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  1. I think Miss Theriot is being groomed to replace zeros. I do think she has a little ability.
  2. I talked to Courtney mother yesterday. She suited up at Ohio St but developed some soreness so she was held out of yesterday's game. Sadie who knows. You know how backs injuries are. As the case with Adri, sometimes you never come back.
  3. Thanks Rich. We have really appreciated Miss Zeros playing for us the last four years. She is such a joy to watch and one of the fiercest competitors I have ever seen. Are you going to make it back for any games the rest of the year? If so I will look for you and drop by and say hi. Our seats are very close to the families and I have always enjoyed getting to meet the parents and siblings of the players. Take care
  4. Hey Buggy, Looks like you will be 6 rows behind me and two seats over. Will have to keep the location in mind and look you up. Of couse I am out of the state until December 14th and will miss the first 8-9 games. This is a good section. Directly across from the home team bench and close to trhe players family section. It is always interesting to talk to the players family.
  5. http://huskerhoopsce...707050/profile/
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