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  1. not even to see iowa go nuclear? pretty please?
  2. i'm an hour south... and can't go. too many things going on. c'est la vie i guess... it'll be back within a decade.
  3. UVA or tech IMO... game like that in the final (defensive top teams) it's a complete crapshoot.
  4. it probably won't hurt. might not help.... but won't hurt. Professionals should be able to identify if a guy can excel in different roles when they've been around each other enough. for all we know, wade may have thought he'd make a great college coach and would be comfortable. or... he could think the opposite. even if he thinks hoiberg would help his kid out, someone like coach k might call so who knows...
  5. I know i was on here a couple weeks ago venting about us not going after a big name and just spending the money... i know i quoted some awful large figures assuming this is really, really real (probably), the next question is how much they're paying assistants and who they will be. I'm still hoping the answer is "a lot" and "guys who bring in 5 stars". we very potentially have just hired one of the 3 or 4 great college coaches of the next 20 years (a Roy or coach K or bill self). The proof is when the rubber meets the road, but this is very legit high-end potential and people need to realize that. if you want a comp... look at rick pitino's career (minus the bad parts). coached in college, went to the pros, came back and had about 20 years of really good results. Please and thank you if that happens.
  6. If that's the case... good riddance. Frankly, the fact that we're going out there and getting a coach is a breath of freakin' fresh air on so many levels. it was the exact same thing with frost. we aren't 'settling' and paying a middling amount and stagnating anymore. Attitude (good or bad) starts at the top and there was 10-15 years where we didn't have the wherewithal to sack up at the top. And it showed. Frankly, if he didn't want to pay for a coach he shouldn't have been involved in the decision process on any level.
  7. Lue $6 Strickland $5 Maric $2 Watson $2 Peltz and trueblood fill it out reasoning? Guard heavy with maric inside. the guy was a beast. three high end guards would drive opposing coaches insane and strickland would flat lock down the top guy at any other school -- and i pretty much mean ANY guy. he did it in the NBA. biggest issue is no bench but we weren't doing a 1-8 or 1-12 *shrugs*
  8. I'm glad this seems to be handled well to be honest. I'll probably wonder "what if" about this season for the next 30 years... and always root for Tim's team whoever that turns out to be.
  9. Still... no buyout for lue or hoiberg or matta. Like it or not, building a brand takes money. Lue brings a brand. Going the safe route when you've got options to go big is destructive, not "safe". Like i said before though... I'm good with most of the upper tier options we've stated here. Pay the assistants to recruit instead I'm good with that. I'm just tired of excuses. We've got the warchest to blow some of these smaller schools out of the water on so many levels. It's time to act like the big boy we should be instead of pussyfooting around like the whipped dog we have been for so long.
  10. No it doesn't. That's 2.6 million less than OSU coach. If we want a splash you're probably talking at least 5.
  11. for all my ranting today... believe it or not i'd be ok with matta or a couple other guys too. Just pay their assistants to recruit like crazy (million plus) and don't skimp on the plane. lue would get players here on his own so i'd pay him more is what it comes down to...
  12. No, i'm expecting lue, or someone similarly big name to come in here and win. A lot. The mechanics of that are irrelevant. i just pointed out an obvious person who is qualified and would listen when we called with a big check. He may not take it, but why wouldn't you make that offer?
  13. Frankly, in nebraska it's easy to play nice and conservative with money. people think that way. I've always been someone to swing for the fences. you can't take it with you. yeah ok, it's 70 million instead of 15... i get that... I do budgets too... but end of the day... unless we completely swing and miss, we can probably afford two of those. Yes really. I'm not saying blow money on a crappy coach. Be smart about it. But my gawd... if people want mediocrity i can guarantee paying middling salaries when you sell out every game and are top 15 or so in attendance despite being terrible is a good way to keep going down that same road. Top ten college salaries is still over 3 million. Which means to make a dent/noise you probably have to be around 4 or 5 regardless. The other 3 million per year is to get the right guy.
  14. 8 million is still less than coach k and is basically what calipari makes. lue is 41 and you're trying to build the next dynasty. The hype when you land LBJr and several other guys would dang near pay for that by itself. You'd be on national tv with kansas and kentucky by year 2. Admittedly it's an assumption that kids would want to play for an nba champ coach who has lbj on speed dial but eh... you can bet against that one if you want. How's that for a ROI? You want to be in the big leagues? You gotta open the checkbook. You want another middling coach? Pay like it. Is that simplistic? yeah to an extent. But we have the money. and it's not even close. so don't imply or remotely tell me that it can't be done.
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