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  1. The depth is going to be the biggest factor that could lead to success later in the year. Depth was not good in previous seasons.
  2. I think they'll be fine. I don't think the PG issue will be a problem with how they play kind of position-less small-ball. Alexander was a PG in high school I believe, and played backup PG his freshman year. Played off the ball the rest of his career. I think one of the guards is a true PG, and the guy they just picked up last week is more of combo/scorer. The Euro players should think twice about going to Omaha if they want intact ACLs, but otherwise a good recruiting haul. Kind of like kids putting a lot of faith in coach with no track record of success
  3. Agreed. I just don't subscribe to the notion that NU was wronged in any way by this announcement. When its stated by someone that there is "no way" that anyone outside a "top 6-8" has a chance, why does that same person take it as an affront that NU wasn't 12? Or even more laughable... Why not make it a "top 13?" If you aren't in the group that's being seriously considered, does it even matter whether you are 12, 13, or 35? It's not like this was a Josh Freeman situation... The consternation over not making a top 12 list is stupid.. Wait...we wanted a pat on the head to feel like w
  4. Fair enough. I guess it depends on your point of view I suppose. I think the five you listed are probably the final five; in that order maybe too. Maybe Creighton in front of Kentucky, since Kentucky came in late and will have a bunch of other five stars. Could also be that he listed other schools because he's built good relationship with the coaches like Pearl, Altman, Oats, etc. Could there be subtext there that Hoiberg and staff never built a great relationship? Sure. Do I think it was a purposeful middle finger to Nebraska? No. I think you're seeing shadows that aren't there.
  5. I don't understand this mentality at all. It was pretty much universally agreed that there was a very slim chance he was ever going to stay in state. You yourself say he was never going to come here. So you're upset that Nebraska didn't get a participation trophy by making a top 12 that doesn't really matter? We are manufacturing "snubs" now to make ourselves feel better? Did you ever think he was "taking the high road" by saying all the right things in the media about Nebraska to keep that relationship cordial? Maybe you could argue that he was stringing us along when we had no ch
  6. Agreed. Anyone annoyed by them doing their job should examine how the Nebraska media was essentially stalking Frost prior to his hiring. Pretty sure there were with OWH or LJS (or both) reporters in Orlando.
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