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  1. It may appeal if he doesn't want to stay home yet doesnt want KUs pressure cooker.
  2. That's a hell of a statement. IMG is legit on a yearly basis from what I recall.
  3. Jeez, if anyone and I mean anyone thinks we are being hard on cam they need to ask scott frost how insanely and absurdly hard we were on him. If this is going hard, scott got ran over by a semi. And that was just the first week after Arizona state. And 20 years later we were ecstatic he came home. Ok, he won a title. But still... We were way, WAY beyond brutal. Our fan base demands effort and results in that order. If you give the effort, trust me, well the rest matters... but the respect level goes up and the edge comes off. If you're just going to pout and cry, well... the fan base doesn't take it well. And you know what? No one else will either in professional or college.
  4. This is a lot more fun that some of the other games this year... It's pretty easy to see what hoiberg wants this team to be and that it will work if and when get the talent.
  5. People who think Spokane is awful need a new definition of awful. Like say ... how crowded and overgrown Seattle has gotten. And yes I've lived in seattle suburbs. Coeur d'alene is gorgeous. And reasonably close to missoula and kalispell which are also quite nice.
  6. I wonder how much of that is coach speak for "pretty much constantly".
  7. I dunno about any of you but I would laugh my ass off if we won and were in 2nd in the b1g.
  8. Honestly if we get hot and make the postseason we should consider ourselves the luckiest fans on the planet. Next year. And that's disappointing but fine.
  9. If we keep growing as a team like this next year could be extremely interesting.
  10. Honestly, in a best case scenario barring a miracle Yvan was going to pan out in year 2 or 3 regardless of what happened this year. He's freakin' young to be doing this and he has the look and talent to make some B1G noise if he keeps moving forward with that talent. Having him and Stevenson together at the 4 in a couple years should be a major luxury and it isn't rocket science to imagine both on the floor at the same time throwing some weight around... with Stevenson popping out for a 3 to keep the D honest. I'm looking at Stevenson as Chuck Barkley-light... and that's not the worst comparison I've seen (and it's a heck of a player). Yvan SHOULD play well with a player like that given a year or so of growth. As far as I'm concerned, if Fred's bringing in players like that, let them do what they want for their country in the summer. It won't hurt us.
  11. Give me a top 10 guy to go with them and I'd be beyond giddy. Kendall brown would work too.
  12. To be honest, if we're as good as last year's team pre-injuries, we are a top 3-5 team in the conference. I'm not ready to jump THAT far. However, being slightly worse is nothing to be ashamed of... and would be ... say... .500 in conference and a fringe ncaa team. I CAN see that... fairly easily, specifically if a certain transfer eligibility plays out in our favor. If this team gels correctly, we could make some major noise in the B1G tournament and that's definitely good enough for me in year 1.
  13. I'm still not entirely sold on bolt as a baseball hire... which is why I look at so many of these as incomplete. Hoiberg and frost hires being homeruns is good enough to be top 3 or 4 by themselves. But for all we know circumstances will look differently in a couple years. I guess I'm not a fan of the hype. Byrne and Devaney for sure are ahead at this point. Osborne was terrible at hiring coaches but the b1g move sure as heck wins for decades by itself. Knock on wood... but results matter. Hiring who people think will succeed isnt enough.
  14. There will be a ton of open transition 3s. No way a true big can hack that for 30+ minutes. Having lots of quick wings with length will give you plenty of second chances and depth matters. We flat have never had a team like this. Not even under nee. Moe iba? Lol Think more Loyola Marymount early 90s than anything. Or BYU with jimmer. They're going to try and blow everyone out.
  15. If this is the schedule in year 5 I'd be disappointed. So much turnover that I'm honestly relieved. With that schedule we could hit 20 wins given one hot stretch in conference (that's not exactly a big reach).
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