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  1. 15 hours ago, hhcmatt said:

    Hoiberg constantly gets asked about this and almost always has the same things to say....they practice them, they run less if they make them, etc

    Yeah I have no qualms with how hoiberg runs practice with the FTs and suicides (running the court punishments). After all, he's historically one of the best shooters in the nba and at the line. So idk, only explanation is the husker jinx; maybe there's a series of cabals of witches out there constantly casting this curse on us.


    Otherwise, getting better at free throws is very simple: nash's method: lots of volume of practice with good mechanics, playing little FT games to make it interesting, that's it. If you have good mechanics as a shooter you're probably a good shooter from the line.

    It's more than the last few years, it's most of the nebraska basketball history where we've been abysmal. It's so frustrating. 😠Maybe it's a lazy culture? Ffs iowa and creighton must have better discipline at the line. In reality I don't believe in curses, as much as I like to joke about it

  2. 33 minutes ago, Huskerpapa said:


    It was a win...and it likely would not have been last year.  Players seemed to realize they needed to feed the beast in the second half, and did so. 

    If the game was a movie title, I would vote for "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

    And oh by the way, before others choose to bash Thor, please learn what his role is, what he is being asked to do by the coaches, what his teammates say he brings to the court and then watch the tape and specifically what he is doing within the game.  Just saying...

    And furthermore, this team does not need a volume shooter or a player that demands X number of shots per game.  We have players who can score; and so can Thor, he just understands he doesn't need to at this time.


    The sheer balance between our roster in scoring / focus on assisting and the extra pass... I LOVE it. Gimme more. You're probably not getting hero ball much this year which is satisfying as all hell. teddy came through tonight, he's a player I already love and adopt as our nebraska son, I feel like he's the glue guy and soon to be fan favorite. Frustrating sometimes but the kid has no fear, his confidence is important on a nebraska program that has history of weak willed surrender. 

    Your point is well taken; the team simply has enough talent and a system in place now to pass it around and let "whoever offense" reign supreme. Balanced scoring won't win wooden awards, but it'll win a lotta ball games and with defensibe intensity will not only give you a shot in every game, but wins trophies.

  3. 4 minutes ago, 49r said:


    I'm not sure, but I think this may be a Big Ten thing and not a Nebraska thing.  I.E. I think they're using the same crowd noise sound in all the Big Ten arenas.  I heard something during the Minnesota game the other day about how they had to agree on specific decibel levels for the piped in crowd noise, and it would not surprise me at all to learn that they insisted on using the same sound too.


    But having that said, it is awful and I wish they could do better.

    Yeah, that was going through my head too, I heard the same thing, that the conference teams use the same sound file. I agree with the conf that there needs to be regulation on sound levels, but that doesn't mean then need the same file... Why don't they mix a lot of those home crowd noises? We have so many talented people in the program who could mix this up with some work. They could still then limit the volume to a level

  4. 4 hours ago, throwback said:

    1-NU scored 102 points and, by my count, missed at least 23 shots from within 5 feet. Also missed a few more FTs than I would expect they will going forward. I know McNeese was a disaster defensively, but NU easily could've been around 115-120 points. That's crazy. 

    yeah, I agree. although for some stretches of the second half, mcneese played some really solid lockdown defense, believe it or not. adversity helps growth, and tomorrow with nevada gives us (according to Kenpom) an even matchup challenge.


    On 10/10/2020 at 11:38 AM, LK1 said:

    This.  There will be a ton of shots going up early in the shot clock this season simply because the defense won’t be fully set.  First, we’ll more rebounds and steals, and second, there won’t be many guys who need to hand the ball off.  


    On 10/10/2020 at 9:50 AM, Huskerpapa said:

    I simply love the idea of NOT having to get the ball to a specific player in order to initiate your offense.  Those wasted few seconds allows a defense to get into better position to defend.   

    With the players we have, any number of them can "run" the offense and also defend multiple types of players.

    Yeah, I think we'll be fine and score points regardless, which by itself is a huge sigh of relief for husker fans after the last few years. And we finally have some size, although its swiss army size (as fred likes to build his teams; he finally has the construction he likes[and I like]) and not 7 footers. The difference between being good and Great this year will hinge on how we attack in the half court and scheme teams... because I think most of the time we will have the fast break on lock down. damn, I cant wait to see that first teddy-delano-trey fast break!! 

  6. Super cool. This ticks a lot of stat dork boxes for me and combines with my gamer as well. I remember seeing a lot of things done like this in the past couple years in games like 2k and ncaa 14, amongst others. Love it. What else they gonna do? Unless you have your own hoop you arent getting basketball training done anyway, it's just some weight and cardio. 👍👍

  7. On 7/10/2020 at 8:51 AM, HuskerFever said:


    Speaking of the SEC (or the SIAA at the time), Georgia Tech managed to play football during the 1918 pandemic.



    Holy crap, that picture! At times in this nightmare year things feel deja vu to another era and another pandemic, and no more so illustrated than in this picture, it seems like it could be taken today if people were ballsy /stupid but also wearing masks completely, as if for a stunt (?) 😂

  8. I also think that the difficulty presented in basketball in keeping it safe indoors, and testing teams every day to keep teams from spreading it is critical. Have no doubt it could work but you have to be very disciplined, which I have little faith in America in that regard, lol. Unfortunate and I'll believe until we prove it's not possible... but you have to be tedious in your attention to detail and sterile environments, etc

  9. On 7/6/2020 at 10:18 AM, hhcmatt said:

    It's starting to become apparent that in terms of gathering that your risk for spreading Covid is greater inside than outside, which makes sense.

    Assuming a season happens, I think we'll find that Nebraska either limits or doesn't sell any tickets because selling them as usual is inviting people to congregate in an enclosed area which increases the potential for an outbreak.  Football with its outdoor seating seems like more of a possibility in terms of fan attendance in some form.

    Yeah, and even with outdoor I think it's becoming obvious that if we arent on a grand death pact, all sports in this cursed nation are likely going to either be cancelled (not likely here) or follow some European models like in Germany where there are no fans in stands, and more creative solutions for fan representation are explored. I dont mind empty stands if they can pump noise in and TV is still not a horrible experience; big soccer fan and it has worked out just fine (even if a bit depressing); I'm just curious if it's possible in football. Its definitely possible in basketball if soccer did it, and being inside I'm almost 100% sure fans isnt happening, that's just not safe esp with new news on how its aerosolized now  

    Have to be smart and I do trust our university, they're wise in most of these public health decisions

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