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  1. MandRHusker

    2018 Transfer Market

    There was word of a potential late international post addition but can't remember who hinted at this. It has been over a month ago when it was posted here.
  2. MandRHusker

    Watson article from Lee

    I disagree. No way any rating system places us as a 5th seed in the NIT last year
  3. MandRHusker

    Watson article from Lee

    Agree 100%
  4. MandRHusker

    Watson article from Lee

    It felt to me that Glynn tried to assume the role of a facilitator last year and didn't play to his strengths as a scorer.
  5. MandRHusker

    Watson article from Lee

    I can't disagree with the position Barry left us in. I still think our NIT seeding was intentional, but who knows.
  6. MandRHusker

    Watson article from Lee

    Not sure if it was ineptitude or malicious intent. I tend to lean towards malicious intent.
  7. MandRHusker

    2018 PG Jordan Lathon -> UTEP

    There is no downside for us. My question was about what Lathon & Harris want.
  8. MandRHusker

    Costello Redshirt

    It is interesting that Costello redshirted. Do they expect him to contribute beyond as a practice player?
  9. MandRHusker

    2018 PG Jordan Lathon -> UTEP

    I agree. It is more a matter if both Amir & Lathon have their hearts set on PG.
  10. MandRHusker

    2018 PG Jordan Lathon -> UTEP

    Do we have any shot at Lathon after having just signed a PG?
  11. MandRHusker

    Morrow leaving

    Using Ed to his best ability helped with rebounding but hurt us in two ways. He was almost always a black hole when the ball was passed to him in the post. Even when double teamed. And his skill set was suited to play post but he was too small to play defense against traditional posts. The first issue can be corrected with coaching but the second can't be corrected unless he plays another position. I don't know if his handles will ever be good enough to play the 3, or even the 4. In any case, best of luck to him.
  12. MandRHusker

    Amir Harris is N

    No expectation that the FBI indictments will cause additional transfer opportunity?
  13. MandRHusker

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    I agree with your analysis of RSS. I would add to your list Husker football fans who know nothing about basketball yet apply Husker football expectations to the basketball team.
  14. MandRHusker

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    This logic is consistent with what I have heard about the Burno incident and historical Florida recruiting practices.
  15. MandRHusker

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Source deep inside the bowels of the program.
  16. MandRHusker

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    We know that Burno was shown the door at DONU because he insisted that he needed to pay players to recruit. Thus the assumption is that he was doing so at Florida and then with Bobby Hurley at ASU. I wonder if we will see Florida hit with an FBI indictment any time soon?
  17. MandRHusker

    New assistant - Armon Gates

    Interesting. Based on our last experience with an assistant from Florida I suspect this one just found out that Florida will receive an FBI indictment & decided to get out while he can.
  18. MandRHusker

    Next year

    I’m curious how Mike Daum’s graduate transfer to the Huskers will impact these dynamics?
  19. MandRHusker

    2018 G Xavier Johnson - Decommit to Pitt

    And this is in a conference that has 2 Rivals 5 Star and 8 Rivals 4 star players. Wow!
  20. MandRHusker

    2018 SG Karrington Davis - LOI

    I have been told that Nana's development has not been what the coaches hoped. Doesn't mean he won't make it and contribute at some point but it seems to be a question mark for the staff too.
  21. MandRHusker

    Time to eat a little crow

    If we bring in Bill Self then we need to be prepared to have Adidas pay our players. It is what Self does. At least that is what Doc told me before he was fired.
  22. While I am happy for the win, I’m concerned that EIU took us out of our game plan so easily. With our height advantage Copeland, Roby, Taylor & Palmer should have had haydays! I give Jordy a pass because he is still a year away. We looked out of sync all night offensively.
  23. A few impressions from last night. -team needs to turn up the defensive intensity -Thomas Allen will be a good one! -Copeland is smooth. You can catch glimpse of how good he can be. Like the team in general, he needs to turn up the intensity. -An achylis heal for this team is PG backup to Glenn. I noticed this in the MSU benefit game too. Take Glynn Watson out & this team struggles with offensive rhythm.
  24. MandRHusker

    Closed Scrimmage

    I read that Nebraska played 12 players while ISU played 8. Probably made a difference.
  25. Who will play PG when Glenn is out? Taylor and Thomas both tried but the offensive flow & production took a big step down in both cases.