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    B1G Red reacted to unl in Cam Mack is N   
    Huskers land highly ranked PG as the heir apparent to Glynn Watson

    Image courtesy of huskers.com
    Mack had verbally committed on Saturday night during his on campus visit.  The JUCO All-Region guard at Salt Lake CC was previously a St. John's commit until their recent staff shakeup.  Mack originally signed with Stephen F. Austin out of high school for 2017-18 but ended up redshirting. He has 3 years of eligibility remaining.
    Quote from HC Fred Hoiberg
    Roster shaping up. 

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    B1G Red reacted to jimmykc in Roster Attrition   
    If he goes they might as well let Bardo go too. 
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    B1G Red reacted to jayschool in Thomas Allen is NOT N   
    He's learned a lot, but not the past participle of "to learn."
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    B1G Red reacted to jayschool in The Mayor's State of the Union Address   
    What the hell is Randy Peterson doing there? Great question, RP. Nobody in Lincoln gives two shits about Iowa State.
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    B1G Red reacted to HuskerFever in The Mayor's State of the Union Address   
    Hoiberg: "We want this to be our last stop."
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    B1G Red reacted to hhcmatt in Fred Hoiberg is N   
    Allright, said Fred
    Contract signed Saturday, March 30, 2019 with presser set for Tuesday afternoon

    Fred Hoiberg - “First, I want to thank Bill Moos, Chancellor Green and President Bounds for the opportunity to lead the Nebraska men’s basketball program,” Hoiberg said. “I can’t express how excited I am to be back on the sidelines and to be coaching at a university that means a lot to my family and me.
    “Lincoln is a special place for our family. I was born in Lincoln, my grandfather Jerry Bush was the head coach at Nebraska, my other grandfather was a long-time professor there, and my parents are proud graduates of the University of Nebraska. Nebraska has always felt like a second home.
    “I had the opportunity to coach at Pinnacle Bank Arena with the Bulls, and I have seen first-hand that the facilities are as nice as any in the country. When you couple that with a loyal and passionate fan base, you can see there is great potential for the future of Nebraska basketball.”
    Bill Moos - “We are excited to welcome Fred, his wife Carol, and their family to Nebraska. He will be an outstanding representative of the University, and a great leader for our men’s basketball program,” Moos said.
    “When you look at him, you see an individual who has had success as a player and a coach,” Moos said. “Fred’s background will sell itself on the recruiting trail, and help us bring in the type of student-athletes needed to compete at the highest level. His style of play not only will be appealing to prospective recruits, but will also provide our great fans an entertaining brand of basketball.”
    Ronnie Green -  “Bill Moos has made an exceptional choice to lead Husker basketball into the future. I look forward to welcoming Coach Hoiberg and his family to Nebraska and am excited to see where he takes the program.”
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    B1G Red reacted to hhcmatt in Fred Hoiberg   
    I can't guarantee that Hoiberg is going to be our next coach but I'd be pretty shocked if this didn't happen.
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    B1G Red reacted to The Polish Rifle in Post-Miles Press Conference   
    If you read the Riley presser, sounds a lot like this one - and the only name named in the Riley presser was Frost. The only name mentioned today was Hoiberg. Lots of parallels between the two press conferences.
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    B1G Red reacted to The Polish Rifle in Fred Hoiberg   
    Everyone to the new Hoiberg Thread!

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    B1G Red got a reaction from Nebrasketball1979 in Nebraska (18-15) vs. Wisconsin (22-9) Game Thread   
    If we could just trim this to a 6-8 pt deficit by half I think we’ve got a shot ... Wiscy will cool off 2nd half.
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    B1G Red got a reaction from Handy Johnson in Nebraska (18-15) vs. Wisconsin (22-9) Game Thread   
    If we could just trim this to a 6-8 pt deficit by half I think we’ve got a shot ... Wiscy will cool off 2nd half.
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    B1G Red reacted to Nebrasketball1979 in Nebraska Bubble Watch   
    This is pretty darn exciting and rewarding as a fan and for most of the fan base that has stuck with this team.  I will throw my two cents in but agree with a lot of what's already been written today.  I do think a win tomorrow and Saturday gets us in the conversation.  I don't necessarily agree that tomorrow is a play in game.  I think there are a few black marks against our resume.  The first is the lack of wow factor in our Q1 wins.  A lot of pundits think Indiana is on the wrong side of the bubble so here are Indiana's six Q1 wins for comparison purposes:
    @ Mich State (Net #8)
    vs Mich St. (NET #8)
    vs. Wisconsin (Net #15)
    vs. Louisville (Net #21)
    vs. Marquette (Net #29)
    @ Penn State (Net #49)
    Compare this to our Q1 wins:
    (N) Maryland (Net #26)
    @ Clemson (Net #35)
    @ Indiana (Net #51)  
    Not all Q1 wins are created equally and I think that is a problem for us.  Currently our 3 wins above are arguably weaker than Indiana's top 3 for sure, and potentially top 4.  I don't believe any of our Q1 wins scream "Wow".  I'm not really sure Wisconsin does for me either.  What is going for us though is that all of our Q1 wins are on a neutral site/road.  Add a Wisconsin and add a Mich St. and now I think we are firmly in the conversation with 5 neutral/road Q1 wins.  I suspect there wouldn't be any other "bubble" teams that could boast that.
    The other big black mark is the inescapable 6-14 conference record.  I know, I know,...conference record is not on the team sheets.  However, these are still people selecting teams and while I do think they rely too heavily on analytics at times (or in those times when Nebraska is left out of the tournament ?), our conference record will almost undoubtedly be brought up conversationally.  Would those conversations make it difficult in the minds of certain committee memebers to justify Nebraska's inclusion in the field...who knows but I think it's possible.
    The positives...I do think the committee, despite all of them denying this, do like a good story (i.e. Trae Young and Oklahoma last year).  Nebraska and their six scholarship players and lack of a NCAA tourney win is quite the underdog/cinderalla story.  This story will gain national traction tomorrow with a win against Wisconsin - you can expect the Jerry Palm's and Joe Lunardi's to start talking about Nebraska and their resume and they will be debating whether or not we are worthy for consideration on the bubble or just a potential bid stealer.  Remember, the NCAA and the NCAA tournament is still an entity and tournament designed to exploit teams/star players to make them as much money as humanly possible! 
    We also will have a pretty good NET ranking if we beat Wisconsin and either Mich. St. or Ohio St. - probably somewhere around 40, maybe a hair better which would likely be better than most of the bubble teams.
    All of this is fascinating and I am thoroughly enjoying this ride.  Here's to hoping we make all of this a moot point and just go out and win the whole damn thing!
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    B1G Red reacted to hhcmatt in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 31 - Iowa   
    A graph of improbable victory

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    B1G Red reacted to PimpMario in Nebraska (13-8) vs. Illinois (6-15) Game thread   
    Serious question.
    How come every time we recruit a shooter they come to Nebraska and get worse at shooting?
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    B1G Red reacted to hhcdave in Marc Boehm   
    Not to defend Tim Miles - because he certainly deserves his share of blame for this mess (and the most) - but I’m interested why Marc Boehm continues to safely have his job and coasting into retirement. He was/is here to “oversee basketball” and he’s overseen three men’s basketball coaches, lasted three athletic directors and the worst period of basketball in Nebraska history. 
    Yet he has a secure job and keeps cashing those big checks into retirement? Why exactly? 
    You could even argue his handling of Connie Yori was a debacle but that’s out of my “line of expertise” so I’ll stay in my lane on that one. 
    Get this guy out of here. I don’t want him anywhere near the 4th coach under his watch as the titanic sinks. 
    And local media reading this - grow a pair and stir this topic up. 
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    B1G Red reacted to khoock in Wisconsin (14-6) vs. Nebraska (13-7) Game Thread   
    My question for Tim Miles would be: why in the world has Thor not been playing more?
    Rebounding has been a huge issue and the dude comes in and pulls down 3 off reb and 10 total. Earlier in the season he wouldve been playing with some combination of the big 5 so he wouldnt be relied upon for scoring. But atleast he knows how to rebound. Big head scratcher for me.
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    B1G Red reacted to hskr4life in Wisconsin (14-6) vs. Nebraska (13-7) Game Thread   
    Thor brought a hell of a lot more than Amir tonight.  I’d rather have Thor.
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    B1G Red reacted to atskooc in Wisconsin (14-6) vs. Nebraska (13-7) Game Thread   
    JPJ has always taken bad shots. 
    To think he’s going to stop now that Cope is out is crazy. 
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    B1G Red got a reaction from Huskerone in Wisconsin (14-6) vs. Nebraska (13-7) Game Thread   
    Missed free throws. Missed bunnies. Low energy crowd. Yet, only down 8. Maybe we weathered the storm (I’m trying to stay optimistic).
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    B1G Red reacted to The Polish Rifle in 5th starter with Cope out   
    100% Tanner, might be good for Roby.
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    B1G Red got a reaction from HB in Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread   
    Would be nice to see some leadership from somebody right now. Anybody.
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    B1G Red reacted to Huskerone in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 19 - @ Rutgers   
    *sigh*  Not sure tonight is the best night to post my thoughts.  But what the heck, I will anyway. ?
    So the pragmatist in me is trying to take a macro view of this situation.  Listen, its not like we're playing for a big ten title, or trying to make the final four.  We just need to win an NCAA tournament game.  Until we do that, that is our glass ceiling.  With that said, the road losses this year, games we could have/should have won, I think speaks to a larger issue with either this team or the program as a whole.  This Senior laden team, Mile's best team in his tenure here, seems to be awfully mentally soft on the road.
    Lets just be playing our best in the last quarter of the schedule and peak in March, if that happens I think we'll be alright.  If not...
  23. Haha
    B1G Red reacted to TomEadesSucks in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 19 - @ Rutgers   
    Anybody have Andre Almeida's diet plan?
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    B1G Red reacted to nustudent in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 11; ed 19 - @ Rutgers   
    Exactly why I said after MSU that we cant let it beat us twice.
    We did.
    We are a very talented team.  We are not a very good team.   We are not well coached.  We are not smart with the ball.   We are lackadaisical.   
    The season is not over   But we just keep digging ourselves a deeper hole when we lose winnable games.  Road games schmoad games.   Good teams are consistent and they beat teams they should.   This is bad loss #2 to a team we are considerably better than and we are only 40% of the way through conference play.  You can afford a bad loss or two.  The problem is..we've used them way to early in the schedule.   We have very little margin of error from here.  
    We're home for 2.  Win those two and we're back to 15-6 with another quality win over Wisconsin and semi decent win over Ohio St.   
    This team needs to use this and get pissed.
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    B1G Red got a reaction from hhcscott in Nebraska (13-5) vs. Rutgers (8-9) Game Thread   
    Well said. Easy to be salty right now. With that said, this truly is a fantastic board and so vastly superior in content and decorum to any other board I’ve frequented. 
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