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  1. I don’t think they recruited Seekamp but I think they coached her and have a great relationship with her
  2. Staffs great relationship with and development of Nicole seeckamp from Australia who played for them in South Dakota and is n WNBA is serving them well in recruiting Australian kids
  3. Sorry caveman I don’t have any names. If I hear any I will let u know
  4. Listen I love the big 10 and I am not under selling it. But if u Google womens college basketball Rpi generally I think big 12 is higher (4 out of last 5 years. —Big 10 was higher in 17-18 season when we went to ncaa tourney) — Baylor won a national campionship last year and u play everybody twice. Sure Baylor didn’t help anybody else’s record. — If u follow neb women’s bball on Twitter there is a lot of promotion and fun stuff. But I think it is against the rules for staff to comment on recruits. That has to come from reporters —— we have a great staff. Our 2018 class was a top 20 class and our freshman had good freshman seasons. By all accounts our current freshman r good and incude a potential difference maker from Australia who gives us a big who can play on the perimeter and make good decisions with the basketball. https://mobile.twitter.com/huskerswbb
  5. Red Steve what Isu is doing is averaging about 10,000 fans a gm attendance which I believe is top 3 in country. Yep that sells — plus like it or not kids from within 500 miles south of Lincoln get pulled hard by big 12 schools which is probably overall a better Wbb league than big 10 and their families can easily get to big 12 tourney n Kc and see lots of road games — and can say with certainty from first hand knowledge NU staff works their asses off and are first class people. We had 8 kids on campus I believe for Ohio state gm last week — and yes we have come up short on a few top 100 kids lately n 2020 class and it hurts but if u r trying for top kids that everybody else is trying for too it happens sometimes. Kids can only pick one school
  6. Is she a walk on? I didn’t ever see where it specifically said that. — u need some kids that just love nu and want to work hard to be a part of it. Obviously walk ons have done well for football at nu
  7. I have no idea how hard, if at all, nu recruited Minter. What I do know is we r blessed to have a great staff who is out pounding the gyms trying to find the best kids for NU to help us build on past success NU has had n womens b-ball. They have had a few tough misses this summer but when u go for top 100 kids that’s going to happen because u r recruiting against other top programs. We are in the hunt for a lot of top kids and that will continue. We have some nice young players in the program and a good freshman class with an Australian kid who is supposed to be very good and will add some deminsions we haven’t had previously. Obviously signing another pg n 2020 is a priority But with foreign options etc we will find the right one.
  8. Staff working hard this weekend. We have a couple visitors in again this weekend
  9. I listed her Tom. She is at university of Pacific
  10. She was at UNO as director of operations for 2018-19 season. In May she took a job as assistant coach at Missouri Western under head coach Candice Whitaker who was previously at Texas tech.
  11. i forgot to include Sadie Murren has an administrative role for Kstate womens basketball
  12. Hallie Sample -- assistant coach Mckendree University -d2 Jasmine Cincore -- assistant coach Rodgers State -d2 Emily Wacker (Wood) -- assistant coach Missouri Western -d2 Janay Morton - GA University of Jameston ND -- Naia Rachel Blackburn -- GA Adams State d2 Maddie Simon -- GA Memphis State d1 I hope i didn't forget anybody. I know Domonique Kelly is coaching Hs locally and Lindsey Moore is coaching college at University of Pacific also but they have both been out a school a little longer.
  13. We had a high level kid in from Ontario last weekend. Somebody can find a name. They want her bad
  14. Maddie is going to be a grad assistant for Memphis next year. Rachel is apply for GA jobs too.
  15. ksu recruiting site confirmed HB's post. HB with the scoop. GBR
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