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  1. Maddie is going to be a grad assistant for Memphis next year. Rachel is apply for GA jobs too.
  2. ksu recruiting site confirmed HB's post. HB with the scoop. GBR
  3. peyton WIlliams Kstate currently
  4. Ware is playing both sports in college. Her mind is already made up.
  5. Her leaving was best for Huskers, Nd and jess. Everyone benefitted from that including us. It let Huskers form new identity and recruit freely; and she had to hit bottom to become what she was always capable of mentally and physically. Rarely do all sides benefit but in this case I think they did.
  6. Per raoul Ashton Verhulst re opened her recruitment
  7. Uconn may not rattle off 80 straight or anything again soon but they r still elite. I do think a little more parity is slowly creeping into upper echelon of women’s b-ball
  8. Big was better this year overall than n the last few years. 5 teams in final 32 is pretty solid just don’t have anybody who is truly in hunt for final 4 most likely Women’s b-ball there are still about 5 programs that r usually just better than next 15
  9. https://wbbblog.com/2019/03/01/2020-class-recruiting-news-updates-march-2019/amp/?__twitter_impression=true A little stuff on Love Simmons and Ryan
  10. BIG having a good tourney so far. Iowa in sweet 16
  11. Ashton Verhulst is a 2020 and has already committed to KSU. She is a very nice heady player with skills, but not nearly the physical athletic talent her younger sister is who most consider a way higher level recruit. Payton Verhulst may well be a Mcdonalds All American. In response to your volleyball example with NU i agree whole heartedly it is important to own your state. However, Nebraska HS volleyball nationally is at a way higher level than it is in bball. probably in large part because of NU volleyball success local girls grow up dreaming of playing volleyball and so more play. I have studied it for a while and on average Kansas produces about twice as many bcs basketball kids per year as Nebraska, and feeds for Kansas d2 schools who all compete regularly for a national title at d2 level. Nebraska produces more bcs volleyball kids than kansas on average. So in general i think nebraska has more volleyball bcs kids to recruit considering the population than corresponding bball kids. Kansas has very few bcs volleyball kids other than private schools out of kansas city area who belong to the big clubs, with a few out of wichita also. I am not sure who we are recruiting for bball nationally right now other than the 3 ks kids that have been discussed -- verhulst, ryan and love; but have seen mention on the internet of the 2020 wisconsin guard Simmons and maybe a north dakota big and a canadian kid. I can't remember their names.
  12. Chasing the same two really good players
  13. Copied from kstate recruiting expert twitter feed. — list on left is all time is scoring leaders. Stiles Koehn Lehning and Wecker off the list all played small class and all ended up n WNBA - pic on right is stats first 3 years and cumulative total at bottom.
  14. Not sure who earned the “meh” but guessing NU has a reason why they haven’t offered minter. I haven’t personally seen minter but by all accounts she is a very good athlete and solid player - we have some offers out and had in home visits from some solid kids in 2020 class. Just need a few to pull the trigger now
  15. Not in the BIG but drake is darn good
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