QUITE as thuggish as SC is in the same mold. When Brooks pushed a Kansas player defending him to the floor -- unlike Mr Brooks' famous flop -- it was called a foul but why it was no
  21. It is astonishing to see just how poorly Missouri has done in the time frame you have chosen. They were a regular threat to Kansas' dominance in the Big 8 and did well in the Dance. That and the perennial mystery of why Colorado can't field really good teams. It does go to show that just have lots of quality players in your geographic area doesn't mean you will succeed as a program.
  22. Any idea who the white haired gentlemen on piano is behind him? That guy could play, too!
  23. Well, the team I AM a fan of is 0-7 so I guess I'll choose that one. There are reasons to be a fan that go beyond win-loss records. Of course, winning 1 would be great!
  24. Jeriah we barely knew ya! Wish you would reconsider so we could have more time together. You are a player with a great upside and could have helped take us somewhere special IMO. That said, I respect your decision and wish you well.
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