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  1. Grew up getting to play one on one vs a future Husker in our driveway every night (younger brother played football at NU). Dominated him in hoops but decided I’d let him win just enough that he’d continue to play and not run off to find something better to do. The 7 years I had on him probably didn’t hurt either.
  2. I had heard coaching change or not he would likely be moving on. Best of luck to the kid. Hope he lands on his feet somewhere.
  3. Wasn't necessarily talking about his handling of the hoops program. I can understand those that may want to criticize things that may have went on with support or how he handled the extension. We all wanted to see the school make a commitment to the hoops program, and it appears we may finally be doing that. In the end it's hard to argue with where Moos has us right now. My post was more directed at all the drinking rumors, shots at his personal life, and claiming he's just a figure head who would be out soon. Again, it's hard to argue with the results. I'll take him as my AD any day.
  4. To be fair, I don't think the "rumors" Art was referring to in the original post had anything to do with the timing or finalization of the NU/Hoiberg agreement. Its the smear campaign that went on trying to trash Moos and the job he was doing as AD.
  5. Woj's sources come from the NBA, so I'm guessing that info is coming from the Hoiberg camp. The way it's worded makes me think it won't be announced or "finalized" until next week. Don't think Fred would want to overshadow his son's games this weekend. IMO opinion it's best for all parties (NU / Hoiberg family) to wait until next week anyway. Make it a story leading into Final Four weekend as opposed to getting drowned out by the games this weekend also eliminates the distraction for the younger Hoiberg while his games are being played.
  6. No. Not at all. I was completely against that sort of thing getting airtime (Moos drinking rumor). It serves no purpose other than to damage or stir things up and it’s typically leaked by someone with an agenda. You could also argue the Hoiberg leak hitting the press is meant to harm the AD by setting the bar high. If Hoiberg isn’t the guy it makes it look like you failed even if you find another great candidate. So no, I wouldn’t be in the camp to think this came out to save face for the AD. I wish it wouldn’t have. There’s really nothing beneficial to it coming out right now.
  7. I agree with everything you’ve said here, but it certainly did stop the “Moos has a drinking problem” rumors fom hitting the papers and airwaves.
  8. No inside knowledge here but I’m fairly certain no matter how things shake out Tim will land on his feet. He’ll have other coaching opportunities. I also think his personality/charisma would give him opportunities in a media/analyst role somewhere if that’s the route he wanted to go. I struggle to think everything between the AD and Miles are great, but I also think he’s known his fate for awhile now. Don’t think for a minute that some of these leaks aren’t coming from his camp either. Unfornately it’s the nature of the business these days.
  9. That would be the one criticism I might have. Wording of the statement could have included something congratulating the team (players and staff) on the tourney run and looking forward to a possible NIT berth.
  10. Agree. Circumstances sort of cornered him into a no win situation. The tourney run coupled with all the attention for leaving town with the team still alive and a post season berth now in limbo made it an almost impossible situation to handle cleanly. What cound he he have done to put the fire out? 1 - Cutting Miles loose tonight looks really bad, especially not being there. Not to mention isn’t real fair to the team or staff if they want to give the a NIT a shot. 2 - Say nothing and speculation continues to get even crazier. Don’t think for a second the media, especially the OWH, wouldn’t pounce on the silence and create some kind of $hitstorm. 3- Or give a statement that is consistent with what you’ve said all year and that a decision will be made once the season ends. I guess “season ends” could taken a few different ways, so defining it as after any post season tournament makes sense to me.. IDK. The only other option would be to retain him tonight but even then you’re going to get heat from critics saying everyone else turned you down. Not an easy job.....
  11. Timing of the Altman thing was definitely odd. If it’s as simple as him turning us down why couldn’t the Oregon extension wait a little longer? It seems more likely to me he knew he wasn’t going to be the guy but was smart enough to capitalize on the situation before we announced anything.
  12. NU- 67 Wisky - 59 Tempted to go against us but I think this is about as good of a spot as we’ll get the rest the year.
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