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  1. I really hope your right!! I would hate to lose GW. I think we currently have a very solid and complete team forming at the moment. We also have some positive momentum with the additions of Allen and Okeke and would love to see that continue.
  2. I know, I read that too and was excited about that in that particular article. The conversation started by talking about all the other transfers this year, not his.
  3. Hope he was just kidding with me, but ran into Watson this last weekend and he said he was "probably" leaving yet too! Again, hope he was kidding, but didn't seem like it.
  4. Huge Get!! Finally some good news!
  5. Firing Miles at this point in time is just plain stupid! I'm so sick of reading/ hearing this. First Christs' sakes, if people can't see the progress he's made in the quality of athletes he's brought to this program compared to the prior regimes (Barry and Doc) then people are just plum dumb. He was given a program with very little talent and has turned the roster into almost all top 150 rated players. He deserves the chance to see this through. We are a very young team! We should be thankful and let him see what he can do as he and the coaching staff develops this talent!
  6. Terrible blow at a terrible time!! Hopefully the team can rally around this and still take care of business!!
  7. What is the scoop on this guy? Heard he was in town this weekend on a visit and was checking out apartments. If granted medical hardship would have three years of eligibility left. Former top 100 recruit.
  8. I've heard that Webster is gone now too. Was waiting on Whites decision and Miles is losing the team. Sucks! I hoped it wasn't true. But I had heard of the White situation a couple weeks ago.
  9. Sorry, can't seem to post the article link! but it is on www.BTPowerhouse.com
  10. Was reading an article of Big 10 transfers and saw this for Nebraska, anyone heard anything on this?? Declares himself as a PF and C!!
  11. Can some-one e-mail me the name, lol! I dying to find out!!
  12. Hell yeah this should be a no sit, rocking good time at the vault! Our team is hot right now and we should do anything possible as fans to make Michigan uncomfortable! Hopefully, the Husker Power chant will be in full force too! Let's bring it season ticket holders! The time is NOW!!
  13. Are we going to be able to watch any of these games or will they be broadcasted on the radio?
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