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  1. Timforthewin

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    This is absolutely pathetic garbage. I can understand not being in the field, but for his argument to be “if this were another team from a different conference, they wouldn’t even be in consideration”...... HEY ASS HAT, you’re right. A 22-10 team that plays in the SWAC would never be considered for an at-large bid. But we play in the BIG TEN, so no, we’re not just another team from a different conference. We won 13 games in the Big Ten, not the damn MEAC. The ignorance of this guy is beyond pathetic, and I get that he’s probably just doing it for clicks. But he crossed the line there, because there is absolutely zero point in making an invalidated argument against a good basketball team unless there is some agenda behind it. Screw ESPN and screw this grade A d-bag
  2. Timforthewin


    Really feels like a general lack of interest for this game tonight, which disappoints me and makes me really nervous. However, this team has proven me wrong time and time again this year, which makes me feel that tonight will be no different. Give me Glynn for 30 and 15 point dub to get everyone's excitements and hopes up again. S'go Skers
  3. Timforthewin

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    The worst part about this is I expect them to lose to Nova and then at Butler. But when the time comes "experts" will still have them in the tourney because "they're such quality losses".
  4. Timforthewin

    Hate Will Never Win

    What I’ve learned is that your reaction to this type of situation is a lot different when you actually feel like you are a target. I don’t feel like a target in this situation, but some of the players on the team do. That’s something that is hard to relate to, and if they’re scared than I fully support 100% whatever type of response they choose to go forward with. Because the fact of the matter is African Americans are a minority on UNL’s campus, and if these guys are feeling targeted by this wacko then we need to stand behind them and let them know that we’re here to support them.
  5. Timforthewin

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I get what you're saying, and I guess my initial reaction was brought on more from the fact of pure worry. I thought that our outing against Minnesota would've moved the needle more, but alas we still have work to do. I do still find it irritating that even with that 1 more top 50 win, it just negates the two poor losses they have. It seems that bracketologists are more interested in who you've beat rather than who you've slipped up to
  6. Timforthewin

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    Please for the life of me someone explain why Lunardi has Syracuse list ahead of us on his bracketology. Hit this link to compare these two resumes. https://www.cbssports.com/collegebasketball/bracketology/team-comparison/NEB/CUSE Quick version: Nebraska: 1-5 vs. RPI (1-50); 2-3 vs. RPI (51-100); 7-0 vs. RPI (101-200) Syracuse: 2-5 vs. RPI (1-50) *One of those is Buffalo...; 4-1 vs. RPI (51-100); 8-2 vs. RPI (101-200) Losses to 116 Wake Forest and 140 Georgia Tech. I don't see what some bracketologists favor over the others. Because they have 1 more top 50 win it just negates those poor losses they have? We are doing what we can with the cards that were dealt to us, how can we be faulted for that?
  7. Timforthewin

    Selection Committee Games of Interest

    Anybody have a list of teams to root for tonight?
  8. Timforthewin

    Nebraska on the Selection Committee Board

    I gotta be honest, the situation we are in right now scares me. I see other teams on the bubble that are in similar positions as us but it seems like they always have one advantage on us in at least one category. Whether it be Tier I wins, RPI, remaining ranked opponents left, etc.... Like a lot of you have said, there's more than enough time for those bubbles to burst, and being realistic here we don't have a great track record of finishing off the season strong either. We have a lot of work left to do, but I am confident this year that we can hold up our end of the deal. The thing that I believe that is being overlooked to be in our favor is our head coach. Whether or not you like him, TM is an engaging figure and draws a crowd. He seems to be very much liked in the national media and has a history of drawing attention, whether good or bad. And it doesn't hurt having friends in the media such as Andy Katz, who will broadcast to the country that he believes in us. A lot of folks don't tune in to BTN, and they probably think of Nebraska as same old same old. But having members of the national media give us attention and exposure gives me a bit of confidence that when comparing two equal bubble teams at the beginning of March, who knows what the deciding factor will be. It doesn't hurt having a great traveling fan base and an attention-grabbing head coach. After all, this is all just a business...
  9. Timforthewin

    uneblinstu's post scrimmage chatter

    I have a feeling that a couple years down the line Thor is going to be a very fun player for us to watch. Once he settles down, he could be a very crafty piece for us. I was very impressed with his passing and vision, especially the half court alley oop that he put right on a dime to Roby. Excited for this team!!
  10. Timforthewin

    Jacobson Gone?

    From what I've heard, this has no impact at all because it occurred recently.
  11. Timforthewin

    My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    Thanks for the correction. My minds been in a tizzy lately with all these updates lately
  12. Timforthewin

    My guess is Miles will be fired this weekend

    New Mexico is still available and has struck out on every candidate they've interviewed so far per John Goodman.
  13. Timforthewin

    Morrow leaving

    Does this statement have anything to do with the post a few days ago asking if a certain someone would consider falling on his own sword?
  14. Timforthewin

    You Get One

    Sorry I didn't clarify very well. Terran would be my choice too, but I meant to say a player who played at Nebraska as an incoming freshman
  15. Timforthewin

    You Get One

    As the dog days of summer are upon us and activity on this board slows down, I thought I'd pose a hypothetical to keep our interest up as basketball season comes right around the corner. With the roster we have currently, I am probably more optimistic than most thinking that this team will surprise a lot of outsiders and nonbelievers this year. However, with one open scholarship, I'd like to pose a question to have some fun with. If you could have one former Husker back as an incoming freshman for this year's team, who would it be? But heres the catch: Since I'm relatively young, it has to be somebody from Barry Collier's tenure or later. So from 2000 up until now, who you got? Taking into account our roster: Guards: Tai Webster, Glynn Watson, Anton Gill, Malcolm Laws, Evan Taylor Wings: Isaiah Roby, Jeriah Horne, Jack McVeigh, Nick Fuller Posts: Ed Morrow, Jordy Tshimanga, Michael Jacobsen From the demographics of our roster, it'd be pretty easy to take a guy like Aleks Maric and throw him right into the thick of things. But with this coaching staff, boy I'd love to have another shot with Joe McCray and keep him in line. I feel like this current staff (nutritionists and Coach Wilson included) would be able to do wonders with the talent that he had. So who you got?