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  1. I agree. I know Fred and a Lotta coaches thrive in the portal,  and I see it's inevitable,  it's a part of the game and a certain chunk of your roster will be those guys. But Imo you HAVE to limit those as much as you can, and fill your roster with recruits and local kids who buy in, aren't mercenaries. The team didn't buy in for most if the year because people weren't here for the right reasons more or less, were here selfishly. Have to recruit the right guys, and like you said,  PLEASE, recruit SIZE!

  2. Many issues with the team, adjustments to make, and a team attitude to change. We need to capture the last week minus tonight in a bottle!


    And for God's sake, somebody kick lat Mayen OFF THE TEAM! I can't handle another year of this schlub! I'm fine with anyone if they have effort. But can't have lazy guys in the 15. Time to recruit size and effort. Lot to like still amongst the weeds of crap this year.

  3. Just now, brfrad said:

    I would say we have 6 players that give all out effort a great majority of the time.  3 of them are hurt right now.  Keisei, Walker, Trey, Wilhelm, Wilcher, and Lakes.  

    I would agree with that. I suppose you need full buy in,  or they slip through for easy layups? Can't hold a team that passes well that way. Makes sense. Yeah 3 guys aren't even a starting lineup if you go with a sit to punish bad defensive effort strategy... More drastic coaching methods needed? Pull a Hoosiers? You have to earn your minutes? Pull in walk ons and you earn it back with effort? Who knows. I do know if I were in that locker room I'd be real depressed too.

  4. 7 minutes ago, brfrad said:

    Let's compare rosters (rankings based on Sports-reference




    Ivey 2nd year 87th ranked player

    Edey 2nd year

    Williams 4th year

    Stefanovic 4th year

    Newman 3rd year 1 RS

    Thompson 3rd year

    Gillis 3rd year 1 RS

    Fust 1st year 62nd ranked player

    Morton 2nd year 82nd ranked player



    Bryce 1st year 25th ranked player

    Verge 1st year

    Walker 3rd year Redshirt

    Wilcher 1st year

    Tominaga 1st year

    Webster 2nd year

    Mayan 2nd year

    Andre 2nd year


    We need experience in this system


    Goals for the off season


    Must keep at all costs players







    Can go either way hope they stay to gain some experience








    Needs to go



    We need to find a defensive system that will get stops on a consistent basis, and we need to find animals on the boards.


    We went a time during the season where players would get benched if they took a bad shot.  We seem to be taking better shots with fewer forced shots.  The next step I'd like to see is to start benching players if they fail to box out.  The problem lies in that is harder to gauge than seeing a poor shot go up.  Defensive effort also needs to be addressed.  If you slack on defense, you see the bench.  Something's got to make these guys see the light.

    I heard someone mention this on the radio - -  gotta stress in practice defensive intensity, sometimes it's innate, but it can be a team identity, and needs to be essential in the program to have any success esp in this league. But the team ain't built like a big ten team, it's a smaller warriors roster space N pace. We need towers to not get murdered every night in the big ten. Long wings, I love that style,  but you need 3 solid 6-10/7ft broad shouldered beasts to compete Imo


    Haven't had that. That'd help a ton in long term. But what bothers us this whole time as fans is the near zero effort. You can get 6 foot kids with heart and some hops OUT EFFORT the towers. Proves the point.

  5. On 1/2/2022 at 9:27 PM, huskerbaseball13 said:

    On top of that he may be the worst dribbler in college basketball and a D+ defender at best. 

    Yeah and especially at his length and size, it's inexcusable that he's a horrible defender. So many smaller players are much better defenders. It comes down to effort,  but when you win the physical lottery? It's shameful to waste that. Maybe that's why people expect so much from him. Maybe he's just not cut out for basketball if he's not willing to sacrifice and effort his defense

  6. Embarrassed already at how many predictions I've missed already 9 games in. Ffs. Let's get em,  would be a statement win if the huskers take this one, and I know we have the goods if we can just play the right way to hang with anybody this year (maybe not Purdue)

    "race to 69"

    Nebraska -  71

    Auburn -  80


    Edit: wow, usually the die Hard here pick NU regardless. I haven't seen ppl this low on NU in a while 😐 GBR

  7. I know so many fan bases over decades have gathered in anger to maybe try to do this, but isn't it worth trying to gather public cross fanbase support for something like a protest or signing a petition to the ncaa or referee authority to get Teddy cut out and banned from refereeing a basketball game ever again?? 

    There are a handful of these worst offender referees who probably have seniority and a union to keep them working, but it's absolutely obscene and deplorable that guys like this get protection, it should be like other jobs where if you suck at your job, you get fired.


    They probably top the list of strongest unions in the nation along with cops, which this reminded me of. But I won't go down that road. It's gross and messed up.

  8. Holy crap what a basketball game. I missed most of this one to sleep... I'll let the poor souls who watched three hours only to get Ted valentined take this one away. Really disappointing but proud.



    Holy shit Bryce verge and tominaga (at this point so far in year) are scoring BEASTS. Lotta fun to watch. I'm not concerned for our future with these guys. Love this team. Work to do but I'm confident.

  9. Wish I hadn't woken up late for this one. Caught the last few OTs. Amazing he we stayed in this and lost that lead, man.  Teddy plays with a suspicious whistle and a tight one, we all know and hate it. This was definitely home cooking and a bad officiated game, although we still self imploded. Half of that's not on us. But still the grand irony in only shooting like 11 FTs at still having a couple FTs miss that could've won the game. Ugh. Deep pain.


    Still super proud of the boys, hope they know that. Rough one. Lots of stuff for fred  from this one to teach , hope he uses it.

  10. Only caught the 2nd half tonight. Beautiful November night and Friday. It was nice to see families and kids out enjoying it.



    - missed a lot of his action,  but Bryce only scoring 6 isn't as big an issue as it seems. Somebody mentioned in the game thread that he might not like scoring less than 20, but it was an efficient night with 7 rebounds to lead the team (I believe ) . I think he ended 3 - for - 6 so that's 50%, nbd.


    - verge making progress trying to be a point guard proper. Still has bad habits from his normal play style from Arizona, but bad habits die hard. If Fred gets the guys playing right and quick passing, we can explode on offense. I see this problem originating from our pg position as the main reason for the woes early season and two painful losses.

    - good to see Andre get some time. Still don't love his effort, which might be revealing some of the reasons he's not earning favor with Fred yet. Who knows. I'm sure he'll rotate in more later on.


    - everyone loves breidenbach and keisei, myself included! Lots of fun dudes in this second unit.


    - saw Trevor lakes get in, he doesn't look smooth. He's a big body on the perimeter though, so I'm sure he will find some development and minor minutes this year at times.


    - big fan of Keon and CJ. I like their size and shooting potential. Supposedly they can shoot? Have to overcome the husker curse of every good shooter coming here to post career low %s. Smh. I beleive,  hope we can change this curse. Idk what's going on for the last decade plus with this phenomenon.

    Overall good to see a win like this,  routine. Need wins for confidence just like every young team does, and like our football team desperately does.

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