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  1. I'm ok with Benny starting...if Tai keeps up his improved offensive output.

    I like the tone the starting five sets and Watson will still see 20+ minutes a game. He still gets lost a fair amount on D, though he's gotten better at that as we've gone along.

    Completely agree. The rotation that Miles is employing off the bench is much better suited with the scoring punch/offensive creation we are getting from Watson.

  2. --In short--

    The Good:

    -'Nova MIGHT be the best team we see all year.

    -It was still a ballgame at the 2:00 mark in the 1st Half.

    The Bad:


    -Offense in general.

    -Leadership. This is Shavon's team. I know that he's kind of reached "can-do-no-wrong" status, but he really needs to take charge in being a vocal leader on this team. Every good team has one.

    I think that award will probably go to Maryland, but they might be next in line.

    That's why I emphasized the word 'might' ;)
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