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  1. Only the right hire if he brings along a good staff, we need to make sure we support the team with $$
  2. Just guessing but Lon Krueger? Bruce Weber, possibly Mike Brey... it cant be Crean as he hasn’t taken Georgia to a sweet 16.
  3. Bill’s statement was a joke, but I don’t think he is the one making this decision anyway. He has options to fly private, it isn’t ungodly expensive. My wife and I charter when need be, and the window required to arrange for travel is small. The the new FAA max shut down has put a strain on air travel, but Moos or admin has zero excuses. Getting ahold of American Airlines last night took a 45+ minute wait. Now, the Fred rumors, my source has been very quiet for the last month, BUT my source was/is someone who is friends with an agent who would have or be involved with the nego
  4. Biggest issue is in game coaching. However, retention is big because of the types of guys he loses. He isn’t losing guys because they aren’t getting good minutes, White, Jacobsen, Morrow....
  5. Agree completely... like results with much better administration support like the practice facility and arena as well as a much larger salary pool for assistants.
  6. IMO, I want a coach who can win on the dry erase board during a game and develop guys, then I want to give him a bucket of cash to hire assistants with A+ recruiting acumen. Would i gauge Lue’s interest, sure, but I feel the same about him as I do Hoiberg. I think he’s NBA bound. The list of possible coaches should be long.
  7. Yes, good reasons. Moos, IMO is more temporary than long term, and the “issues”. Hence while Miles indicated if he were to be fired it may not be from Moos.
  8. If you are paying 4 million, you have to consider Will Wade. Also, when you give enough for buildings to have your name, you don’t have to bite your tongue. All fans are entitled to an opinion. I really liked Doc, I think he always fought uphill battle with staff $ and facilities.
  9. I’m not so certain I look at the roster and potential roster and see a 20 win team.... is it a given Roby returns? Who else transfers or leaves. Honestly, it shouldn’t feel like in year 7 you need another 5. I’m yesr 7 you’d hope when someone goes down you have enough guys in the program to fill the role. Just not where I’d hope to be in year 7.
  10. @hhcmatt lol. His post was about my source saying he’d rather be front office than college coach. Of course, most talk to reporters on record is to cast a large net so you have. A large market. Anyway.
  11. I think a lot of this, and everything that’s been publicly said is for leverage, by either party. Their are people who will speak off the record. I’m not so certain making the dance would save him. Ive heard it would take a tourney win, that was pre Copeland injury. Not so certain that changed.
  12. Goodman was on the Podcast (Parrish) I believe with Norlander. I wish Tim all the best. I hope he gets on and wins one no matter what one that is.
  13. My source is good friends of someone who would be negotiating the deal. Fred would prefer an NBA front office job to coaching in college again.
  14. lol. I’m not the one that’s a poser. Can you verify Miles couldn’t even remember a players name as a freshman on day one of a practice? Can you verify the issues off the court? My sources on Hoiberg are beyond solid. Like I said, enjoy the mountain west.
  15. Same source that said his players like him about as much as.... well you know the rumors. I’m guessing your source would disagree with what the Goodman, Norlander, Parrish podcast? bye Felicia.... back to the mountain west....
  16. The names I hear most talked about is Musselman. That being said, I was told from a source(not named Barnes) that Hoiberg isn’t an option, this person is close to Hoiberg.) Then the list goes from there. I’d be shocked if it was a true “mid major” guy like we’ve done in the past. *Im happy we’ve found ways to win the last two. Beyond how the season has unfolded, parts of the last 6 years all wrapped in to one. I don’t think Miles stays here regardless. I don’t think he’s very happy with his situation and even before the season started, especially after that Norlander Pa
  17. So does Dawkins.... He coached at Stanford for quite a few years and had modest success.
  18. I think Nebraska needs someone who has recruited at a power 5 level followed by being a great in game coach. I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up being someone like Dawkins. Of course we would likely have to get plenty of “no’s” before we get to someone who says yes. I don’t want to go the mid major route unless you are talking Marshall, Sampson, etc. Those established relationships with areas and aau/hs are important.
  19. I answered, I was at the games cheering on the team. As I stated then, Tim has improved the program, I like him as a person. The program has also improved itself, the practice facility, the arena, the conference, hell even the assistants pool. Go look at the money Sadler had for assistants and his assistants. This year should Tek you everything that was thought about the conference was accurate. I thought the program has had the wrong guy the past two years to lead this to further than where Tim brought us.
  20. You can cheer for the team while still thinking we have the wrong coach at the current time at the helm. I watched them beat Michigan at home and nearly lose to Illinois if not for a crazy shot at the buzzer to take it to OT. Last year was what you’d call a success? Getting bounced in the opening round of the NIT? A down year in the conference with not one quad one win and a weak conference schedule.... please tell me in year 7 we have an identity, we have a system in place that is well executed. That in year 7 we have a deep bench who can come in and execute. Please tell me
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