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    Bobby Jackson

    I remember this very well. I grew up in Scottsbluff and worked at the golf course for several years where Soupy was a member. We did not recruit Bobby. Had we even shown remote interest in him he would have joined Bernard here according to Soupy. Bobby was a 2-guard for WNCC and his recruitment probably suffered for that as he was a little small for a 2 and unknown as a point guard. We had Boone and Strickland returning as Seniors so we didn't necessarily need another scorer. We had a highly touted point guard coming in but we were very nervous. He failed to meet the minimum requirements for his ACT score and everyone backed off but Nebraska and we promised to bring him in as a partial qualifier. When he passed the ACT in the Spring all the big boys came calling including Kansas and Missouri but Tyronn stayed committed to us. Maybe if we'd taken Bobby it might have given Tyronn a reason to de-commit and look elsewhere.... Still can't believe that a team with Lue, Boone, Strickland, Garner, Mikki Moore, and Venson Hamilton couldn't make the NCAA tourney...