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  1. I got to watch Kendall play several times his summer. Her body will draw natural comparisons to nicea but their games are way different. Kendall is a quick and a good athlete but not nearly as bouncy or fast from end to end as Nicea I don’t think — in fact after watching her several times last summer she was “less athletic than I thought she would be based the eye test”. However she has a very high b-ball iq and is a very natural passer and has more “grit and toughness” than her physical appearance made me anticipate. What really impressed me was her iq and vocal leadership. She isn’t a Pg
  2. Amazing the difference when u have kids that like each other and don’t care who gets the credit. Great job by the ladies executing the game plan. Gotta give the coaches and ladies credit. Girls r playing hard sharing the b-ball and cheering for each other.
  3. FYI— NUtball the women practice against a men’s practice squad every day normally (not sure if they r during covid) so that they r used to higher athleticism. That’s pretty standard in bcs women’s b-ball.
  4. I want to clarify something on my last post because after re reading it I think it sounded more harsh than I meant it. I was not referring to Brown. She is a freshman who because of injuries got thrown in the mix and has given all she can and done well. The issue is brown porter and scoggins r very similar physically. It’s hard to have 3 kids like that and when frequently u have to play 2 at a time because of injuries. They r all 3 great teammates and the bench enthusiasm they bring is refreshing.
  5. There has been a lot of criticism on this board. Some fair and some very unfair. But today was fun. Great game plan and girls hit a few clutch shots to overcome some bad luck with Sam getting hurt late — I honestly feel like if any 2 or even 1 of the Wing guards (Kissenger Dillard brady or Clayton ) who all would have been n the season plans in June plays all season and we would be significantly better. As a unit our bigs are reasonably solid and Sam is very solid. We don’t get much positive out of the other guard spot. They can all 3 shoot fairly well but they r not athletic at all and mo
  6. Nice kid from a good family. Huge motor and rugged. Needs to skill up still but big upside. Very quick to the ball for rebounds. Had a ton of bcs offers. Glad we made the top 7.
  7. Can’t let in more than u put in. Gotta care about the defensive end also. Anika will be great. She is 2 games in to her freshman year. Freshman all think I you score your way in to the lineup. Eventually they realize you defend and rebound your way to more PT.
  8. Its cool she got nominated but i think several hundred kids get nominated. She may well be a top 100 recruit but i don't think the nomination can be used as a guage.
  9. 2021 class really shaping up. Some of the critics about recruiting may eat crow eventually — I hope so because there are not many better human beings than our current staff.
  10. My first hand experience is i have seen at least one d-1 coach always at his daughter's games. I think as long as "in and out" of gym when kids plays probably ok, but it could raise inquiries etc that aren't worth the headache.
  11. Couple of KANSAS players starting to get offers from bcs schools — Brittney Harshaw 2022 and Ava Jones 2023. Good kids and nice young players with potential
  12. Mountain west and big sky schools
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