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  1. https://www.teamrankings.com/ncaa-tournament/bracketology/ What to make of this? Percentage has gone up from yesterday.
  2. SkerBall

    Big Ten Tournament

    GO. TO. THE. RIM. If we try to shoot jump shots tomorrow we will lose
  3. Evan Taylor was huge tonight. Hit a couple big jumpers. Good night for him to play his best game of the year. Mark of a good team is the depth they show when the All B1G guard is having an off night and they still put up 91
  4. Gill is a defensive liability
  5. We shot the 3 lights out, cannot settle for it in the second. Have to keep getting to the rim
  6. Well the good news is we are now The 8th team out on Joe Lunardi's board. So we are somewhat close, right Joe?
  7. Enough with the Hoiberg talk. No chance he is going to Nebraska, and probably ever coaching the college game again.
  8. SkerBall

    Morrow leaving

    Everyone prepare yourselves
  9. If the two players that are thinking about transferring actually pull the trigger it would be very hard for Eichorst to keep Miles.
  10. SkerBall

    Morrow leaving

    I don't need to share anything. I'm just saying don't be surprised when there are more that follow
  11. SkerBall

    Morrow leaving

  12. SkerBall

    Morrow leaving

    This is just the beginning...
  13. SkerBall

    Andrew White Transfering

    Time to stop making excuses for all of this "bad luck" and time to start looking at the captain of the ship.
  14. SkerBall

    Andrew White Transfering

    Some life advice... don't be such a douche even when you're right. It speaks to larger issues.No, it speaks to a delusional college student athlete.This is where I call it quits in this thread. There is the possibility that no one is right in this. Bad way to handle it from White perspective obviously, but unless you know his reasoning you can't completely judge his motive.
  15. SkerBall

    Andrew White Transfering

    Some life advice... don't be such a douche even when you're right.Go read the thread where I'm trashed for bringing sourced material to the board. As I already replied to someone via DM earlier. I didn't want to be right. I'm a Husker fan and this is a huge loss. It speaks to larger issues. This. There's a lot about this basketball program that the general public doesn't hear