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  1. Only other team even in our stratosphere of suck. what the heck, I'm going Corn Ball. Nebrasketball! 68 "CHICAGO'S TEAM" 65
  2. Yeah, wtf why are the biggest shaq like bullies in college hoops referred differently? It's not right. Ugh
  3. All that said, love the hustle from our undersized roster. Will over skill right now!!
  4. I'm fkin tired of getting beat up by monster big men in this league. I love Fred's potential gameplan in future years of playing small ball sort of, but goddamnit the frustration of decades watching a team without a decent, baseline big man. We need the bodies to compete in this league. No blame on this coaching staff, itll take time, but it's just a rant on how annoying it is as a longtime fan. when will it end? Probably when we're attracting top athletes, which may be sooner than later
  5. Neb hoi sket ball : 76 Buck butts (as I used to call them as a kid): 86
  6. hey, a lot of the gray hairs are better than most! husker fans are fantastic as we know, and most of that is the levelheaded support we get from what kids now might call the "boomers" ;) I like how progressive some of them are too. and yeah im not dreading being old, I'm older enough already to not relate with the kids now, lol.
  7. yes! it was absolutely beautiful outside. and I fit in just fine as a bball fan, even if the sort of crowd is a bit different than MBB (more family, more gray hairs and kiddos). It was a blast! I enjoyed enough for the 2 of us.
  8. Shoutout to the crowd today, and the forum here, great culture around our women's program. very positive vibes. Was my first EVER NU women's game I've been to (used my free womens ticket from the season ticket package). great experience! Senior day was special. Wish we hadnt slumped second half of the year, this team looked good. the no look passes! holy crap and they can shoot. (not that I came in with any expectations either way) cheers to everyone whos dedicated here, and the rest who come to the games. Love it. #Nebrasketball and huskers in all forms! I'll have to integrate more husker women's hoops in my diet going forward, no doubt.
  9. A year off from basketball, imo. D league huskers continue; Neb 70 Illini 75
  10. Maybe we can envision a slightly more exciting but steadfast system when this is all installed and running at nebraska? Turgeon's terrapins have always impressed me as a program that is well run and one where he has a gameplan and sticks to it. Very hopeful for this Hoiberg husker program. Doubt many of us are giving up, just more pressure in next 2 years to WIN GAMES. hope we stick it out for long haul and think that it's possible this time, because the long time good fans we have here with nebrasketball, I could see supporting the whole process. #TrusttheProcess
  11. Buskers poop the bedpan on the road, we just dont have the firepower to score. weird season like this year's warriors where the system feels fine and exciting, we just don't have the horses to put up those precious points. it's a punt on the season and D-league time. G B R. Nebraska 68 - 90 Crabcakes
  12. Sunk(suck)en place dawns upon us... Classic Nebraska Basketball! Nebraska 76 @ Iowa 87 (75,000,000 threes, 99k annoying rating)
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