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  1. Do we really think Roby is gone?
  2. I wonder how Green will react to Cam Mack? People say that Green played plenty of PG this year and could have been PG for us this year. Does Green consider himself primarily a SG or PG?
  3. Not certain how effective it is but Duchon’s shot looks smooth.
  4. Tim said they would evaluate his status when he returns to campus next week.
  5. I watched Dachon at practice recently and was impressed. Very quick first step, smooth shot effective from 3 point range and tenacious on D. Scored with ease against our starters. Based on one practice he would start today if not for sitting out. Also seems to have leadership skills. Encouraged other players and very demanding of himself.
  6. Not sure if this happens right away but wouldn't be surprised to see Adams-Woods off the bench before Harris. Kid seems to have it all, including leadership skills.
  7. Shoot! I should have known. Thanks. Whew. I was worried it was Burke.
  8. When the team was leaving the court after the Illinois game I noticed a player using wheeled device to support an injured leg. Was that Burke? If so, what happened?
  9. Ooops. You are right. I used the NJCAA site and read off the wrong line for a different player. Jervay is tied for 10th in Juco scoring.
  10. Most of his points came from inside the arc as he is 2 for 4 for 3 point shots so far this year.
  11. Ed works fine on the offensive end of the floor, especially if he has learned to pass the rock back out versus being a black hole and trying to score 3 on 1. It's the defensive end where he struggles at the post.
  12. You do realize that there are only like 10 universities that don’t lose money on their athletics, right? I’d rather shut down college athletics than ask for additional tax dollars to pay amateur athletes more than they are getting today. $100k plus per year in education, room & board should be enough.
  13. Is there evidence that Duke has been cheating? I hadn’t heard that.
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