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  1. Mark Smith is transferring from IL after one year...
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    Won again tonight in OT. On to the finals!!!
  3. tjp21

    Big Ten + Bile

    I wasn't using the bias statement to explain why we didn't get in. I can certainly see the argument for why we didn't get a bid. Where I feel like our name affected things was when the discussion of the league came in. I live outside the Big 10 footprint, so I don't get a lot of Big 10 talk on my local radio or in the paper. Around here pundits were always quick to say the Big 10 wasn't any good. If you have 4 teams who are seeded on the 5 line or better, you don't have a bad league. My argument is that part of the reason it's easy for people to discredit the league is because they see that Nebraska and Penn St were in the 5th/6th spots. If it was say Indiana and Maryland who finished 5th and 6th I don't think people would be so quick to discredit the league. I also don't think Indiana or Maryland get a 5 seed in the NIT if they put up the season we did.
  4. tjp21

    Big Ten + Bile

    Came across the Vegas conference win totals for the tourney today. Thought it was pretty interesting. I'll just list these 6 conferences: ACC (9 teams) - over 14 (-110) under 14 (-110) SEC (8 teams) - over 8.5 (-110) under 8.5 (-110) Big East (7 teams) - over 8.5 (-120) under 8.5 (+100) Big 12 ( 7 teams) - over 8.5 (-110) under 8.5 (-110) Big 10 (4 teams) - over 8 (-130) under 8 (+110) Pac 12 (3 teams) - over 3 (-110) under 3 (-110) So the 4 teams from the Big 10 are supposed to win virtually the same amount of games as the mighty SEC and Big 12 with half as many teams? That should tell you all you need to know about the strength of those 2 conferences. Said this in another thread but you can't tell me the drop off from the 4th to 5th best team in the Big 10 is equivalent of the distance between a 5 seed in the dance and a 4 or 5 seed in the NIT. It appears both us and Penn St were fighting some name bias due to not being "basketball" schools. I can understand the arguments for neither team making the tourney but they should be seeded higher in the NIT.
  5. I'll really be pulling for our fellow B1G 10 teams in the tourney and cheering hard against the SEC and Big 12 teams, especially those who couldn't even go .500 in their leagues. It still boggles my mind that the committee thinks the league had 4 teams good enough to seed them above the 5 line (and 3 of them above the 3 line) in the NCAAT, but then the next best team in the league drops off all the way to a 4 seed in the NIT? I'm sorry that's just not right. I feel like both us and Penn St got no respect.
  6. tjp21

    Scheduling is everything

    This is why you're going to have to really be a conference cheerleader in the non conference schedule under the quad system. Look at how many Q1 opportunities the ACC, Big 12, and SEC had. It's going to be even more important for us because we aren't a name school in basketball. We won't get the benefit of the doubt. Like others have said, by the time conference play started this year we had virtually no shot.
  7. tjp21

    Scheduling is everything

    Just jumping in here. Haven't had much to say this evening. I don't think our scheduling was the problem at all. The UCF loss killed us bc of how it affected our schedule but other than that I don't really have any issues with the schedule. What this year proved to me is how important it is for your conference to perform in the non con. I'll be cheering like hell for other Big 10 teams next year. Between the unbalanced schedule and the way most of the conference performed out of conference we didn't stand much of a chance unless we would have nearly won the league. If you can get to league play with a good conference RPI you'll get enough Q1 opportunities to get in by playing .500 ball in conference. What screwed us us this year was Minnesota (injuries/suspensions), NW, Iowa, Wisc, Indiana, and Maryland not being nearly as good as they were expected to be or historically are. If just our road wins at Minny, NW, and Wisc were Q1 wins we probably get in.
  8. I'm not sure I trust any of these rumors. There's also one going around that someone told Miles they're in. Isn't the committee sequestered? Not sure how or why anyone would let him know a couple days ahead of time. I get being confident based on discussions that may have happened but I'm not sure someone would just flat out say you're in.
  9. Dakich just went to bat for us on SC with Hannah Storm. Her question was which one of Lunardi's bubble teams could be the most dangerous if they got in (of course we weren't listed). He chose Arizona St bc they've shown it before. Went on talk about OU's fall from grace and then said St Mary's couldn't win 5 games in the Big 10. He ended by saying to be honest I wouldn't take any of the teams on that list over a 13 Big 10 win Nebraska. They should be in over any of them.
  10. Hasn't been a good day. What little hope I had is starting to fizzle out.
  11. Yeah he was in the report. I think he served some sort of self reported suspension early in the year but other than that Bama was saying he was going to play. Here's a quote I found "We reviewed [the report], and after we reviewed it, we made the decision that Collin was going to be available for us," Alabama coach Avery Johnson said.
  12. I haven't watched much of this game but I caught a few Alabama games earlier in the month and the team I watched would have trouble scoring 50 pts in a 20 minute shoot around with no one guarding them. Other than Sexton they have some issues scoring the basketball.
  13. I mean you have to assume everything is on the up and up with a Bruce Pearl coached team, right?
  14. 1 point for the 16th ranked team in the country in the 1st 8 minutes of the 2nd half against a team with 14 losses. Now that's funny.
  15. This is the type of thing we have to hope is discussed in the room when things are being hashed out. I'm hoping between Rasmussen, the other Big 10 influence, and Moos doing his thing this will have been brought up as a talking point when discussing our resume.