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  1. I obviously wasn't in the room. But follow the LJS in the future for updates and access the OWH will not enjoy.
  2. I am aware of what's being reported. I'm not denying he believes what he said is factual. I know the scholarship was not pulled and had he not requested his name be put in the portal he would still be on the team. Sometimes people hear things differently than how they are stated. And I guess perception can become reality. I'm sure if someone came to my work and told me I was a bad fit for the team I might take it as Im fired if I stopped listening.
  3. That's untrue. He was told he didn't fit with the new style of play and minutes would be hard to come by if he chose to stay. He was not asked to transfer nor was he told not to stay. The only people asked to transfer in this whole change were people who had other non basketball issues.
  4. Kind of hard to work with the new coach when you're training in Chicago. (Or at least he was over the weekend.)
  5. Hope it happens. Doc was a great guy. I don't think the contract is signed yet. I will also still stick with my statement that Tim Miles will be back in the basketball building in a few years if things go as planned. There is a reason Mark Boehm was moved and Moos took over some things.
  6. Could someone please look up "toe the line" and use it correctly?
  7. I guess we I guess we will just have to disagree there. Unless you spoke with him directly or his wife and they said differently. But its almost word for word from his family so he might want to tell them whats changed then.
  8. That was based on several weeks ago before the season's finish. But last year he more or less got the same extension Miles did after not getting one the year before. The same implications were there for him as they were here for Miles. He also makes $350,000 a year. He will make more on the bench here.
  9. If you're worried about the Omaha media knowing what's up that really isn't in the best interest of UNL and they aren't super happy they are being left out and are making this thing messy on purpose. As far as the coaching staff they have known what was happening for almost 2-3 weeks and understand. They have told people around them and major supporters of basketball what was happening. Many media members like Pavelka who are more friendly with the athletic department know as well and that's why he was so happy for Miles with the Iowa win. Miles and Moose are good with each other. Miles
  10. Have you hear to look for Doc Sadler to return in some capacity if it happens and Doc is let go. I've heard from 2 people was contacted 3 weeks ago to see if it was a good place to work and if he would feel comfortable coming back either on the bench or as admin staff.
  11. Its actually happened once before. It actually was from a different user name I got locked out of. I stop by about once or twice a week and read hoops news, mostly on recruiting as its hard to get and this place does a pretty good job of it. There are many good sources of information here including Norm from time to time.
  12. No problem. Didn't run off. Just didn't feel the need to continually take crap from people who like to kick any type of new comer around. I've watched it happen more than once from you old timers and that's fine. Its how you choose to run the place. So its easier to just read and not comment on the status of thing I may or may not know.
  13. Yet the "great" Norm continues to talk crap about me several years later. Yes I'm still friends with Tim's family. I also know what's been told to Tim through the season and I know what they have been told as of Saturday. I usually just sit here and laugh at your dumb ass and all of your conjecture.
  14. Your info on him is incorrect. He's about as knowledgeable as a booster as it gets and while opinionated, he doesn't make up information. I would say better than 95% of the info Harold posts becomes public almost exactly as he states it, and often days or weeks before we read about. He was on Damon's show a month ago when they did the round table and he's also the force that helped organize the air fleet for the coaches about two years ago. So he's not some make believe wana be like you see at the RSS. There is a growing list of things SE is doing that are making him unpopular because they
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