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  1. Robin Washut said that there is potential for the addition of a massive recruit at the Ohio State game. Could it be 2021 Rivals #1 Jonathan Kominga? We know that Matt A. was recruiting Kominga for St Johns. Any inside info?
  2. Yes, it has been confirmed he is in Lincoln. The question is why he isn’t practicing?
  3. Word on the street he is in street clothes while the rest of the team practices. Anyone know why?
  4. Daum’s story is interesting. Even in his freshman year in college he and his coach thought he would go nowhere. That was the point where Daum dedicated himself and built himself for into the player he is today.
  5. I read an analysis of guaranteed money based on draft position. The takeaway was that with a draft position any higher than 38 or 39, based on history, there would be little to no guarantee. And the final conclusion was, if there is no guarantee then Roby should just as well come back to Nebraska. Not certain how accurate this was but thought I would pass it on.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me if they didn't have a big locked down before cutting Heiman loose. Just because Brady is tall doesn't mean he can play the style HCFH wants to play. Sometimes you have to release those who don't fit to prove to those you are recruiting who do fit that there is playing time for them.
  7. I wonder what this says about our chances with Jayce Johnson?
  8. True, I doubt Fred ever goes back to Chicago, even though he still lives there. ?
  9. I wonder how Green will react to Cam Mack? People say that Green played plenty of PG this year and could have been PG for us this year. Does Green consider himself primarily a SG or PG?
  10. Not certain how effective it is but Duchon’s shot looks smooth.
  11. Tim said they would evaluate his status when he returns to campus next week.
  12. I watched Dachon at practice recently and was impressed. Very quick first step, smooth shot effective from 3 point range and tenacious on D. Scored with ease against our starters. Based on one practice he would start today if not for sitting out. Also seems to have leadership skills. Encouraged other players and very demanding of himself.
  13. Not sure if this happens right away but wouldn't be surprised to see Adams-Woods off the bench before Harris. Kid seems to have it all, including leadership skills.
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