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  1. The 27 turnovers is probably the most encouraging to me. If we can keep the trend above 20 per game we will win a lot of games.
  2. Yep... it'll be fun. Who knows how it will actually play against real teams. But did I mention it will be fun? Let's see how we do against a team with a pulse. But this season should be a blast regardless.
  3. This game doesn't show much beyond being a fun team to watch this year. I'm good with that.
  4. I can't watch but the scoreboard and stats are speaking volumes.
  5. just doing my part to keep this under 20 pages. you can thank me later. (...someone has to break that jinx...)
  6. Good news is if he is a "mistake" that hoiberg has a lot of transfers. I'm guessing the kid can shoot though.
  7. Agreed with that above. Leaving would be reactionary and frankly real change is generally rejected by the establishment. When it comes down to it, this desired uniformity from the powers that be is honestly juvenile as hell. Adults disagree. Grow a pair. The rest is going to take time.
  8. I can see their point. I just don't think it's going to happen on many levels and I'd rather have Moos etc. go back to the B1G and say "if you want us to be quiet then stop being jackasses". Why? Because there's a lot more involved than just one football season. and while i'm glad they're raising a stink, i'm also glad that we're fully vested in the conference so we CAN raise a stink and not have them find a legal way to boot us out without extreme consequences. i also believe warren will either be fired or will resign within 6 months. and that at some point there's goi
  9. Exactly. Don't get me wrong Chuck was a special case. But even in today's game finding a guy who can board and hit the 3 isn't all that common. Even if he's just a college version light that plays right into hoibergs game plan. If he goes full-on round mound of rebound we might be pretty good.
  10. The reason I brought up Barkley was because that's who shamiels game resembles ... to me anyway.
  11. Size isn't everything on rebounding. See: Barkley, sir Charles. Well, he had size. Just not upward.
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