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  1. He sounds defensive. Me thinks he’s nervous. Thou doth protest too much Joe!
  2. If the Blue Demons can pull this out, this will have been a pretty good day all things considered.
  3. We also shat the bed against OSU in the tournament It starts to make you wonder whether or not there is some type of deficiency in the process employed to prepare for these types of games. It is above my head as to what that deficiency would be.
  4. Watching this game felt a lot like watching the game against Baylor in 2014. The moment just seemed way too big for us.
  5. That sure was rough to watch. However, this team has it in them to make a run and still pull this out. Gotta believe!
  6. This. How on earth did UVA come back from down 4 with 6 seconds left?
  7. Finally, some common sense historical perspective.
  8. Agreed. Q1 loss for Penn State should give them that extra boost they need to elevate into last 4 in.
  9. Lunardi was just on ESPN. Updated his last 4 in and out based upon today’s games as follows: LAST 4 IN: Louisville, USC, Baylor, Texas LAST 4 OUT: Syracuse, UCLA, Penn State, Boise State
  10. Sure is nice to see a few games go our way. Maybe the tide is starting to turn.
  11. Copeland has zero presence in the post right now on D. Almost rather see Duby for a spell.
  12. Our offensive struggles can be summarized as follows: 0 FT attempts
  13. Glad we only have to wait a little over 48 hrs for the next game - they should be eager to get this taste out of their mouths.
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