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  1. kansashusker

    Washington State pregame talk.

    Lol u aren’t a kstate fan from big 8 days Bugs ?
  2. kansashusker

    USC Upstate vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    We should win easily. — I think we have a couple recruits in town from Michigan and Colorado. Maybe bugs or somebody can do some scouting on that -
  3. kansashusker

    Drake (0-0) vs. Nebraska (0-0) Game Thread

    Deep breath and exhale guys. Drake is really really good. All 5 starters back from and NCAA tourney team and seasoned veterans who have played and won against BCS teams a lot of times previously. Lets not start with the annual (yes it happens every single year go back and look at the posts from prior years) assement that the new kids are always better than the old. We need them all. Its a long season. Kate, Hannah and Maddie will be just fine, and the new kids (who are very very good) will continue to get better and have some great games, and also have some nights where they struggle and stink it up. It was tied with 2 min left despite our 2nd qtr melt down and despite the fact that 6 of our arguably top 9 kids are soph and freshman. News flash our schedule is very hard. We are likely going to lose several more games in non conference this year.
  4. kansashusker


    i haven't heard anything about it. It would make sense. Both schools programs are solid, travel costs would be low, and both schools have offers out to kids in the other state.
  5. kansashusker

    2020 Recruits

    Espn top 100 is out if somebody can post it
  6. kansashusker

    2020 Recruits

    Coaches can start calling 2020 kids today. Prior to Today 2020 kids had to call them.
  7. kansashusker

    2021 Sara Puckett

    Dominique kellys hs team will have Kayasia (so?) woods 2021 on it this year. I think they r 2nd cousins or something. Anyway kid is a big strong athlete. Has offers from kansas state and iowa state I believe
  8. kansashusker

    2020 Recruits

    If one of you computer experts can link kyprephoops.com it has a couple 2020 and 2021 kids that’s have been discussed on this board listed in top rankings - under americas top players by class
  9. kansashusker


    Clark she really good. But you would be just as happy with emily ryan
  10. kansashusker

    Season ending Banquet

    12dozen yes preferred walk-ons happen in womens basketball. That is what Woody was when she first came to NU. fyi - Re: practice there is a practice squad of male students that the girls practice against every day so numbers are never an issue re: the scout team.
  11. kansashusker

    Season ending Banquet

    The season ending banquet was nicely done as always. The food was good and so was the program. Coach does a great job as well as all those behind the scenes that put it together. Good booster turnout. Gbr
  12. kansashusker

    Leigha Brown is 'N'

    She is really talented as are the other kids coming in. We have a few areas to fill in and replace but we will be way way more talented overall for sure and have a chance to be very very good if the kids keep working hard
  13. kansashusker

    Shout-Out to Matt Coatney & Jeff Greisch

    If somebody said redhac is a jackass I would say "u betcha". -- we r super blessed to have those guys. Not only r they great college announcers they r great people who genuinely care about and help our girls off the court.
  14. kansashusker

    Emily Ryan 2020

  15. kansashusker


    We wouldn't have won anywhere near 21 gms if she stayed. Best thing that could have possibly happened for NU and her was what occurred. She had to look in the mirror and make some life changes, and NU got to flush the toxicity and create a really good work ethic and base for culture going forward.