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  1. If he wins 12 more games this year they can feel free to extend him with a large bonus. Some people would argue. Don't care.
  2. Im going with psu/Rutgers. This year sucked regardless. Last, not last whatever. Let the guys go for some wins. Maybe we get lucky.
  3. In the spirit of continuance of the streak... What the $^#! Was that?
  4. Well... ok... can we pull a Syracuse and win 5 more in a row to make the dance?
  5. I blinked and reloaded my screen when I randomly looked at the score. Twice. To be sure.
  6. What we lack is a core... which includes cohesiveness. We can build around keisei and Breidenbach and keita and one of andre/oleg. Keon you can see the talent if he sticks around. None of this includes Bryce. That's 5, maybe 6 guys who in 2 years could be pretty good together and the rest is a matter of filling in blanks. Odds are you can likely keep 4 of those 6 so you only need 4 more guys over 2 classes for an 8 man rotation. You're going to know by the middle of next year whether that's worth waiting out or not.
  7. We've got until the middle of next year before this is even a question. Maybe Bryce jumps pro. Maybe not. Keita will help. A lot. Getting a year older will help. A lot. This team is stupidly young outside of 2 or 3 players. And frankly verge might be addition by subtraction. Getting a distributor that plays defense is likely our biggest step forward.
  8. Nice when I pop my head in the door and we are up 7 on the road against a team with a pulse.
  9. 18-13. On the bubble but getting stronger as the season ends. Anything better and we are dancing easily imo
  10. 1 year too early. You have to earn that. 20 wins and most everyone back and we will be there. It's doable.
  11. If there's anything resembling a good season there's going to be some cathartic cheering/explosive moments. This fan base needs some fun. Badly.
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