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  1. He plays for the 11th grade All Iowa Attack Red team which most places call 17U (he plays up 2 levels). They are playing in Council Bluffs this weekend so I assume he will be here.
  2. To get this back on Jervay, here is the link to his most recent game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5q3QxzoRwdQ
  3. Their game is streaming live on YouTube now:
  4. Jervay picked up 2 fouls in the first 4 minutes of that game. One of there other scorers, Dru Kuxhausen, also picked up 2 quick ones. Jervay went back in and got a 3rd right away so he probably only played about 7 or 8 minutes the first half. They couldn't compete without him.
  5. Pretty sure he had 32 in the 2nd half. 11-17 with 5 3's and 5-8 from FT. Think he had 42 for the game with 7 3's.
  6. The feed was a little choppy for me. I think he went 3--9 with 2 3's and 2-4 from FT for 10 pts. The 6'0 tall white guard is Drew Kuxhausen who's from Scottsbluff and is a top 10 all time Class B scorer. I think he had 14 at least. They don't play much D as a team and that is my main concern with Jervay. I think he's a quality defender on his man but he doesn't always give full effort and is not great at team D. But he plays 35+ minutes a game and he might conserve energy on D sometimes. That obviously won't fly here.
  7. There is a game before them so their start time is likely around 8:50 or so our time. The link works though because the first game is already going and currently at the half.
  8. I assume this link will work when the game starts. They are playing the 3rd ranked team again who they have already beat.
  9. Jervay had 30 last night in a win. 12-18 (4-6 from 3). The game was streamed on YouTube. It appears their game tomorrow night may also be streamed. I just searched for WNCC basketball on YouTube and found the stream yesterday. He's a beast, great handles, incredible leaping ability. Had a great drive and monster dunk. Three point shot looks really good. Only went 2-6 on FTs though.
  10. 30 second shot clock in this tournament
  11. He played very well in NYC this week at the Adidas Gauntlet Finale. The OSA Adidas 17U team won their first 2 games but lost in the quarterfinals today and Akol averaged about 20 a game. Made 5 or 6 threes which isn't necessarily his forte.
  12. We just did according to Mike Sautter:
  13. There are some very good teams playing in Council Bluffs this weekend at the Iowa Field House. The Omaha Sports Academy (OSA) teams are playing in the event which is part of the Sanford Pentagon Tournament Series. The OSA 15U's have Preston Murphy Jr who I have not yet seen play but he recently received an offer from UNLV. His team plays 3 games between 12:30 and 6:30. The OSA 16U's have several players I've followed for years including Latrell Wrightsell Jr and Jadin Booth. Jadin was rated as the top Sophomore this year by Mike Sautter and also made the all under Sr state team. They play at 2:10 and 5:25. The 17U's have Jaylin Hunter (ex-coach Hunter's son), Shareef Mitchell and a few others. They play at 1:05, 4:20, and 7:35. The 4:20 game is the best and not just because it's 4:20. The 17U's and 16Us are each nationally ranked and have each received automatic qualifiers to a national Adidas tournament in NYC in late July. The OSA program is a great program where kids truly play team basketball. For my money this is far better basketball than the regular High School games here. It is not the sloppy me-only lack of coaching that many people associate to Summer basketball. There is one other very high quality tournament where you can see the OSA Adidas programs play here locally in the 2nd weekend of July.
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