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  1. I agree with you completely. And yes, offering a lot of money is no guarantee that we will get the guy we want, but not being will to do it basically guarantees that we won't get them. I'm just hoping they aren't going into this fight with one arm tied behind their back. I feel like the last 3 hires have done that and until they show me differently I'm going to be skeptical of our administrations dedication to b-ball.
  2. I agree. The point I was trying to make is that for all those people saying that 'we can't go out and pay more than a blue blood pays their established coach', the only thing that could even get us close to the same playing field as them is by offering more money. Facilities and fan support are already there. We can't manufacture success and prestige. So the only thing we have left to do is open up the checkbook and put our money where are mouth is. If we want to be serious about winning we're going to have to show it.
  3. Not saying we will do it but I could see how a program like ours with less tradition and prestige would have to pay a big coach more than a blue blood in order to attract them to come here. If the pay were the same and they had a choice between Nebraska and Kansas, they're going to choose Kansas 10 times out of 10. Our only option to attract a big name coach here in b-ball is to throw more money at them than anyone else and hope that's what they're looking for.
  4. In other words, if we're just going to go out and do the same thing we've done the last 3 hires, you might as well keep Miles and see what happens with the new guys coming in. If they're going to finally try and make a big move then we're all okay with them letting Miles go. My biggest question is do we really trust the AD and this administration to actually go out and do that? I'm not totally sure I do. Moos did great with the Frost hire but it's not really like he had to do a lot of digging or thinking to know that's the direction the fan base and administration wanted him to go. I guess time will tell as I think making a move is already a forgone conclusion. But if we're still going to be where we're at now or worse in another 7 years because they don't care enough or have the stones to make a big move then I'd rather keep Miles here and see if he can make it work.
  5. Oh, it wasn't actually written into the B1G rules this year that everyone is allowed to play post defense without fouling except for Nebraska? Could have fooled me...
  6. Being one of the younger fans out here, I wasn't and am not aware of this incident with Sip back in the early 2000's. Do you mind expounding about that?
  7. Awesome. Thanks. It's always been my favorite logo by far. Wish they would start using it again so i could get apparel with this logo on it.
  8. Might be too big a file to use as an avatar
  9. These...holy crap would these look sweet on the court again.
  10. I'm more wondering what era they're throwing back to or if they're doing that at all. Would love to see them come out in the red version of those early 90's throwbacks that they wore for several games last year and the year before.
  11. Huskers.com says that tomorrow's game is Legends Weekend. That usually means that the team will be wearing some kind of throwback unis but i haven't seen anything put out about that yet. Anybody have any idea if/what they're doing for this?
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