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  1. This is a boring lineup, but at least it will mostly take place on weekends. See y'all at Kinkaider.
  2. To be fair, the entertainment options are rather limited in Stillwater...
  3. Bring back nightmarish Corn Cob Man!
  4. Haha! In that case, probably much worse. I would prefer the status quo. I am not advocating any specific songs, just different songs. Just airing grievances about aspects of the program that seem mediocre beyond the team itself, none of which would really garner much attention if the team were doing well. I am just struggling to express my heartache over another disappointing season - a condition we all currently find ourselves in.
  5. So because he made one change and it took a outside request to do it, not his own skills as a DJ (I guess that's what he is), he's doing his job a satisfactory level?
  6. Yes, there are a number of reasons he should go. Just to name a few examples that seem to be under his authority...Branding and marketing are mediocre at NU, especially for basketball. I am more than willing to fork over money for Husker gear but cannot find anything I would actually pay for. It is not an Adidas problem, because I used to live Lawrence and KU fans have no shortage of better options. Also, how are we the only regional university that doesn't license to Charlie Hustle out of KC? They make some good stuff. They seems to be little effort put into this aspect of the program. Also, the music guy at PBA seems to have settled on 10 songs a few years back and decided his job was done. It is getting as bad as when it seemed the Jock Jams CD got stuck in the player at Devaney for about a decade. If you are being paid to choose and play music, then you should at least occasionally choose new music. And make folks in the lower level exit toward the back until the game is over. I don't think I have seen any other arena allow the logjam of grey hairs scramble for the parking garages prior to the buzzer in front of the TV cameras like we do. It looks terrible.
  7. I appreciate the work you put in here. Many folks would be happy just to lazily guess, but you put in the extra effort. Kudos, sir!
  8. https://twitter.com/_egb23/status/1030235431156310016 NU in his top 8 - only power conference school if you don't count Siena
  9. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/plus/nebraska-basketball-assistant-s-indiana-roots-have-huskers-in-mix/article_52033b14-fa36-5f38-b88a-1e30b96e6507.html Looking to set up trip to Lincoln, according to this article.
  10. https://www.omaha.com/huskers/plus/nebraska-basketball-assistant-s-indiana-roots-have-huskers-in-mix/article_52033b14-fa36-5f38-b88a-1e30b96e6507.html Let's see if Lewis can pull one of these guys out of the Hoosier state...
  11. Wait...Roby was already in a boot w/ crutches before Monday's workout? Not trying to start a conspiracy theory here but just questioning why players in boots on Sunday would be in drills on Monday...
  12. Below are results of a survey of employers conducted by the American Association of Colleges and Universities, querying those employers' priorities for the most important college learning outcomes. Among those outcomes most commonly cited are those learned in the social sciences and humanities - critical thinking, problem solving, speaking, writing, as well as general knowledge and understanding of the world around you. In sum, well-rounded citizens make better employees. Learn more about the survey here. Also, when does basketball season start?
  13. I would hope his Ernie Kent habit wouldn't prove too difficult to break.
  14. Bill Moos says he keeps a shortlist of coaches he would pursue if he needed to replace one. Any guesses as to who may be on his list of b-ball coaches? Just asking for no particular reason.
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