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  1. IMO, it is more important that this is a successful recruiting event than it is a fan event. Fans will come to see Fred and the new team, and if they choose to stay home then that's their own choice. But I don't think we lose any fans over a musical act with a questionable history. Again, if we do, so be it. I'd rather have recruits be excited about an event to come to. Rick Ross is coming for the players on the team. If we were choosing for Jean, it may as well be Michael Buble
  2. If Prohm were to leave for Bama, I've also heard that TJ is the most likely replacement at ISU.
  3. This game makes me miss being able to sprawl out and lay on my back at the top row on the rickety bleachers of the Delaney Center while kids run around and play tag all around the arena
  4. What happens first: 1. Switching to new apparel company 2. Switching from Pepsi to Coke 3. Beer in PBA
  5. Had these images sent to me by a friend with a creative pulse.. Thought they were pretty sweet so I wanted to share. I'm a big fan of our current Creme and Black uni's, but the standard home and away jerseys still don't do it for me. If we ever get away from Adidas, I wouldn't mind something like these getting a look... Any feedback or requests are welcome
  6. I agree with your logic, but are you saying you think TA draws the matchup on Shields? Seems like the only logical mismatch that the 2014 team could exploit. Interesting hypothetical to say the least and fun to put the coach's hat on
  7. I know this has been brought up before and I don't want to make another thread, but since you brought up that 2014 team Norm I wanted to revisit this thought now that we're about halfway through this season. 2018 Glynn > 2014 Tai 2018 TA < 2014 Petteway 2018 Palmer > 2014 Shields 2018 Copeland > 2014 David Rivers 2018 Roby > 2014 Walt P If these two rosters faced each other it would be interesting to say the least, I'm guessing Glynn would man up on Terran and TA would get the match up on a young Tai. But point being is I'm confident t
  8. Biggest takeaway for me today was the play of Glynn. And it had nothing to do with the stat line. He was full-go from the tip, completely dictating the pace that it appears we want to play. Constantly up in his man’s grill, flying up for rebounds, and I even caught him on several occasions talking some T to SELA guys. Thats the kind of leadership I think we’re going to need from him to get where we want to go. I also think that energy has a big impact as to the little things, such as the amount of deflections and tips we were able to get on the defensive end. I’ve heard rumblings
  9. I think it's important to make a distinction between "problems off the court" and team chemistry. If either of these 2 came to Lincoln they would have a place to stay and there would be no ill-will. However I will agree with you that attitudes may have been problematic and had an effect when it came to on-the-court basketball.
  10. This is absolutely pathetic garbage. I can understand not being in the field, but for his argument to be “if this were another team from a different conference, they wouldn’t even be in consideration”...... HEY ASS HAT, you’re right. A 22-10 team that plays in the SWAC would never be considered for an at-large bid. But we play in the BIG TEN, so no, we’re not just another team from a different conference. We won 13 games in the Big Ten, not the damn MEAC. The ignorance of this guy is beyond pathetic, and I get that he’s probably just doing it for clicks. But he crossed the line there, because
  11. Really feels like a general lack of interest for this game tonight, which disappoints me and makes me really nervous. However, this team has proven me wrong time and time again this year, which makes me feel that tonight will be no different. Give me Glynn for 30 and 15 point dub to get everyone's excitements and hopes up again. S'go Skers
  12. The worst part about this is I expect them to lose to Nova and then at Butler. But when the time comes "experts" will still have them in the tourney because "they're such quality losses".
  13. What I’ve learned is that your reaction to this type of situation is a lot different when you actually feel like you are a target. I don’t feel like a target in this situation, but some of the players on the team do. That’s something that is hard to relate to, and if they’re scared than I fully support 100% whatever type of response they choose to go forward with. Because the fact of the matter is African Americans are a minority on UNL’s campus, and if these guys are feeling targeted by this wacko then we need to stand behind them and let them know that we’re here to support them.
  14. I get what you're saying, and I guess my initial reaction was brought on more from the fact of pure worry. I thought that our outing against Minnesota would've moved the needle more, but alas we still have work to do. I do still find it irritating that even with that 1 more top 50 win, it just negates the two poor losses they have. It seems that bracketologists are more interested in who you've beat rather than who you've slipped up to
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