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  1. kansashusker

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    She definitely was a huge part of the comeback. She kept them in the game in the 3rd qtr when they were on the ropes with some huge shots. -- Kids are resilient. She will be fine. i am sure she is thrilled they won as a team, and i am sure she will do what most great competitors do which is work on their weaknesses so they get to play more. She is a freshman, playing 17 min a gm or more on a bcs team with other good young players. She is doing great. Sometimes being a family member is way harder than being the actual player because we all get parent/family goggles because we love our kid. EVERYBODY is good in college; the difference between being hs ranked 40th and 400th is a millimeter. You defend and rebound your way in to more minutes on every decent college team in america. Leigha is having a fantastic year and we have only seen the tip of the iceberg.
  2. kansashusker

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Halby was recruited as combo and she prefers playing the 2.
  3. kansashusker

    Minnesota vs. Nebraska Game Thread ETC.

    Brown will play more when she is a better defender. Right now she is our worst perimeter defender on close outs and remembering the scout — before anybody jumps me I posted a couple weeks ago if she works on her body she can play professionally. — Mershon starts cause she is always in the right spot defensively. She does her job and doesn’t try to do too much. And she doesn’t turn it over. She basically had one mistake yesterday when she jacked a 3. Her and Ashton need to cut there 3 ball attempts down about 75 percent. Yes they can make them occasionally but they aren’t early shot clock level 3 point shooters. —This board has become an embarrassment with people ripping kids trying their tales off. We r so close to being very very good and we r so young still. Going to suck if one of our good young kids leaves or we miss out in a good recruit and sets us back because somebody reads a board full of old fat guys bitching about 19 year old kids playing a really hard schedule who have lost a few close ones maybe they shouldn’t have. We are a point guard away from being a sweet 16 level team in 2 years if everybody stays healthy and nobody transfers.
  4. kansashusker


    Leigha needs to be best friends with nu strength coach Stuart. That is the ticket to her being a WNBA player. She has the skills but she needs to get way more athletic and explosive. She appears to want to be good so I hope she buys into the importance of that aspect. — I was a critic early in the season that nobody viewed themself as a roll player. Cudos to mershon for buying into that and focusing on defense rebounding and passing Her minutes and contributions have gone way up since she bought into that. — as a parent I hurt for Hannah because she is a good shooter in a major slump. It happens to every shooter at some point. Just stinks for her right now. Cool thing is we are 1-0 in conf and up at half with her not shooting well. Proud of her that she kept shooting when open and kept playing hard. I hope for her and NU that she pops out of it soon. I believe she will.
  5. kansashusker

    Scouting Michigan

    The plus minus is a very good tool but you can’t read too much into it especially in one game. Can depend heavily on who is in with you and who is in for the other team when u r in. Ie) if other teams best player is in foul trouble and out during my 6 minutes I might get a good plus minus because my team took the lead but not have really done that much personally. Or maybe I play great and make 3 great passes for open looks but we don’t make them and other team catches up I get a negative but played well. I believe it’s more useful when u look for trends over multiple games. — note in my hypotheticals I rarely play much because I am terribly out of shape.
  6. kansashusker

    San Jose State Game Thread

    I really like our team and the future. But I wish this board would get off the “freshman” vs “rest of team” bandwagon. The freshman are very very good and talented and very energetic. I love them. But I have been to a couple games and every kids jersey says Nebraska and there are no special markers for what grade they are in school. They are all 11 on one team. I have said it over and over u defend, rebound, share the ball, and protect the ball to earn more minutes. If you look at the stats it supports that. — starters have 104 assists to 93 turnovers on the year and non starters (6 kids) have 49 assists and 56 turnovers. Not one non starter is shooting over 25 percent from the theee point line and all starters are. That is not because of ability. It is because game is faster and athletes are better than high school and it takes some time to settle in for every freshman in America. Eventually we may have some shift in minutes and in starts if appropriate but it won’t happen until assists and shooting percentages go up for non starters and turnovers go down. Relax and let it play out. Enjoy the journey watching them all get better.
  7. kansashusker

    San Jose State Game Thread

    There are different ways to track +\- One is a hustle chart assigning positive and negative scores to different aspects of the gm — ie) and assist might be plus 2 and a turnover -2. However somebody correct me if I am wrong but I think the +/- they have been putting on the box scores reflects how much the score changed positively or negatively when each player was in the game. For instance if I started and played 3 min and we had a 6-0 lead and I had no stats and never checked back In the game I think it would give me a plus 6.
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  9. kansashusker


    Caveat — i never used the word selfish. I consider selfish to mean intentional. I don’t think anyone is being intentionally selfish. I think it is normal youthful misunderstand of what it takes to have a successful team Every girl at this level was the star in high school (even more so than guys) so they all assume they have to shoot right away to impact the game because that was always their job growing up . It takes them a bit to learn that you defend, rebound, and value the ball your way in to more minutes as that earns trust. They will score in the flow if they will concentrate on the other stuff first.
  10. kansashusker


    Hannah averaged 12.6 ppg and almost 5 assists a gm last year. She had a great season. She is a very good player. Taylor is getting way less attempts per gm this year. Neither she or Hannah are going to generate a lot of shots for themselves and unfortunately I think the ball is sticking on offense right now. Specially we r taking too many bad shots and even when we do pass it it is just late enough they aren’t open to shoot anymore. That was part of my concern when I posted the other day we need some role players. Everybody is trying to score their way into more minutes and the result is less good looks for the kids that are our proven shooters. Look at shot attempts per minute played and it shows what I am talking about.
  11. kansashusker


    Don’t forget their all conf kid Jalen Agnew didn’t play
  12. kansashusker

    Husker Women Hoops Recruiting

    Payton is really talented. Has a great understanding of how to play, has a great frame and athleticism. Every school in the country wants her. Hopefully she will want to stay reasonably close to home. — Nu was n claflin KS last night along with ou ku KSU and Wichita state watching Emily Ryan last night. She would be an amazing pg for the Huskers if they can land her. - people on his board consider Haliby a pg and she is athletic enough to play it but she would prefer to play off the ball at 2 guard and nu views her as a combo would be my guess.
  13. kansashusker

    Radford vs. Nebraska Game Thread

    Really happy for the kids. Very good to see Hannah active on the glass and getting kids involved with assists. We need her to embrace being a leader. — love seeing Kate and Veerbeek with good rebound numbers for 20 min of action. — shots go in sometimes and sometimes they don’t but rebounding and defense must happen all the time. We got tougher today.
  14. kansashusker

    Bad Team

    For the panic crowd reminder drake is really good. They just beat no 13 South Carolina. — so they are 3-0 v us, Rutgers and South Carolina. They gave Notre Dame all the wanted.
  15. kansashusker

    Bad Team

    These are good kids who are talented and will win games and get it going. However on any team in any sport the pieces have to fit together. Right now the kids are all trying very hard but we don’t have any kids that VIEW THEMELVES as “role players”. Great teams have role players. On paper we didn’t graduate “high talent” but jas was our best defender and took a lot of pride in it and woody viewed her main job as to lead. When we get some kids that figure out “I can help the team the most by being a dominant rebounder or a lock down defender” or by being the kid that sets the tone in practice every day so we get better habits then we will blossom. Right now every kid that comes in wants to shoot and score their way into more minutes. That’s not unusual at all and very normal on a lot of teams. Especially young teams. However On good teams u defend, rebound and take care of the ball into more minutes. Just the way it is. — we are plenty talented and we will get better as kids settle in.