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  1. kansashusker

    2020 Recruits

    If one of you computer experts can link kyprephoops.com it has a couple 2020 and 2021 kids that’s have been discussed on this board listed in top rankings - under americas top players by class
  2. kansashusker


    Clark she really good. But you would be just as happy with emily ryan
  3. kansashusker

    Season ending Banquet

    12dozen yes preferred walk-ons happen in womens basketball. That is what Woody was when she first came to NU. fyi - Re: practice there is a practice squad of male students that the girls practice against every day so numbers are never an issue re: the scout team.
  4. The season ending banquet was nicely done as always. The food was good and so was the program. Coach does a great job as well as all those behind the scenes that put it together. Good booster turnout. Gbr
  5. kansashusker

    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    She is really talented as are the other kids coming in. We have a few areas to fill in and replace but we will be way way more talented overall for sure and have a chance to be very very good if the kids keep working hard
  6. If somebody said redhac is a jackass I would say "u betcha". -- we r super blessed to have those guys. Not only r they great college announcers they r great people who genuinely care about and help our girls off the court.
  7. kansashusker


    We wouldn't have won anywhere near 21 gms if she stayed. Best thing that could have possibly happened for NU and her was what occurred. She had to look in the mirror and make some life changes, and NU got to flush the toxicity and create a really good work ethic and base for culture going forward.
  8. kansashusker

    WNIT vs. The Dance

    Can't lose 7 out of 10 down the stretch and having losing conf record and expect much love from committee
  9. kansashusker

    WNIT vs. The Dance

    Let's keep trying. Lol 3-2. Only played Rutgers once. Lost to Buffalo and Creigjton
  10. That reads bad bugs and leaves out some key facts. She is hoping to coach and not GA since she will already have her masters. I am guessing she realizes switching from teammate to coach with friends might be unusual and better to wait til friends cycle out. I am quite possitive she would LOVE to coach at neb someday on coach Williams staff and that she loves all of her current teammates.
  11. kansashusker

    Husker Women Hoops Recruiting

    She is one of top 50 freshman in the country. She has offers from about everybody including Louisville Missouri etc
  12. kansashusker

    Emily Ryan 2020

    Both of them already do. And great kids from great families too. Winners
  13. kansashusker

    Emily Ryan 2020

    Another name for bugs to research Peyton verhulst -- 2021 bishop miege