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  1. kleitus

    Nebraska Bubble Watch

    4 more wins including b1g tourney and we will be in. Might be 3.
  2. ...Phil jackson out of retirement? (I'm joking. I think.)
  3. kleitus

    Do you lay up on 15?

    Depends on if you're playing like an accountant or not. Odds are if you lay up and birdie, you'll get 2nd place for sure. And like was said before people can lose tournaments as well as win them. I guess I've got too much of my Dad in me though... I'm going for it and i'm not thinking twice. Swing a little harder and take my chances. And when I hole out that b---h and am on sportscenter for the next 50 years with one of the 5 or so greatest shots of all time, i will be smirking the entire time.
  4. That would make the total expenses from this last year rather skewed wouldn't it? that's like 15 million dollars off the immediate budget (forgive me if i don't remember the exact numbers... point is we probably have room to go after someone if we really want it).
  5. True but we did just remove a bunch of expenses with pelini I believe.
  6. kleitus

    Next 5 - Time to go streaking?

    We need to just win games at this point. We'll have opportunities at MSU and michigan to make some hay on seeding... plus the tournament. Win. worry about the rest later.
  7. kleitus

    Bold Prediction: Top 25

    My wife. Luckily she likes me lol
  8. Just glad I got Kent on siriusxm tonight
  9. If we win Thursday it should kickstart us to a conference tourney bye. The 6 games after that are all extremely winnable. You're looking at a 3 or 4 seed I'm the b1g if we win that game. Which is also like a 3 or 4 seed in the ncaas... maybe as high as a 2 seed.
  10. The only bubbles we are on are getting into the midwest regional for lots of "home" games and for a 2 seed. Anyone who thinks this team is currently on the bubble is flat out a moron.
  11. kleitus

    New NET Rankings

    I'm sure your arm is in agony from all the twisting going on...
  12. kleitus

    New NET Rankings

    #10 after indiana win
  13. Well, enjoy your top ten NET ranking then because we win both games we WILL be ranked top ten in that particular metric.