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  1. That rochester mn area has had some serious talent lately.
  2. One game? Red. 7 games? No idea. Depends on how good banton really is. The problem is we just don't know much top to bottom here.
  3. Definitely could have something to do with sallis... but I highly doubt he would waste his time if arop wasn't growing by leaps and bounds into his talent.
  4. Think sit-out non transfer. Hoiberg likes the guys who sit out a year. The question is where his game is going, not necessarily where it is at.
  5. Glue teammates can sometimes learn to shoot as well... think about ozzie smith in baseball -- always had the athletic ability and defense, learned to hit. It's possible he made big enough of a jump forward with his athleticism that hoiberg wants to keep him around. So many people want us to develop young talent but are shocked when it seems to be happening (if Hoiberg is not pursuing guys like that, you know it probably is).
  6. If he makes the open 3 at a 40% clip he's an asset. Because he will get open looks. Anything else is gravy.
  7. And early in a turnaround that's how it probably should be. If we do this next year and there isnt some outlying reason like banton going pro and some injuries then we've got issues.
  8. ...except it's not a brand new roster. almost half of it is coming back (5 or 6 players). Just nobody who played in the games. The 3 transfers plus cross, yvan, arop, thor etc. depending on if we lose one or two more.
  9. It's going to take half a year to see what we really have. Weve got talent and should be probably .500 as a floor. Do we have the depth to go to the tournament? Maybe. Depends on who gets waivers etc., who gets better, and if we are a team after say 10 games to grow together. 2021 is going to look pretty darn solid though.
  10. Agreed. And he's not the best player we have coming in. Banton is. Probably. Allen might fight him for that. We should be MUCH more competitive next year. Plus it would be awful hard for the b1g to be as deep. 16-17 wins and NIT as a base with the ceiling being much higher. It all depends on how we gel.
  11. Jeez hadn't thought about them in forever... I'm barely old enough to have been to a game.
  12. This is playing out like the spoiled brat who thought he was better than he was is starting to get a dose of reality. I'm betting someone told him the truth about him getting drafted and how say... people will listen to your coach when it's a guy like hoiberg. He was probably flat told to apologize. It reads that way to me. It's going to be interesting how hard reality is going to hit home here. And the fallout.
  13. The "no open scholarships" bit is probably a bit of a false truth We all know some people will move on. Probably 3-4 if everyone is honest. Plenty of room for transfers and whitt.
  14. Even if that just translates to 10 per and decent assists with average defense, having a point guard without the crap attitude will be a wash at the very least. Banton, Stephenson, etc. Will be where this team improves. Also cross and oeudrago could take big steps forward this summer. To me, at worst he's warm body solid depth. At best he's a huge chemistry improvement with similar numbers. Heck, did mack even play defense?
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