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  1. Joe Toussaint PG from Iowa enters the portal
  2. Beyond the expected staff and roster changes, it will be interesting to see how Fred schedules for next season. We're obviously locked into Creighton and Kansas State plus the ACC challenge. On second thought, Auburn was the only other tough game scheduled in the non-conference this year, so it won't look much different in terms of the ability to compile meaningless wins. I've just made myself more depressed!
  3. Having a 4OT game helps to skew the per game stats this early in the season, especially when it is a game where both teams missed a lot of shots...that's an extra half-game of play without impacting the denominator.
  4. I'm only listening to the radio call because I don't have ESPNU, but from the sounds of it the game has been very physical. Seems like the blame for the fight could be placed squarely on the refs. If they had the game under control, maybe it wouldn't have happened.
  5. So does Oleg lose his redshirt for getting tossed out of a game he didn't play?
  6. And yet, there were probably some Jayskers there that responded "yeah, we enjoyed that win".
  7. Yeah, between Robin Washut's question to Fred in the post-game press conference and today's follow-up question and answer, I'm hopeful we'll see progress from their film review and opportunities for growth. I probably made some gut reaction assumptions based on what I've seen on Husker teams in the past and automatically applied them to Verge when it very well could just be an awareness/instinct issue that need to be trained/retrained rather than an attitude issue that needs to be overcome. I guess I could learn some of that too.
  8. Eduardo with 6 points, 5 rebounds and 1 block in 8 minutes of action. I think he is earning himself more time.
  9. Our shooters (guards) are currently 3-8 from the line (include 3 front end misses?) while our big men are 4-5
  10. Similar to that Texas/ NU game....I was at the Texas Tech/NU game where LeKevin Smith intercepted the ball to seal the win if he had only gone down, but instead ran with it and fumbled the ball back to the Red Raiders.
  11. I'm 100% with you on that...wish I could "like" your statement 100 more times.
  12. Yeah, I had the sense that some players are thinking the games/stats are real now, so I need to get mine to make it to the NBA. With what Fred is selling I could see him potentially attracting the guys just want to use him to get them where they want to go and have no concern for the success of the Nebraska basketball team. In fact, they may see our historical issues as providing them an enhanced opportunity to achieve that outcome. If the issue persists at PG, Fred needs to act more quickly than he did last year with Teddy.
  13. Exactly. Ultimately, it will be what Fred allows. The two main guys playing 1-on-1 vs team ball got 35 and 39 minutes on the court. Would that have been different if Kobe was available? Why didn't Keon get more time? While Verge may have gotten 13 rebounds, I wonder how many offensive rebounds he allowed by not putting a body on his guy, which allowed him to crash. Of course, I don't think that concern is isolated to just Verge, but he's the one I specifically noted in a photo or video replay. I also wonder how the rebounding issue might be different with Andre on the court. At some point, Fred may need to decide he has to give up a little offensively, to correct the defensive issues. Of course, Lat's absence on that end may have been more important that I had expected from a length and athleticism standpoint.
  14. Time for players to observe from the bench if they don't want to follow the coaches principles/directives
  15. In addition, I would suggest our roster is more comparable on experience, if not a little more experienced, considering the pandemic eligibility issue. If memory serves me, Alonzo is a super-senior in his 5th year post high school, as are Derrick, Lat having sat out a transfer year or redshirted in college. Meanwhile, Trey is true senior playing in his 4th year, but didn't he also play one year at Hargrave in a post-HS grad year? Keisei is a sophomore in eligibility, but will be playing his 3rd season in college (although 1st 2 in JC). And, CJ had a year in college already, so is a sophomore in experience. I won't give the same credit to Keon since he hardly played, but I'd say he is a Freshman+. Only Bryce and Wilhelm are true freshman. As a result, we effectively have 4 seniors, 1 junior, 1 sophomore and 3 freshman in our nine, while the comparable had 4 seniors, 1 junior, 1 sophomore and 2 freshman in their 8.
  16. Agree, but I would argue that the odds of Keon Edwards or CJ Wilcher transferring are very low since they have already transferred once and would have to sit out a year if they were to do so again.
  17. It is exciting to see the depth and flexiblity of the roster. Here's my estimate of average distribution of minutes for the non-conference portion of the schedule, with the expectation that the rotation will tightened during conference play. I could see Lakes get some opportunities and maybe McPherson doesn't get as much. In addition, I also think there will be the element of running with the hot hand. 1 2 3 4 5 Total 1 Verge, Alonzo 24 24 2 McGowens, Trey 4 22 26 3 McGowens, Bryce 4 20 24 4 Mayen, Lat 24 24 5 Walker, Derrick 22 22 6 Webster, Kobe 8 4 12 7 McPherson, Quaran 4 4 8 Tominaga, Keisei 10 10 9 Wilcher, CJ 6 8 14 10 Edwards, Keon 14 14 11 Breidenbach, Wilhelm 8 8 16 12 Andre, Eduardo 10 10 40 40 40 40 40 200
  18. I was going to make a similar post, but then decided to scroll down and read all the newer posts before commenting.
  19. Especially his use of the glass. Don't see that much anymore. What is Milton up to these days? Last I saw him was when we were both at UNO.
  20. Yep. I was at one of those games. A game against UNI was played in Cedar Rapids rather than Cedar Falls because the UNI-dome roof had collapsed due to snow.
  21. Plus the 2 guys sitting out upgrade the quality of your scout team and, therefore, the competition level the core guys are facing to prepare for games. Certainly Burke was beneficial in that regard last year.
  22. All have a combined 10 letters in their first and last names.
  23. I was thinking something similar that if we got Johnson and one of the PFs (French guy or Cross), especially if Roby returned, that Heiman could benefit from a redshirt season. Of course, maybe he's a guy you want to move through the system as quickly as possible.
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