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  1. GOTTA BEAT THE TRAFFICThat's a losing battle as soon as you commit to driving downtown.
  2. What is the deal with people leaving early? I get a few but the 1st level was 1/2 cleared and the game was still close. Drives me crazy!
  3. Pettaway needs to protect the ball better. Too many turnovers
  4. Do Biggs positives outweigh his negatives? He makes things happen but.....
  5. Aim for the 2nd tier? We get hosed out of all freebies!!!
  6. Why does Biggs try and force the most difficult shot/passes?
  7. We have guys staying home on an offensive shot, that's improved
  8. Give and go is working. Need to set up plays and not force the shot since we are not going to get any calls apparently.
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