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  1. Excellent rc. Agree on most points. Gotta keep this Timmy guy. He coaches em up. They seem to have an actual desire to win, and are starting to believe. The thing that still gets me is why we drop one or two on the road when we SEEM TO GIVE UP. It makes no sense when I happens, I suppose we are just easily discouraged or something, but I guess that happens to the best of them... Again, great post. Sums up everything that needed to be covered.
  2. See my post in "post game" topic. I'm stoked to see us this high.
  3. I'm sorry, I thought this topic was "post game" as in post Illinois game. Sorry. My statements hold, though. On the topic, I still don't think we need ubel back. He would score, but we aren't as fast with that kind of player type in the game, and though we need big men who can play defense, I'm pretty pleased with the way we are development offensively. It'll be a bit until we get bruisers like Payne in here.
  4. Nebraska in 7th place in the conference now! HISTORIC stuff right there, man. I rarely see us that high, though it is because our conference is so loaded and balanced this year. Exciting stuff. Still don't think we will make the tourney unless we make 19-20 wins and better than .500 in conference. Bt you have to like our chances at postseason now, and the drive of this team. Way for Sharon to step up. Was there in the first row and it was great to see him play well again like he did in November. Breakin the slump!
  5. Good league for sure, one that tests your team's endurance toughness and execution in high-pressure situations. I'd like to see more wins from these guys, because it is just so DAMN FRUSTRATING losing all the time...at least as I've followed them. Not a old-timer like the others, but I like what I see so far. It's just that we need the bad Nebraska luck to lift from our program. Lol
  6. I'd totally do it if I weren't a student already. Love the idea
  7. Feel so bad for Walt! Yeah I'd hang with him too, but not sure what we'd do... Hope this break gets everyone focused and pulls us together as a team when we come back, so we can buckle in for the long haul! I know I needed the break....
  8. Totally agree. I believe we have NIT in our sights at this point, unless we come together and become consistent. However, I do also have optimism for the future of this team; the talent's there, we just need to get on the same page and get experience (which unfortunately comes slow, which is why next year is so bright). I really think that if that happens quicker than usual (I have already seen some quick improvements, lots of good lessons for the young guys), we might make that goal of NIT. Realistically it'd take a lot of nice upsets to make up for that creighton loss (scumbags!) and make t
  9. Nebraska 68 UMass 75 Just hope I'm wrong. I think this is winnable. Def won't be as hard as New Mexico if we move on; but of course the lobos have been upset prone (overrated) in past NCAA tournaments...
  10. I say, just show up and stay, if for nothing else Timster and Sergej's shot. Haha
  11. yeah you're right. maybe im too hard on them, and I don't mean it as blanketing over all. It just bothers me since we want unity as a fan base when we are starting up here. Its understandable to leave early, just dont walk in front of us students!! lol (if you can't tell, I'm not really mad. just frustrated, and a bit peeved)
  12. Ive been a nebrasketball fan for several years now, and I'm still lovin it, especially with Tim and co. running it now. But one thing I thought I'd bring up is the perturbing lack of respect of fans to STAY FOR THE GAME and not leave early. I realize there is a need to "beat the crowd" just like at the bob, but especially at this new arena with the fans leaving in front of the student section behind the basket with about 6 minutes left, it really ticks me off; it seems like a lack of respect. I've seen several others mention this so I thought I'd bring it up. What is the best way to deal w
  13. http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/rankings Looking at out schedule, looks like tim got us a good challenging trip ahead of us. Not only are the teams in charleston classic good ones, but the big ten has Michigan state at #1, ohio state, michigan and wisconsin (as expected) all in the top 14. We also have iowa, indiana, and minnesota receiving votes. what's scary is that cincinnati, and Umass are also receiving votes and creighton is #23, not to mention miami (though they're washed up. Buckle up for a ride! the testing begins. It will be great if we can beat any of them, but if
  14. I know it's late, but I'll reply anyway....I think maybe a conservative 16. If it's a good season and we get a few upsets, (at least .500 in B10) we might get to 18. I think that's all it'll take to get in the dance: in the top 6 or 7 of the conference (yes, our conference is THAT good). A bad year might see us going for 13 or 14 wins (7 in non-conference). But I don't see that happening, this team has some great fight. We CRUSHED a good team without our seniors or juniors playing/playing very much. Now THAT will get any husker fan's heart excited.
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