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  1. 10 hours ago, Handy Johnson said:

    Keith won the ‘75 NBA Finals with the Golden St. Warriors, something Husker greats Hoppen, Farmer & Moore we’re unable to accomplish...

    Speaking of getting names right, he chose to go by Jamaal Wilkes publicly and legally changed it to Jamaal Abdul-Lateef. I don’t think Jamaal would go all Ali and “Say my name” on you, but a person probably has a right to their own name. 

  2. 36 minutes ago, colhusker said:

    NBA teams play on back to back nights, heck can remember when high school teams did once in a while.  Other than coming off a crap load of Covid cases, not sure why this is a big deal.  Now if it were 3 or 4 nights in a row.

    I don't think the issue is back to back nights as much as it is playing the same team two nights in a row. For what it's worth that's pretty much what Canadian universities have done forever due to the distance of travel. 

  3. 3 minutes ago, huskerbill85 said:

    None of what you said in your statement has anything to do with actual basketball and his game. It would be one thing if he was playing well but hes not. It's fair criticism. 

    Everything I said has to do with his game. He’s not shooting because he wasn’t shooting well but he’s not playing poorly. I was just pointing out that in all likelihood everyone of those color guys have a better understanding of the game then an average poster such as yourself. I think they and Fred see more to his game than the basic fan has the understanding to pick up. 

  4. 5 hours ago, basketballjones said:

    I was just coming on here to comment on this. The ghost screening crap has trickled down from the nba. It works for like one team (whoever Mike D’Antoni is coaching). It’s one of those things, like playing a full-switching defense that looks beautiful, but only if you already know how to do everything before that. You’re skipping learning/developmental steps if you go to this type of stuff in college, before you’ve learned how to do the other thing well. 

    As an example - the best team I ever coach defensively (statistically, look, record wise), we switched almost everything on ball and tons of stuff on the backside. Fought through/chased all stuff where it looked like a guy was coming through a screen to score. Looked great and worked really well. BUT, the only reason we were able to do that kind of “advanced,” stuff, was because we spent the last 2 years beating basic man-to-man, no switching principals in first. 

    You can’t skip steps. Screening is the first step you must master before you can get fancy. 

    Idk if I would call slipping a screen “fancy.” Maybe that’s not what we are talking about with ghost screen. The motion offense bible written by Pete Newell and Bobby Knight talks about there being 4 and only 4 things you can do off of a screen and which one of the four you do will be determined by the read you get from the defense. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Norm Peterson said:

    I gotta say that performance last night against Wisconsin was about the best overall performance of Yvan's career that I've seen. Sure, he's had games where he scored more points and grabbed more rebounds. But last night was a complete game of nearly mistake-free basketball from Yvan, against some quality Wisconsin bigs.


    I wish he wouldn't have missed that bunny, the only shot he missed. I'm convinced the problems he continues to exhibit trying to shoot inside are mechanical issues. But, other than that one missed shot, he played nearly mistake-free ball. He played within himself. He didn't try forcing ANY shots on the offensive end. And he was smart enough to back it out when he got an offensive rebound that he clearly wasn't in position to try to go back up with.


    And I did not see him dribble in the post once. Maybe I missed it if he did. But I didn't see him take a dribble even on the shot he missed. He's an aggressive rebounder. And he got a couple of blocks.


    I would have given Yvan a game ball. I thought he and Banton and maybe Trey were the only ones who really showed up last night.

    I remember him putting the ball on the floor one possession. Left block, two power dribbles middle and made a right handed jump hook over one of the two badgers bigs - toughest shot he made on the night. He was under control, didn't seem rushed and I assume that he had finished a couple times earlier in the night gave him the confidence to use the move.


    Confidence is what Lat and the whole team is missing when it comes to shooting and finishing games respectively. You need to see some success to gain confidence but it's hard to be successful without confidence. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Faux Mike Peltz said:

    Has it been verified they weren’t there? I don’t recall seeing them on the bench, but honestly didn’t really look for them. But the reason I ask is the article in the OWH by Dirk said neither player was on the bench. Walk-ons Bret Porter and Jace Piatkowski were not on the bench Thursday. Hoiberg said Porter was dealing with “a personal matter” and Piatkowski wasn’t able to be there. Hoiberg hoped to have both back on the roster soon.

    There was an early tweet about them being there but not dressed. I never really paid attention to whether they on the bench but Fred’s post-game comments seems to imply they were not. 

  7. 1 hour ago, Cazzie22 said:

    It’s difficult to pass when you rarely touch the ball.

    I do remember one play when Thor was up the floor wide open and had his hands out in the “throw me the ball” position” and Trey dibbles the ball all the way up ignoring him on the kick ahead and took the ball all the way to the basket and made that hard right hand on the left side layup. When he shot the ball Thor’s hands were still up telling me he was not thrilled with being ignored 

  8. 2 hours ago, millerhusker said:

    I've watched three of his press conferences now. He's got to be one of the most likeable Husker players in recent memory. Very positive, humble and well-spoken. 

    He already has one of the all time great basketball quotes. “When the ball movement is lovely everybody is happy.” That sounds like something that should end up on a Triple B t-shirt. 

  9. 11 minutes ago, Handy Johnson said:

    I recall last season when I predicted we’d score @ least 100 points on 7 occasions (little did I know we’d win SEVEN games) but this squad might stir the echos of some classic Nee/Tubbs shootouts...

    It was Tubbs his first year at OU that said they were going to run and shoot and he hoped by year 2 they could run and make a few. That hopefully will describe Fred’s year 2 as well. 

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