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  1. Totally agree whoop that is a huge deal and I have noticed it too. Not playing after having a big hs career is not easy and she is handling it like a champion.
  2. What a great win. Tough Sr performances by Hannah and nicea with clutch 3 late
  3. What i think a lot of you guys are forgetting is that we have not had the same talent level the last few years that we had in the 2009-14 era. The super great teams have a potential wnba kid, and other potential overseas professionals. Our great teams had a Griffin, Hooper, or Moore, plus oversees level talent like theriot, Luadermill, cady etc. That pattern continued with Shepard being a wnba level kid but obviously that situation was unique and blew up. I have no interest in rehashing how or why that happened; but both the old and new staffs had a difficult time getting her to buy in so i don't think we can blame either one for it. However, we have not had any overseas professional level talent in the upper classes for several years either. Kate has a chance to be that level, and probably Nicea does physically also. But without a wnba level kid with them its hard to be a 23-25 regular season win team. What this staff has done with the talent level we have had has been a very good job. Making the ncaa tourney 2 years ago with that weak of a roster was incredible coaching actually. This years team is the best we have had in a while because we have several freshman and soph who have the potential to be overseas professionals, but we still don't have that great wnba type kid to go with them. We are more talented than we have been since the 2014-15 season and we are winning more because of it. We just had the hardest 2 game road swing of the year, and we didn't play great and lost. We need to play well the rest of the way and i think we will. Trust me the staff is recruiting their butts off and they are great. I see them in the gym everywhere watching high level kids. They are going overseas looking also. Yes they have had a couple near misses with good quality kids in the last 12 months, but i would rather them be in on top kids and miss sometimes than be chasing kids that aren't as talented. We have a nice team and a great staff. Enjoy it.
  4. Slightly off topic but saw destiny Pitts at Minn quit. Got disciplined for bad body language so quit. Hats off to Lindsey Whalen for trying to help a kid be better and not enabling bs. I am a die hard Husker but will always respect Whalen for doing the right thing on this regardless of the outcome. My guess is her program will benefit from it in medium to long term because the acceptable culture has been set.
  5. I got a chance to watch the ladies v minn in person yesterday. Was a great game. My thoughts: 1) it was very well officiated 2) we competed harder than we have all season 3) we have a chance to be really good if we always compete that hard and stay healthy 4) Leigha’s defense has improved a lot since last year 5) verbeek’s shot selection has improved a lot since last year and she worked hard to make herself way more atheltic 6) Sam likely will never be a pure shooter but her shot is better this year and makes her a perimeter threat which prevents teams from sagging which makes her more dangerous as a driver 7) Kate has probably lost 20-25 lbs since last year and is moving way better and can play more minutes without being exhausted. She was a beast yesterday. Cudos to her 8 ) we had a great crowd yesterday 9) trinity could be a huge piece for us in the coming years and could fill nicea and Cincore’s roll as our wing lock down defender but she needs to commit to getting herself in shape and losing some weight like Cain and verbeek have. She would be way more atheltic 15-20lbs lighter. But she has great natural feel for the game defensively and probably more offensive tools than jas and nicea did at the same age
  6. Silly comment Carl. Connie is a very good coach. Coach WIlliams is doing a good job building her program her way. Silly comments like that add nothing to the development of our program. We are 11-2. Sky isn’t falling
  7. It’s not a talent issue. It’s a toughness issue. Some kids need to hate losing more than they do. Means not being soft with the ball. Means getting key rebounds. Means not settling for mediocre shots or 3s when u can cut harder or post harder and get a better look. That said overall we r still very young. We are really close. I like our team
  8. This is certainly the most talented and versatile team coach WIlliams has had at Nebraska and if they play up to their ability should clearly be the best team she has had also. The 17-18 team wasn’t nearly as talented but had exceptional grit and toughness. If this team can harness some of that toughness they have a chance to finish top 4 in the league and make a round of 32 appearance in the NCAA tourney and possibly a sweet 16 run if they get a good draw. They have a lot of work to do but it is certainly possible if they continue to improve and stay healthy
  9. Yes she can redshirt She played few enough games that she definitely can
  10. Congrats to the players and coaches. Good win for the program.
  11. Creighton just knocked off no 23 West Virginia. Maybe they r better than I thought they were
  12. Actual I agree with 99 percent of what you say and I know being a parent of a player is an emotional roller coaster. I agree we can (and should ) make the ncaa tourney this year. I want that for all the kids and staff. Would be a great way for nicea and Hannah to finish great careers
  13. I get your overall 4 year math but the 7-22 was coming out of a rough time in the program with a coaching change. Not sure that one is fair to hang on the staff. — the ups and down of years 2 and 3 and 4 so far are fair game in my opinion. I like this years team. But they can’t just out score people. We need a warrior mentality and urgency
  14. It was a bad loss. Period — having said that a bcs coach shouldn’t have to coach effort. That’s on the kids. — I agree I would like us to establish an identity. All great teams have an identity. — I disagree we always hover around 500. We were 21-11 2 years ago and 11-5 in conf. That’s not always hovering around 500. — we need some grit and a sense of urgency from our seniors. They have had good careers but need to find some urgency to impose their will on some people. Winning teams have gritty seniors — we have the talent to win 20 games or more.
  15. I don’t think she is hurt guys. I think she is a freshman and we have experienced good guards and it was a big game. She will get opportunities in some of these non conference games. On good teams freshman don’t automaticlaly come n and play immediately. Especially small guards. With Hannah Sam Leigha nicea and Taylor 5 experienced good perimeter players for 3 spots there won’t b a ton of extra minutes for others early on
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