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  1. Hi Guys, First time poster here.. Just wanted to get your thoughts on Tai Webster?? What is his ceiling? Do you think he is an NBA prospect? Obviously he won't be one and done but could he make the jump after year two? I think he needs to be more assertive and more active on offence.. I heard he would have been a top 25 player if he had played high school ball in the states.. Am looking forward to big 10 play!
  2. He just doesn't fit with this group.. especially with the two chuckers going Kobe.. He was an aggressive gun scoring guard before Nebraska.. now Miles has turned him into a very average point guard..
  3. Some_Fulla

    Will he stay or will he go?

    He's not good enough for the NBA. Nebraska or Europe.
  4. Some_Fulla

    Nebraska isn't a good fit for Tai's skillset

    Bump... Well it looks like i was right.. Apologies please guys!
  5. Some_Fulla

    Nebraska isn't a good fit for Tai's skillset

    I still stand by my words.. Tai would be on draft boards if he had gone to Pitt.. he's being mis-used by Miles.. PS Pettaway is OVER-rated... Go big Red
  6. Some_Fulla

    Nebraska isn't a good fit for Tai's skillset

    Good points Silver. Plus, that Rivers guy doesn't shoot many 3s and isn't a power lifter, so he needs to go. And Parker--well, he's really short and isn't a great outside shooter. Gone. And that Shields guy--well, his knee flares up sometimes and limits him. And his dad was a football player, not basketball. So they all should go as well. .... I was coming from the angle that it's in Websters best interests to go! Career and development wise...