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    B1G Red reacted to uneblinstu in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 15 - vs. Iowa   
    I like beating Iowa.
    - Night and day different from the Rutgers game.
    - It's fun beating Iowa
    - Thor has turned into a difference maker. Don't think I would have predicted that one.
    - It's wonderful beating Iowa
    - We seem to play better when Green isn't playing much. I wouldn't have predicted that one, either. 
    - It's  good to beat Iowa
    - I thought Yvan and Kevin did pretty well against Iowa's trees. 
    - I think beating Iowa something everyone can get behind.
    - Defense did a good job across the board.
    - Who doesn't think beating Iowa is a good idea?
    - Easley needs to be in the rotation. There's an open scholarship for next year. Maybe he should get it?
    - Lol. Iowa hates PBA. That's cool.
    - I thought it was interesting that right after Fran got T'd up, Iowa got a bunch of calls in a row...
    - Any night you beat Iowa is a good night.
    - Crowd was into it all night. 
    - I enjoy beating Iowa
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    B1G Red reacted to PimpMario in Iowa (10-4) (1-2) vs. Nebraska (6-8)(1-2) Game Thread   
    We have the most loyal fans in basketball.
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    B1G Red reacted to basketballjones in HS Bball/Millard North vs Burke   
    Had the pleasure of watching our fourth in-state Division 1 basketball team, Millard North, play last night. Just wanted to share a few thoughts. 

    1. How can AAU ever take that over? I've spent a lot of time in the AAU circuit and in High School basketball. I will forever be flabbergasted that AAU has taken any hold in our society. How these guys could put in their twitter bios, "OSA 17u Family for Life" in front of their own High School team is simply amazing to me. There's like 20 people watching your AAU game. No one cares, it doesn't matter, no one knows who even won. Now get off my lawn. 

    2. That Millard North team has to be one of the most talented teams in Nebraska HS history. I imagine every player in their top 5 will play division one basketball. They're not the best team ever - that goes to the Omaha Central boys their senior year of the 4 year run. Those gentlemen were vicious dogs who came out of the womb playing with each other. But this North team has 3 power 5 players on it at a minimum, and a couple slightly lower level guys. 
    3. Did we go after Max Murrell at all? If so, bummer he got away. If not, why not? 

    4. I hope that Hunter Sallis is really a momma's boy and family man, because if he's not, we're not going to get him. That's a UNC/Duke/Kentucky ---> NBA kid. He's not even playing that hard right now and can get 20 by waking up. I'm not sure if he's a point guard, combo guard, or a strict shooting guard. Also, my wife really liked his shoes and thought he'd make a pretty girl. That's up to you to determine if that expert scouting advice is relevant. 

    5. Jasen Green is a perfect position-less player for Hoiberg's system. I see why we offered him so early. He's got some serious potential my friends. 

    6. Good to see high school referees have still found their way to over-officiate the game and make them choppy foul fests. 

    7. The little "shooting a bow and arrow," or "playing the air guitar," after every three you make, and finding some camera to flex into after every lay-up - is so cheesy and contrived. I love raw-emotion, and yes the game is absolutely supposed to be fun. But c'mon, these are planned and unauthentic. Now, as I said in the opening, get off my  lawn.
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    B1G Red got a reaction from Handy Johnson in Nebraska (4-4) vs. Creighton (6-1) Game Thread   
    Yes, it sucks.
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    B1G Red reacted to jayschool in uneblinstu's postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 6 - George Mason   
    I'm finding this season oddly liberating, and this game is the perfect exemplar: we got crushed by a mid-major — next!
    Listen, every game last year and the year before devolved into either extreme melancholic episodes (losses) and absurdly optimistic declarations of long-term world domination (wins).
    This year, it's just a game, fun to watch but ultimately not all that important.
    Screw it — NEXT!
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    B1G Red reacted to 49r in uneblinstu’s postgame chatter: vol 12; vs. South Dakota St.   
    We certainly have a long ways to go to get where we want to be, but this felt good.  And we saw flashes of pretty good ball tonight.  Overall I'm pretty proud of the fellas tonight.
    Just think, by this time next year we're gonna be rollin' with Banton, Walker and Stevenson plus everyone is going to have a year in the system.  Future's looking bright fellas!
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    B1G Red reacted to hhcmatt in Game Day Essentials: Game #2 vs Southern Utah   
    Nebraska Cornhuskers (0-1) vs Southern Utah Thunderbirds (1-0)
    Date: Saturday, Nov. 9, 2019
    Time: 1:00 p.m. 
    Arena: Pinnacle Bank Arena
    Broadcast:  (Pay) BTN+
    Southern Utah

    Head Coach: Todd Simon
    Location: Cedar City, Utah (Southwest part of the state)
    Conference: Big Sky
    Nickname: Thunderbirds
    Shirt not to wear: Bird
    Defensive Style: Speed you up into a bad shot
    Offensive Style: Love the rim
    Line:  Nebraska by 7.5
    Players to watch: Cameron Oluyitan
    The 6'7" wing led the T-Birds in scoring last and has been noted as a lock-down defender.  If the Huskers have someone get hot from the floor expect Oluyitan to be rotated there.
    Players to watch: Dwayne Morgan
    Morgan is a UNLV transfer and former 5 star that due to injury is back for a 6th season. Two years ago he was a double digit scorer and Southern Utah's leading rebounder. Morgan hasn't quite ever lived up to the hype as the scoring is definitely volume based.
    Hoiberg Presser

    Thorir Presser

    Hoiberg mentioned Cross when talking about the 3pt shooting struggles against UC Riverside. State they recruited Cross because he had that skill set and he was getting good looks, but they just weren't falling in. It's certainly a very different team we're watching as it's tough to imagine Cross even seeing the floor much under Miles or Sadler, much less getting the green light to fire away. 
    The Skinny: Todd Simon can recruit and that's exactly why Southern Utah hired the young coach.  Simon got his start under Lon Kruger at UNLV and then spent a number of years at now defunct prep school/basketball factory Findley Prep before parlaying the relationships built there back into the associate head coach job at UNLV, this time under Dave Rose.  After Rose was let go mid-season, Simon served as the interim head coach. While UNLV was so-so in the win-loss department they had plenty of talent and Simon was a big part of that.  Currently Southern Utah has arguably the best talent in the Big Sky as Simon has stockpiled transfers from UNLV (Morgan), Arizona St (Andre Adams), Iowa St (Jakolby Long), Boise St (Oluyitan), Illinois St (Daouda Ndiaye) and Utah St (John Knight).  That's 6 transfers if you're counting at home...the same number as the Huskers.
    Simon certainly brings the Runnin' part of the Runnin' Rebels to this team though it's his own spin. The Thunderbirds want to play fast on both ends of the court with a focus on defense.  You might assume that they're trying to force turnovers but it's more about speeding you up into taking bad shots to set up their transition offense.  You also might assume that Nebraska wants to play fast anyway but if the Huskers are quickly missing a lot of shots that's absolutely what Southern Utah wants.  Offensively the Thunderbirds will try and drive everything to the rim. They've made up for their fairly poor half court offense with transitions points plus getting to the FT line.  A fully functional Sadler defense would probably throttle this team but if Tuesday is any indication we are far from functional.
    Adding to the uncertainty in how this game will unfold is that both teams are plenty capable of drawing contact so this could be a game decided at the FT line. It seems like S. Utah has some foul prone interior players. Does Nebraska have the patience to attack this? 
    This early afternoon game was a trap waiting to happen had Nebraska won easily on Tuesday. How do they respond today?
    Prediction: Nebraska 82 - Southern Utah 76

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    B1G Red got a reaction from thrasher31 in Perspective   
    More of this.
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    B1G Red reacted to Norm Peterson in Perspective   
    I mentioned in the HHCC thread that I have very low expectations for this season.  So, it won't take much for me to be happy with what I see. Some reasons to be a little chill about last night's debacle:
    Hoiberg built an entire roster from scratch in a roughly 30-day stretch ... in the spring ... when things were pretty well picked-over These guys have never played together before They don't ideally have the types of skillsets HCFH would recruit if he had more time to build a team So you had to figure there would be bumps in the road  
    We start a 17-year-old center who is younger than half of the high school seniors playing basketball in this country right now We have three true-freshmen in our regular rotation all of whom played in their first official college games last night Our starting PG is a only a sophomore, and a juco to boot, and it generally takes jucos at least a semester to adjust We only have two seniors on the entire roster  
    So, we're young, inexperienced, and undersized this season. What were you expecting?
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    B1G Red got a reaction from Red Don in UC Riverside (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread   
    From time to time I check out a few other message boards for the other sports teams I follow, and I’ve always felt the regular posters on this board were by far and away the most thoughtful, reasonable, and patient. Refreshing to say the least. Always can count on coming here for good, respectful discussion and usually learn something from many  posters on here who clearly have a higher basketball IQ than I. But tonight, I gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of perspective. Can’t believe it’s too common to have a new coach, staff, and damn near all new players in a new system all in one year.  Add to that an opposing team that couldn’t miss from deep behind the arc.  Let’s at least wait until January before we start spreading the doom and gloom. 
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    B1G Red reacted to busticket in uneblinstu’s postgame chatter: vol 12; ed 1 - vs. UC Riverside   
    We looked like a team with 12 new guys + Thor.  Sucks but a team like ours should look night and day different by conference play.
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    B1G Red reacted to jayschool in UC Riverside (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread   
    We don't seem to foul a lot. That's good, right? 
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    B1G Red reacted to Dead Dog Alley in UC Riverside (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread   
    That's why he's a major media figure, who else could crank out hot takes like that!
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    B1G Red got a reaction from Bugeaters1 in UC Riverside (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread   
    I thought Yvan played well.
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    B1G Red reacted to aphilso1 in UC Riverside (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread   
    Let's look on the bright side.  We weren't going to make the postseason this year anyway, so this loss doesn't really hurt us.  But it will drag our RPI down into the gutter, meaning when we upset Creighton and Iowa later in the year it will count as a "bad loss" for them and keep them home in March, too!
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    B1G Red reacted to unl in Cam Mack is N   
    Huskers land highly ranked PG as the heir apparent to Glynn Watson

    Image courtesy of huskers.com
    Mack had verbally committed on Saturday night during his on campus visit.  The JUCO All-Region guard at Salt Lake CC was previously a St. John's commit until their recent staff shakeup.  Mack originally signed with Stephen F. Austin out of high school for 2017-18 but ended up redshirting. He has 3 years of eligibility remaining.
    Quote from HC Fred Hoiberg
    Roster shaping up. 

    View full article
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    B1G Red reacted to jimmykc in Roster Attrition   
    If he goes they might as well let Bardo go too. 
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    B1G Red reacted to jayschool in Thomas Allen is NOT N   
    He's learned a lot, but not the past participle of "to learn."
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    B1G Red reacted to jayschool in The Mayor's State of the Union Address   
    What the hell is Randy Peterson doing there? Great question, RP. Nobody in Lincoln gives two shits about Iowa State.
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    B1G Red reacted to HuskerFever in The Mayor's State of the Union Address   
    Hoiberg: "We want this to be our last stop."
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    B1G Red reacted to hhcmatt in Fred Hoiberg is N   
    Allright, said Fred
    Contract signed Saturday, March 30, 2019 with presser set for Tuesday afternoon

    Fred Hoiberg - “First, I want to thank Bill Moos, Chancellor Green and President Bounds for the opportunity to lead the Nebraska men’s basketball program,” Hoiberg said. “I can’t express how excited I am to be back on the sidelines and to be coaching at a university that means a lot to my family and me.
    “Lincoln is a special place for our family. I was born in Lincoln, my grandfather Jerry Bush was the head coach at Nebraska, my other grandfather was a long-time professor there, and my parents are proud graduates of the University of Nebraska. Nebraska has always felt like a second home.
    “I had the opportunity to coach at Pinnacle Bank Arena with the Bulls, and I have seen first-hand that the facilities are as nice as any in the country. When you couple that with a loyal and passionate fan base, you can see there is great potential for the future of Nebraska basketball.”
    Bill Moos - “We are excited to welcome Fred, his wife Carol, and their family to Nebraska. He will be an outstanding representative of the University, and a great leader for our men’s basketball program,” Moos said.
    “When you look at him, you see an individual who has had success as a player and a coach,” Moos said. “Fred’s background will sell itself on the recruiting trail, and help us bring in the type of student-athletes needed to compete at the highest level. His style of play not only will be appealing to prospective recruits, but will also provide our great fans an entertaining brand of basketball.”
    Ronnie Green -  “Bill Moos has made an exceptional choice to lead Husker basketball into the future. I look forward to welcoming Coach Hoiberg and his family to Nebraska and am excited to see where he takes the program.”
    View full article
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    B1G Red reacted to hhcmatt in Fred Hoiberg   
    I can't guarantee that Hoiberg is going to be our next coach but I'd be pretty shocked if this didn't happen.
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    B1G Red reacted to The Polish Rifle in Post-Miles Press Conference   
    If you read the Riley presser, sounds a lot like this one - and the only name named in the Riley presser was Frost. The only name mentioned today was Hoiberg. Lots of parallels between the two press conferences.
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    B1G Red reacted to The Polish Rifle in Fred Hoiberg   
    Everyone to the new Hoiberg Thread!

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    B1G Red got a reaction from Nebrasketball1979 in Nebraska (18-15) vs. Wisconsin (22-9) Game Thread   
    If we could just trim this to a 6-8 pt deficit by half I think we’ve got a shot ... Wiscy will cool off 2nd half.
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