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  1. Frankly, I don’t feel we are playing much different than we did against Wisconsin. The only difference is Penn State is better. Let’s hope we have a run left in us here though. Feels like we’re due!
  2. Uh, Jordy isn’t missing open 3s, bunnies, and FTs. This has nothing to do with him being absent.
  3. Can’t beat top teams when Copeland struggles like this. Need much more from him.
  4. I was there and said the exact same thing to my wife. It really is a sad fan base.
  5. I'll be there in Sec 104 with three others all rocking the red! We were wondering the same thing about where to meet up beforehand with some fellow fans in enemy territory.
  6. Absolutely Horrible officiating aside, pretty tough to win when two of your starters don't score. Not surprising from Tai, but man Walt's disappearing act today really hurt. 40-14 ft advantage ... Joke
  7. I still think we make a run at this thing. Gotta find a way to cut it to 6-8 by the 8 minute mark and see what happens! Let's go boys!
  8. With the exception of not using more time outs, couldn't disagree more. We had open looks galore and played solid d. Tim can't put the rock in the hoop. That's on the players.
  9. I'll be there if we make the weekend. Stinking Friday work deadlines!
  10. Greatest sporting event I have ever been to.
  11. We need to force some transition buckets to get back in this.
  12. Wow. I think we may want to ditch the perimeter shots for a bit.
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