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  1. 18-13. On the bubble but getting stronger as the season ends. Anything better and we are dancing easily imo
  2. 1 year too early. You have to earn that. 20 wins and most everyone back and we will be there. It's doable.
  3. If there's anything resembling a good season there's going to be some cathartic cheering/explosive moments. This fan base needs some fun. Badly.
  4. I have a feeling he will be there for a while. Congrats to the man.
  5. I don't think people necessarily realize just how good this squad can be in two years because we are outright not used to getting players like wilcher or keon edwards added as transfers... and having them seem so ho hum boring. We effectively got two top 25ish players and a BUNCH of either complimentary or highly talented ones on top of that. If this team is going to gel into something special in 2022, you will know this year. Or not. We may not have gotten a high end calipari Kentucky class but this is a solid level below that. And that's not being insulting, that's saying it's damn, damn solid. So expectations? At this point I think you need to see an ncaa bid or at least a late season run that comes close. And the talent is there.
  6. I could handle that many freshman. We all know there would be some growing pains. If they all stick around 2 years we would be REALLY good the year after. REALLY good.
  7. I've got the same concerns. The idea behind hoibergs system is to not sacrifice ball handling -- ever. He walks the line of getting "just enough" rebounding due to length and allows doc to do his thing on defense. If we outrebound our opponents we should win by 30 every night. If he gets his shooters to stop missing, we will have a lot of fun games to watch over the next 2 years.
  8. Attrition the way hoiberg does it will work if your big 4 or 5 guys don't transfer. The whole point is to grab 2 or 3 sit-out transfers every year which helps both in practice (depth) and when people move on to the NBA or graduation. Throw in some glue guys or young recruits as temporary glue guys and you have a solid roster most years after you get the routine established.
  9. This team would have a decent shot of being over .500 in the pac 12 this year. The b1g is absurdly good and deep this year.
  10. This team is probably 20 points better than last year's team with walker. And we are still going to struggle for any wins. I'm not putting that on hoiberg ... there's circumstances this year on so many levels. Makes you wonder what next year will be like since players get an extra year.
  11. I probably should change that to... 'we got to 10 and made a run in the conference tournament' Not that it changes much. Getting to parity talentwise in this conference is only the first step. we still need to win.
  12. This team will be much better the last half of the season. Still probably won't make .500 because the b1g is brutal this year and fairly old in comparison. We match up talent wise which is definitely a move in the right direction. And there's nothing to be ashamed of struggling against wisconsin at their gym even without crowds. Truthfully i'd be ecstatic with 10 wins this year. That's not saying anything bad about us just that our next 19 games are against teams with NET top 50 teams (technically Indiana is 56 right now but odds are they will be top 50 when we play) and we have a lot of new players this year.
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