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  1. Wild speculation from those who have no facts to truly know (whether biased in favor of or against Leigha, the staff or anyone else) should be treated as wild speculation and nothing more. Very few people probably know the truth same as with Shepard, Romeo, and other high profile kids that have left. Wild speculation helps no one.
  2. At one point I thought prospect nation had her at 38
  3. Whoop where is Moriarity in those 3 sites ?
  4. Been plenty of criticisms on the board of not recruiting well enough. I haven’t paid attention to our 2021 class and/or even who we were after. Howeve am I reading correctly we now have 2 four star top 40 commitments in 2021 class ? If so looks like that class is shaping up extremely well and could be a top 15 class with another solid addition — have we ever had 2 top 40 Kids in the same class before?
  5. We r adding Taylor back in too who essentially didn’t play last year. — we will add some kids still Be patient.
  6. Losing a kid to a hometown naia school simply means the kids wants to be around family and wants way less time spent with basketball. Will b a 60 percent reduction in hours spent per year with b-ball related team stuff. May well play Volleyball too. Losing a kid to an naia school says way more about the kid that left than the program they left.
  7. It’s a generational thing across the country. Nobody is immune. Wouldn’t be surprised if kids being home all spring with school cancelled doesn’t increase it everywhere when they get extended time at home
  8. Veerbeek is leaving too. Its on facebook. Heading back to her hometown NAIA school. -- Lets be careful judging her or Mershon. People who haven't played or been the parents of a BCS kid don't really appreciate the level of commitment, and both mental and phsycial toughness it takes. You don't get your weekends off and its basically an 11 month a year commitment. May is really the only down time. You get a max of 3 1/2 days at xmas and usually no thanksgiving. its not for everybody. Obviously flip side is an amazing journey for those who want the journey and buy in. Time to move on and find kids that want to be Huskers. GBR
  9. I said realistically projected as next years starters. We might lose one of them but I just said “I doubt it”. That might be different than this years starters. I am just speculating. - yes I agree kids leave for a variety of reasons even if they start — ie homesick is frequent cause for women’s bball
  10. We likely lose a couple kids, but who knows maybe it will help chemistry. I doubt we lose anybody that would have projected as a likely starter next year. It would be nice to get some good fortune from the transfer portal. GBR.
  11. If they cancel the NCAA tourney all the nay sayers can't hold "we didn't make the tourney" 2 years in a row against us because it will only be 1. Just saying.
  12. I don’t have any good leads for u bugs. Sorry
  13. No offense taken HB. I enjoy reading your opinions and those of others. I know 12dozen, actual facts, bugs, redsteve, HUD and others are all frustrated. I haven't said the criticism is grossly unfair or extreme. I do think any reasonable mind should agree year 1 should not be held against the current staff as they inherited a mess caused by lots of factors that they had nothing to do with. I think you have even previously agreed with me on that. I disagree that we were elite in 15-16 season before Theriot got hurt. The transfer we had that year had a harder time adjusting than people anticipated, and battled injuries; and our star freshman was 60 lbs overweight and scored 20 ppg but let it 28 ppg (I am making that number up i have no actual stat) plus she was causing friction with the players and coaches. Our highly ranked soph recruiting class had already seen Kaylee Page and Chandler Smith transfer, leaving just Romeo plus jas, Darrien and a walk on. Re: why we don't have a WNBA kid currently. Probably because there are only about 15-25 annually nationwide and they are darn hard to get. We had a good run and had several, but when you lose the momentum just slightly the current "hot programs" (oregan, oregan state etc) pick them up along with the old guard (uconn baylor etc). You also in the midwest have to get a little lucky and have a few grow up in your back yard and then keep them at home (ie - hooper and shepard) One worked out great for us, the other not so much through no fault of anybody at University of Nebraska. Look at K- states big run when Lehning, Wecker, Ohlde, Koehn etc all grew up in rural Kansas about the same time and went on to WNBA. Kstate was great those years. After that they have been good but not great. its been much leaner for them when rural kansas dried up a little. Traditionally girls don't go more than an adjoining state away to play college nearly as frequently as boys do. Obviously there are numerous exceptions, but per every 100 womens players compared to mens i guarantee you the distance where they play from home is much closer than on the mens side. Coach Yori is and was and awesome coach. I am a HUGE fan or her as a person and as a coach. I don't think she or her staff had BCS/power 5 head coaching experience when they arrived either. The current staff had zero to do with her departure. Any frustration with the transition should be always earmarked for the former AD. I agree we desperately need a PG. The staff has been in the final 2 or 3 schools on several high level ones the last couple of years but unfortunately they have gone else where I am sure the staff is more frustrated than anybody on this board. They have skin in the game and it effects their occupation and families. I agree with 12dozen that the staff represents NU with high class in all they do and stand for. I care about them and really want them to succeed.
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