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  1. cyinne

    BIG TEN Refs

    Lisa Mattingly Denise Brooks Penny Davis
  2. cyinne

    NIT bracket announcement

    Arizona State is gonna be BUSY!!! 2 tournaments? Good grief!!!
  3. cyinne

    Charlie Creme bracketology...

    Just in: ESPN postgame after UCONN win showed the CC bracketology and he now has Nebraska as the last team in! Also of note- Creighton is the second to last team in.
  4. That was wild! Louisville up by 4- Virginia fouled on a 35ft shot- clock stopped at .9- made first two and had to miss 3rd ft and hope for a tip in- Virginia was in lane too soon- Louisville guy inbounding ball moved 3-4 steps so a turnover- Virginia guy shot a 25ft bank in to win it with .9 left....
  5. cyinne

    Big Ten Tournament

    Garza is just the weirdest awkward dude ever!
  6. cyinne

    BIG 10 Tournament

    I don’t know what there is on different systems, but DirecTv has alternate BTN channels- (BTN- 610, BTN ALT- 610-1, 610-2, 610-3, 610-4) i don’t understand why BTN don’t use those channels for these games. The only time I have ever seen them used is for football games in the fall.
  7. cyinne

    BIG 10 Tournament

    On the Big 10 website it says that the games may be televised on “Regional Sport Networks” and it says to check your local listings. I wonder if there are any RSN’s that will televise our games??
  8. cyinne

    Maddie Update

    The pic makes it look promising, but there is a difference between actually practicing and being able to ride the exercise bike/workout with basketball shoes on. No inside info from me but expectations should be tempered if she isn’t ready to come back yet just by looking at a photo standing around with her teammates- if she is good to go then awesome!
  9. cyinne

    Kaylee Page

    What's the dads twitter handle?
  10. She signed an LOI to play basketball at Dordt College in Iowa. NAIA- GPAC Conference.
  11. Western Christian has a 9-11 enrollment of 192. That would translate it to he the 13th largest school in C1 in Nebraska. I know this is prob a little apples and oranges as I think she was a bit quicker but Kelsey Bolte that went to Iowa State and had a tremendous career there went to a smaller high school (mine) than Western Christian is. I do understand that it is much harder for a slower girl from a smaller school to "make it big".
  12. cyinne

    Mi'Cole Cayton

    Doyle and Cayton play against us. I hope we don't schedule Washington the next 3 years. That could come to fruition sooner than you think HB. Washington is in the Pre-season WNIT this season along with the Huskers and there's a remote chance we might hook up there! But Romeo won't be suited this year. Now do they allow redshirt to travel?Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk No- transfers do not travel. However if we would end up playing Washington at their place she could/will be on their bench.
  13. cyinne

    USA Women's U17 trials

    Iowa state would be right up there too... Don't forget them.
  14. cyinne

    Will ever stop?

    .....meanwhile, back at Nebraska.... http://journalstar.com/news/local/911/after-title-ix-complaint-former-husker-track-athlete-sues-unl/article_1cab1f5c-1782-51de-9e32-095945ea3ba5.html