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    uneblinst's postgame chatter: vol 16; ed 22 - Wisconsin


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    1 minute ago, NUtball said:

    I love it when the teams that almost always are on the beneficial end of the "Three Stooge Special" get a taste of their own medicine for once and then whine about it.  Wisconsin rarely, if ever, gets anywhere near 7 fouls in first halves and quite often stays under 7 in second halves until late if the game is somewhat close.  They almost always get the benefit of the doubt.  Yeah, they play pretty good, fundamental defense, but it's just not realistic to think they only commit 4 or 5 fouls in a half on a regular basis.


    These other fandoms aren't used to seeing Nebrasketball kick their a$$es, either.


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    7 hours ago, Dead Dog Alley said:


    At that point, would you rather win in the semifinals of the Big Ten tournament and take a shot at winning the championship game, or do you take the extra day of rest before the NCAAs?  I'm thinking that if Nebraska is playing their third or fourth straight game on Sunday then the NCAA in their infinite wisdom would ship them to the east coast for a Thursday morning game.


    We're going to Memphis. 🙂




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    4 hours ago, hhcmatt said:


    28% of the total posts on this message board are people bitching about the refs after a loss


    But that number is less than half than the percentage of the broadcast team doing the game live.  😀

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