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  1. My first hand experience is i have seen at least one d-1 coach always at his daughter's games. I think as long as "in and out" of gym when kids plays probably ok, but it could raise inquiries etc that aren't worth the headache.
  2. Couple of KANSAS players starting to get offers from bcs schools — Brittney Harshaw 2022 and Ava Jones 2023. Good kids and nice young players with potential
  3. Mountain west and big sky schools
  4. I think our newest signee fills a nice need for us. I haven’t personally seen her play but knowing the history of success of her juco and looking at her stats from last season I think what went getting is likely a “game manager” pg who can play off the. Ball also. I love it that she played for a juco that won most of its games and she led the team in minutes played. I also love it that she has 3 years left and avg a little less than 2 turnovers per game She is going to shoot it well enough that at end of games it gives u and extra decision making guard that can hit ft. But she isn’t going to be a penetrating drive and dish pg based on stats. Only shot about 15 ft last year I think so she isn’t spending time n paint. My guess is she is a ball mover with high iq that gives us some leadership and ball movement and can shoot 3 well enough to space the floor
  5. Told you guys we were adding
  6. Pretty sure it’s going to have one more kid who board isn’t currently discussing
  7. U could also argue chemistry could be way better and ball movement should be way better without Leigha— I am not making predictions just being a contrarian. NBA is full of guys that score well but ball sticks and their teams never win.
  8. 99 percent sure that is backwards. Women get more because of title 9
  9. I predict soph big kid with 2 years left
  10. Would highly doubt she has 3 years left. Normally NCAA gives a kid 5 years to complete 4. Occassionally on appeal they will give them a 6th year to finish their 4 years if they have a redshirt transfer year and a subsequent injury redshirt year. It looks like this young lady was at Cal 4 years and played a lot her freshman year, then had injuries and redshirted 2nd year and again got injured early ear 3rd season. It doesn't look like she is listed on Cal's stat sheet for 19-20 even though she is listed on their roster. Can''t imagine ncaa let her redshirt 3 seasons in a row. For her sake i hope she is correct but more likely scenario is she has 1 or maybe 2 years left. https://calbears.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/mi-cole-cayton/14645 Eligibility Timeline Division I five-year clock: If you play at a Division I school, you have five-calendar years in which to play four seasons of competition. Your five-year clock starts when you enroll as a full-time student at any college. Transfer terms | NCAA.org - The Official Site of the NCAA
  11. She was a freshman. Has 3 years left. Most freshman don’t score a ton
  12. https://texastech.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/nailah-dillard/9271 http://www.espn.com/high-school/girls-basketball/recruiting/player/_/id/236474
  13. Wild speculation from those who have no facts to truly know (whether biased in favor of or against Leigha, the staff or anyone else) should be treated as wild speculation and nothing more. Very few people probably know the truth same as with Shepard, Romeo, and other high profile kids that have left. Wild speculation helps no one.
  14. At one point I thought prospect nation had her at 38
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