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  1. Is Baylor invited to the NBA combine? It’s amazing for how coveted this guy is in college I don’t see him mentioned in any mock drafts or top prospects list. I’m guessing he projects to be a 3 and D guy and is missing that “D” part. 

  2. 27 minutes ago, Chuck Taylor said:

    I wonder if the process now includes something for the players already on the roster. How do you roll out a wheelbarrow of money for the new guy and not take care of the ones already there? (see Miami)

    I wonder about this as well and the friction it might cause. If we dish out $250k for Baylor and someone like CJ performs better than him, does he then demands $250k+ next year? He definitely should. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Huskerpapa said:

    Actually, as of this moment, we have zero openings. 

    The fact that we had one potential transfer candidate on campus this past weekend MAY or may not be telling.

    I’m not sure how you sell a highly coveted recruit on coming in for their first visit if you don’t for sure have a spot opening up. Unless Antionio is a big fan of glorified football practices! 

  4. Just based off portal tweets, we don’t seem to be going after nearly as many players as the previous years. I know we only have 1-2 spots available but I’m curious if Hoiberg and staff are going to be more singular with their recruiting rather than casting a wide net like Coach Matt seemed to do.  I don’t mind it except when we have all of our eggs in the Reeves basket and he picks another school.  This wing/slasher/scorer hole that Bryce is leaving is a BIG spot to fill so hopefully they have a few contingency plans in place.

  5. 21 hours ago, MitchMcGaryMunchies said:



    Yeezy isn't giving Nebraska (or anyone else) anything


    Yeezy functions much more like an independent brand than Jordan.  Yeezy has a very minimal marketing budget and it is largely Kanye's choice what it is spent on.  He chose to spend the vast majority of last year's budget on his Sunday Service touring operations.  He outfits those around them in the Yeezy brand and relies on their status as social media influencers for more grassroots promotion.


    Also at this point Yeezy is a lifestyle brand, not a sports brand.  They've made one pair of football cleats that were absolutely terrible and have produced one model of basketball-focused sneaker but those have largely been ignored by the sports world and have minimal resell value.  The latter was released during NBA ASW in Chicago but little has come of it since then.  I would expect this to change very soon though given that Kanye has recently purchased the former Stoneridge Prep in Simi Valley, CA and opened-up The Donda Academy, a tuition-free school that is seeking to teach K-12.  They've already signed several 3 and 4-star basketball recruits and they are of course outfitted by Yeezy.


    Currently, there is a dearth of Yeezy products on the bodies of student-athletes and coaches at Adidas schools.  Back when he was still at Louisville, Rick Pitino would sometimes wear Yeezy 350s when scouting recruits.  Immediately after signing-on as coach of Nebraska, Scott Frost was seen wearing some Copper Yeezy 350 V2s.  These were clearly purchased by him personally to try to stunt at his press conference and I've never seen him wearing any other Yeezy products.  His Lincoln home was robbed shortly afterwards and his sneaker collection was stolen so that may have contributed to his lower profile lol


    Similarly, if you ever see any of our basketball players in the real world you will rarely see them wearing Yeezy.  Most actually wear Jordan sneakers, even at Husker sports events.  The only player I've ever spotted rocking Yeezy was Thor once when I saw him show up to a football game at Memorial wearing some Blue Tint Yeezy 350 V2s.  Everyone that has been at the football games this season have been wearing Jordans or Nikes.  Trey McGowens has a pair of Off-White Nike Dunks he likes to wear, but so far the undisputed sneaker king of the team has been Lat Mayen who showed-up in some Off-White Sail Jordan 4 that resell for $3,000+ in larger sizes.  NIL money, baby!


    Awesome sneaker info that I didn't expect to get today.  This is why I subscribe to this board! 


    But really though this is good insight.  Just be happy we aren't Under Armour.  No players are rocking the Under Armours off the court.

  6. On 10/7/2021 at 9:13 AM, Swan88 said:

    Here's an unsurprising six:

    Alonzo Verge

    Trey McGowens

    Bryce McGowens

    Kobe Webster

    Derrick Walker

    Trevor Lakes


    A seventh would be a surprise?

    Of course we have the two transfer candidates - Quaran and Oleg. Late additions don’t seem to ever stick around more than a couple years.

    Examples of commits in May or later of that years recruiting class: Sergei Vucevic, Jordy, Thor (4 years!), Amir Harris, Samari Curtis, Kevin cross, Yvan, Elijah Wood, Eduardo, Quaran


    if Wilhelm is getting the majority minutes at center and with a JUCO all-American filling in for Walker next year, I hate to say it but Eduardo could be a transfer candidate as well.

  7. On 7/16/2021 at 11:57 AM, millerhusker said:

    I'd say the source inside the program who thinks he could be an all-american is giving higher optimism than me saying he could be our best player. Nebraska's best player will not necessarily be an all-american, but if there is an all-american on the roster, he will most certainly be Nebraska's best player. 


    Objectively, who on our roster has been better than Verge at this level? It's not hard for me to imagine that a guy who had better individual seasons the past two years than anyone we have on our roster (on much better teams than Nebraska has had during that time) could end up being our best player. Analytically, he was Arizona State's second best player the past two seasons, behind Remy Martin, who will probably be the preseason Big 12 POY at Kansas.  

    Alonzo was offered a 2-way contract to play for the Hornets meaning we have a legit NBA point guard. We haven’t been able to say that since Ty Lue?  I agree that he could easily be our best player.  Trey would be a close second with how much he adds on the defensive end.

  8. 8 hours ago, hhcmatt said:


    Feels like we now live in a world where the center position might be our most reliable position.

    I'm going to assume that Alonzo and Bryce are going to be day 1 rotation players.

    If we can get production out of at least 2 of Keon, CJ, Keisei, and/or Wilhelm we'll have a good year.

    This ^ I think you are crazy if you don't think Alonzo is a day 1 starter.  We don't have the convenience of bringing him off the bench like he's Lou Williams.  Maybe CJ/Keon sneaks into the rotation by the end of the year but you have to assume Alonzo doesn't get beat out by one of them for the first game.







    (who's our leading scorer?  My money says Trey or Alonzo at 14 a piece)














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