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  1. kleitus

    The Top 25 thread

    he's probably right all things being equal so long as we split the iowa/maryland games on the road to restart the conference. after that it gets easier. 4 of our first 6 on the road in this year's B1G is asking for trouble. after that, we should make some noise for a while. honestly if we start 3-3, we're going to be fine. that's where the minnesota collapse hurt us... some of our roughest road games are right off the bat (including, to be fair, minnesota who is just hard to beat in minneapolis).
  2. kleitus

    New NET Rankings

    The crazy part of how strong the B1G is in the NET is exactly that... we (probably) could sleepwalk and still make it.. i don't think we're going to sleepwalk. If anything, yesterday's game seemed like we "woke up" after the minnesota collapse. i hope that's the case. Win and all your worries go away.
  3. kleitus

    Seton Hall

    The hall played Louisville tough too
  4. That feels significant ly better than I did a few days ago
  5. Seems like we're playing meh with some occasional oopsies. ...and up 12. Sound right?
  6. I'm driving rideshare tonight. And no, not posting and driving. I'm parked lol
  7. Can't say I like living in Minnesota and having to listen to the gopher broadcast on satellite radio
  8. Here's the thing... we went 4-0 last year against Iowa and Wisconsin... Two teams currently ranked in the NET top 20. Sure they're better this year. The entire conference is better. So are we. But do you think for one second that watson ,etc is going to go into those places with an ounce of fear? HELL NO. We may not win, but they're going to have to beat us. And they couldnt do that last year. I see no reason we cant win 13 games again. At minimum. Harder schedule and more games makes 13 reasonable. With the way the conference stacks up that should give us a 3 or 4 seed in the conference tourney. That is also probably a 3 or 4 seed or so in the tournament given how ridiculously strong the B1G is in the NET. At which point, we will be favored to win. Possibly two or more games. And frankly on top of that this is conservative IMO. We just beat a sweet 16 team with 4 returning starters and 85% of their production back on the road. That was no crap win. Period. Dont get me wrong. We need to play ball. But it is all right in front of us if we reach out and take it.
  9. It's probably worse than that. It's chronically toxic to put it mildly.
  10. Not really. Io_a actually has decent wins if nothing else. We are just underrated. Nobody wants to admit we finished 4th last year and brought virtually everyone back.... and the conference just looks better in the metrics this year. I lost track of how many preseason rankings had us 7th or worse in the conference. People don't want to see it.
  11. I apologize in advance for you being too nice.
  12. kleitus

    New NET Rankings

    Probably a good way to put it in standings (after a couple minute's thought) : Our seeding in the tournament at this point given how we look and the conference looks overall will probably be roughly what place we get in the regular season B1G. Win it? #1 seed 2nd? 2 seed etc. Give or take anyway. Long story short is.... just bloody keep winning.
  13. kleitus

    New NET Rankings

    stayed at #7... osu fell hard. still four teams in top ten (us, wiscy, iowa, and michigan) Give or take norm, give or take. if we stay at 1 loss, conceivably we'd be higher
  14. Yet another highly understated 4 letter word that is fully descriptive yet not nearly satisfying enough. I've got a few more for people like that but this place is rated pg-ish
  15. kleitus

    2018 B1G-ACC Challenge Schedule

    looks like purdue/fsu decides it barring a large comeback. Michigan and NW are both up 15 or so. michigan is good. they're making UNC look pretty bad.