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  1. 11 hours ago, Norm Peterson said:

    I mentioned in the HHCC thread that I have very low expectations for this season.  So, it won't take much for me to be happy with what I see. Some reasons to be a little chill about last night's debacle:


    • Hoiberg built an entire roster from scratch in a roughly 30-day stretch ... in the spring ... when things were pretty well picked-over
    • These guys have never played together before
    • They don't ideally have the types of skillsets HCFH would recruit if he had more time to build a team
    • So you had to figure there would be bumps in the road


    • We start a 17-year-old center who is younger than half of the high school seniors playing basketball in this country right now
    • We have three true-freshmen in our regular rotation all of whom played in their first official college games last night
    • Our starting PG is a only a sophomore, and a juco to boot, and it generally takes jucos at least a semester to adjust
    • We only have two seniors on the entire roster


    • So, we're young, inexperienced, and undersized this season. What were you expecting?

    More of this.

  2. From time to time I check out a few other message boards for the other sports teams I follow, and I’ve always felt the regular posters on this board were by far and away the most thoughtful, reasonable, and patient. Refreshing to say the least. Always can count on coming here for good, respectful discussion and usually learn something from many  posters on here who clearly have a higher basketball IQ than I. But tonight, I gotta say, I’m a bit disappointed with the lack of perspective. Can’t believe it’s too common to have a new coach, staff, and damn near all new players in a new system all in one year.  Add to that an opposing team that couldn’t miss from deep behind the arc.  Let’s at least wait until January before we start spreading the doom and gloom. 

  3. 2 minutes ago, GATA said:

    Fans shouldn’t be expected to sit through a crap performance like that. That was as ugly of a performance as you could ever imagine. 


    I’m stunned it was this bad. We couldn’t shoot from anywhere on the court. Literally anywhere. There wasn’t a single player on the court who I thought played well or looked good. Yikes. 


    I thought Yvan played well.

  4. Just now, royalfan said:

    Lets keep it level headed fellas.  Everyone is pissed.  Rightfully so.  Lets remember that we have the best message board around.  Let's be thankful for that.  

    Well said. Easy to be salty right now. With that said, this truly is a fantastic board and so vastly superior in content and decorum to any other board I’ve frequented. 

  5. This loss is discouraging on so many levels. I was hoping this year would be different. That this team-led by seniors-would put lesser teams away and be poised enough to handle a double-digit second half lead against such a lesser team. Instead, tonight felt all too familiar-scoring droughts; questionable coaching decisions; and allowing controversial moments to irreversibly turn the tide of the game. I really hope tonight was an anomaly (and that my discouragement is just a typical fan overreaction) ... I guess we’ll find out Saturday.

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