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  1. GOTTA BEAT THE TRAFFICThat's a losing battle as soon as you commit to driving downtown.
  2. What is the deal with people leaving early? I get a few but the 1st level was 1/2 cleared and the game was still close. Drives me crazy!
  3. Pettaway needs to protect the ball better. Too many turnovers
  4. Do Biggs positives outweigh his negatives? He makes things happen but.....
  5. Aim for the 2nd tier? We get hosed out of all freebies!!!
  6. Why does Biggs try and force the most difficult shot/passes?
  7. We have guys staying home on an offensive shot, that's improved
  8. Give and go is working. Need to set up plays and not force the shot since we are not going to get any calls apparently.
  9. So far pleased with the play in the middle. Ray needs to keep shooting. I'm surprised that Pettaway came in so soon after the 2 quick fouls.
  10. Yes that bothers me. No excuse to leave early today. Some habits are to break. I used to sit by a guy at the BOB that would yell at those people. I never left my seat until 0:00 out of fear alone. Plus, the game is never over with this team.
  11. I saw her play. She's a complete player. I was really impressed. Can dribble up and down the court and for all her points she had to have quite a few assists as well. She's been out sick the last 2 days so I'm not sure of her status for tonights game against NorthStar.
  12. Coach seemed to allude to that on his post-game show, noting that he was taken aback by the 23-2 score, he didn't realize it got that out of hand. That seems to indicate that the there was some poor communication by the coaching staff during that run. That's a few times the coaching staff hasn't been on cue with advice. However, all you have to do is look up or sense they've scored a crap ton of points.
  13. I was indifferent to CU before this game, just didn't care. However, seeing how the team and coaching staff reacted to the F2 and ensuing tweets, etc I lost all respect for the entrie program. Can't wait for next year. This game alone will get me to renew my season tickets. Terran showed class apologizing to the team. Also appeciate Miles' comment. The future is bright. #GBR
  14. Great write up! Agree with a lot of the points. Much better teamwork than in previous games. Conversion will be so important for this team.
  15. Lee Barfnecht tweeted out Rey is warming up but with a big wrap on his knee..
  16. my head may explode if they can't do better on the free throw line. Inexcusable to shoot that poorly at this level by the guards. Quit driving the middle and getting fouled if you can't finish the shot and 1 or make the 2 FT's. I did love it that they never quit and played until the end. Love this team and can't wait to see it develop.
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