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  1. I agree not even debatable. Now the one that is debatable is Lindsey. As great as she was to us, she is lacking in conference and national awards. I don't think she was ever first team all conference. That guard from Penn State, Alex something or other kept beating her out. We shall see but it is debatable.
  2. Nebraska counts butts in the seats unlike a few other teams that use creative head counts then brag about their attendance figures. We are looking at you Purdue, Wisconsin, Iowa State Texas Tech and others.
  3. >>My silver lining is that since we lost, we no longer have to face BIG officials again this year. Surely the NCAA isn't dumb enough to select those officials for any of our potential games. I am sure that a few of the officials that work B1G games will be working the NCAA's. But they are just not B1G officials. If you watch close you will see the same guys working other conferences. But B1G fans think they have the worst officials, Big 12 fans think they have the worst officials, ACC fans think they have the worst officials, ETC. I all comes down to complaining about officials on message boards is what losers do.
  4. >That's less than any of Connie Yori's assistants What's your point Normie. All of Connie Yori's assistants are better coaches the the D-2 coach at UNO.
  5. Question? Should Coach Yori receive a bonus for not fulfilling the terms of her contract bonuses, the same as you are advocating that Coach Miles should receive bonuses for not fulfilling the terms of his contract? After all she was the coaches COTY but not the media and has bonuses written into her contract also.
  6. Michigan Nebraska Northwestern Minnesota Illinois Indiana I have no chance of winning and these picks will probably send me to the basement. I am picking who I want to win, not who I think will win. But if they come true, the Huskers will have a B1G championship, no sharing.
  7. I read where senior night activities are postgame not pregame like for Zeros last year.
  8. Iowa Nebraska Minnesota Michigan State
  9. I know this coaching staff well enough that no player will be asked to leave. They may not play much but as long as they keep their grades up and do not get in trouble I'm pretty positive they will not be asked to leave.
  10. Iowa - Since I can't seem to pick anything right you all may want to go with Michigan Indiana - Same here Ohio State Purdue - We can't catch a break with Purdue. Not only are they at home the last two games but they get an entire week to prepare for us Minnesota - This is what I want to happen Nebraska - Hope the bank is rockin'
  11. Just so I can set up my schedule, on what day do you think the parade will be after the 29-10 Huskers win the national championship.
  12. Indiana Nebraska Penn State Minnesota Wisconsin
  13. Northwestern Michigan State Nebraska Penn State Illinois Iowa
  14. Since the formatting did not work with a darn I will repost with only home attendance Illinois 12-21057 1755 Indiana 13-35450 2727 Iowa 15-65497 4366 Michigan 13-26278 2021 Michigan State 12-81011 6751 Minnesota 14-45320 3237 Nebraska 15-87994 5866 Northwestern 15-19637 1309 Ohio State 17-86286 5076 Penn State 13-67047 5157 Purdue 10-78014 7801 Wisconsin 12-50700 4225 Totals 161-664291 4126
  15. Big 10 attendance figures from the Big 10 website. The first columns are home games, followed by away games, neutral site games and total. Illinois 12-21057 1755 10-32246 3225 3-2598 866 25-55901 2236 Indiana 13-35450 2727 11-32801 2982 0-0 0 24-68251 2844 Iowa 15-65497 4366 8-37902 4738 3-2375 792 26-105774 4068 Michigan 13-26278 2021 8-35259 4407 4-1012 253 25-62549 2502 Michigan State 12-81011 6751 10-39634 3963 2-453 226 24-121098 5046 Minnesota 14-45320 3237 9-29057 3229 2-0 0 25-74377 2975 Nebraska 15-87994 5866 8-25156 3144 0-0 0 23-113150 4920 Northwestern 15-19637 1309 7-27539 3934 2-879 440 24-48055 2002 Ohio State 17-86286 5076 9-35601 3956 1-1134 1134 27-123021 4556 Penn State 13-67047 5157 9-37210 4134 2-512 256 24-104769 4365 Purdue 10-78014 7801 12-46263 3855 2-175 88 24-124452 5186 Wisconsin 12-50700 4225 11-26410 2401 1-0 0 24-77110 3213 Totals 161-664291 4126 112-405078 3617 22-9138 415 295-1078507 3656
  16. Wisconsin Nebraska Penn State Iowa
  17. Indiana Nebraska Michigan Penn State Minnesota Iowa
  18. Michigan State Wisconsin Penn State Purdue Northwestern
  19. Michigan Iowa Michigan State Illinois Penn State Wisconsin
  20. Minnesota Nebraska Penn State Ohio State Indiana Michigan State
  21. I agree Row6. I know that the starters were given some rest this week and that the 3 bench players were going to get a lot of reps. If we could just get 10-15 minutes of steady play out of them, it would help immensely.
  22. Iowa Ohio State Wisconsin Penn State Northwestern Purdue
  23. Penn State Michigan State Purdue Michigan Minnesota
  24. Michigan Northwestern Minnesota Iowa Nebraska Penn State
  25. Purdue Wisconsin Northwestern Penn State Iowa Nebraska
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